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IndieCommerce Upgrade Steps & Procedures 
June 16, 2014
Dear IndieCommerce Bookseller,

As mentioned in the June 4th issue of IndieCommunication, our team has defined a list of steps and procedures for Drupal 7 migrations. 

Essentially, there are two stages of the upgrade:
  • Content Migration: all pages, blocks, menus, products, etc. are taken from Drupal 6 and added to the new Drupal 7 installation.  This will provide a version of D7 that looks close to or exactly like your current site in D6. 
  • Order Migration: after you are satisfied with the look and feel of your new D7 site,  the IndieCommerce development team will migrate all of your orders to Drupal 7 and set the new site live. 
Originally, we had hoped that stores would not be required to close all credit card orders to move to Drupal 7.  However, all credit card orders will need to be completed in order to take the final "go live" steps. Keep in mind, this is for the Order Migration; orders may remain open during the Content Migration

A simplified list of steps has been provided below:
  1. Store's group number is called and site is requested.
  2. IndieCommerce development team runs a full audit of the Drupal 6 site and performs the Content Migration.
  3. Store receives the new Drupal 7 site, gets acclimated to D7, and takes a training class to prepare the new site for launch (store will decide how long you need for this step).
  4. Notify ABA of your intention to go live and begin clearing your Drupal 6 site of all open credit card orders.
  5. The IndieCommerce team will provide specific instructions for domain changes to be made (if the site is hosted with ABA, our team will perform the changes).
  6. The IndieCommerce development team will perform the Order Migration and your new site will be live. 
For a full step-by-step breakdown and sample migration timeline, please click here.

Domain changes can be a bit confusing, so for each case, we'll provide specific instructions on what exactly needs to be done on your domain.  All you'll need to do is contact your hosting company (e.g. GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Blue Host, etc.) and read our customized "script."

Drupal 7- Available Features 
Below, please find a chart of features that are now available in our Drupal 7 installation, as well as what is coming soon.  On the right, we've included items that will be added after the majority of stores have been moved to the new platform and the team can resume regular development work.

Available Now

Coming in 2015

  • New WYSIWYG module, CKEditor 

  • A wide variety of new themes, many of which are responsive

  • More user-friendly administration functions, such as a full product display in the book list and editable order panes 

  • Ability to combine coupons

  • More reliable back-end book data processing

  • Add to Any module, easily share pages on all social networking sites, including Pinterest!

  • New clean calendar format (pink & purple haven't been the best look for everyone...)

  • Ability to create recurring events

  • Pre-made sales driven views that can be used by all stores

  • Plug & play carousels that can be used to feature books on your homepage

  • Ability to explore and potentially add new Drupal 7 modules that benefit all members

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