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Reminders, Deadlines, and a New Site for Updates

New! Restrictions Beginning February 7th
January 29, 2014

Dear IndieCommerce Member,

As we begin new phases of development for Drupal 7, our team has encountered the need to temporarily disable the use of some features.  These services will be restored after your store has migrated to the new platform. 


Current Restrictions
  • The Store Features page is now disabled.  In order to assess the scale of our migration we will only enable modules for stores on a case-by-case basis.  New modules will be enabled to the extent that they are necessary and if they can be upgraded to Drupal 7.  Stores may request features by emailing directly.

  • Creating new custom themes and modifying existing templates will no longer be permitted on Drupal 6.  Those of you who wish to use a custom theme on Drupal 7 will have an opportunity to do so after stores have been converted.  Stores with an existing custom theme will be able to continue to access their sites via SFTP accounts until further notice.  However, no new SFTP accounts will be issued to stores wanting to make changes to a Drupal 6 theme.

Upcoming Deadlines
  • February 7, 2014: The ability to add new Views will be disabled.  Stores will maintain the ability to edit and delete existing views until further notice.  The views interface changes heavily in Drupal 7, but the good news is, views are much easier to use in 7!

  • February 7, 2014: Creating new custom product classes and content types will be disabled.  We also ask that any unused content types or product classes are deleted.  Upon researching this issue, it is our understanding that migrating each of these custom items will take a great deal of time. A little housekeeping beforehand will go a long way towards streamlining the process for our team.     

  • March 1, 2014: All stores must be moved to the CIM Payment Gateway Module. Keep in mind that the switch to CIM itself only takes a couple of minutes, but all active credit card orders must be cleared from your active order queue beforehand.  If your store is still on the old module, additional details can be found at the following links:
We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for you patience.

Upgrade Informational Site and Reminders
To help aid our members in the transition to Drupal 7, our team has created an informational site devoted exclusively to upgrade materials.

At, you will find a breakdown of the basics, timeline of events, training and support reminders, an ever-growing FAQ, as well as an email archive of IndieCommerce communications.
Additionally, users can test out new Drupal 7 themes by using the 'Switch Theme' block (if you lose your navigation menu, switch back to the 'Bamboo' theme).  Accessing a variety of themes on your smartphone (or a friend's) is a great way to view the themes in their mobile format.

While this project is a massive undertaking for our developers, we understand that it is also difficult for members to devote time to the upgrade tasks at hand.  We would like to hear feedback from you on how we can best communicate tasks and prepare training materials for the transition.

If you have the time, please take the short survey below to provide your insights on how we are doing so far, and how we can improve our communication with membership.

Please be sure to sign up for upgrade-specific emails to ensure that you receive communications specific to your store.

Should you have any questions, please email us at

Thank you for reading!

The IndieCommerce Team

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