March 26, 2014

 In Kobo's ongoing effort to improve our customer experience, we are pleased to announce the introduction of the next phase of our customer contact strategy: Click 2 Call.

Here's are the steps for customers to use Click 2 Call:

1. Visit, and click the link to 'Contact Customer Care'.

2. Fill out the web form ( with their contact information and a description of the issue.

3.  By clicking "Phone," a "Click 2 Call" box will open, asking the customer to provide the telephone number they wish to be reached on and the call will be immediately queued with the next available representative.  Chat and email options are also available, each option is flagged with an estimated wait time.

Kobo's customer experience will improve by:
  • Reducing call times:  The agent will have all the customer's information on hand and will not need to spend valuable time collecting it.
  • Reduced hold time: The agent will be able to investigate and troubleshoot the issue prior to calling the customer.
  • Convenience: The customer will be contacted with a solution to his or her problem.
  • Leveraging industry best practices used by many other world class organizations.
Our customers expect a quick resolution if they reach out for help, this capability will enable us to deliver that solution in a more efficient way.

If you have a Kobo phone number listed on your site, please remove it as soon as possible and replace it with:  Changes will automatically be pushed to IndieCommerce help pages within 24 hours.


eMagazine Revenue Begins Next Week  
We are pleased to report that beginning April 1, 2014, participating Kobo stores will receive a percentage of sales generated by magazine purchases.

Affiliated eMagazine sales will result in a 30% share of net profits from individual and bulk eMagazines sales.

Kobo is currently offering a free 2 week trial subscription on any magazine, a fantastic opportunity to introduce your customers to the new product.

DIY materials are now available in the Designs and Downloads section of

Simply link the banner ads to the following page with your affiliate tracking:

For example:
If your affiliate ID was ABA-12345, the link would be constructed as follows:

When constructing your link, keep ?utm_medium=web&utm_source= at the end of the URL and replace 'ABA-12345' with your store's ID.


Two content promotions begin this Friday, 3/28 and last through Monday, 3/31.

Take up to 70% Off Select eBooks at the link below:  

(please note link is not yet live) 


30% Off Promo Code

One-time use code for 30% off select eBooks listed on the link below: 


Promo code: GETTHIRTY

Don't forget to include affiliate tracking on links!
As an added bonus to the Kobo Kids Promotion, ABA members stores can offer customers $20 off the Kobo Arc 7HD.

The current device prices are as follows:
  • Arc 7HD 16GB: $179.99 ($19.00 Rebate)
  • Arc 7HD 32GB: $229.99 ($19.00 Rebate)

The sale price will be active through March 27, 2014, and quantities should be reported no later than April 30, 2014.


A link to report sales will be available in the Kobo Reporting Tool at the close of the promotion. 


For full instructions, please click here.   

Thanks for reading!

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