Indie Communication
January 13, 2014

Dear IndieCommerce Member,


As you may have read in Friday's IndieCommunication email, we mentioned that in order to prepare for the upgrade to Drupal 7, all stores are required to move to the updated shopping cart utilizing the CIM feature.

The upgraded service was initially released back in November of 2011 and allows customers to simply log into their user account for repeat credit card purchases, rather than entering their credit card information every time they place an order on your site.

All stores must be moved to the new module by March 1st!

Our records indicate that you are currently operating on your own account, but have not purchased the CIM feature (or notified us that you are using the CIM function of  For more information on purchasing the CIM feature (an additional $20 monthly) for your account, please visit this link.

The CIM feature will vastly improve the usability of your shopping cart, both for customers and administrators.

If you cannot afford additional $20 fee, you may wish to consider moving back to ABA's shared account.  For more information on the differences between ABA's shared account, and having an individual store account, please visit this page.  

After you have added the CIM function to your account, we can then begin the process of moving your site to the Stored Credit Cards For Customers at Checkout feature.

The next step is to clear your order queue of all credit card orders.

If you currently have active credit card orders, they must be either canceled or completed before the module can be activated.

It is best to activate the feature Monday - Thursday before 4pm EST to allow us to monitor your site during business hours.   When you decide to complete the orders, please let us know the date and we can schedule a time to enable the module.
On the scheduled date, as soon as you complete the credit orders, please turn off the credit card payment options and contact us ( or 800-637-0037 X2).   To temporarily disable credit card payments, go to
Store administration> Configuration> Payment settings> Payment methods and un-check the 'credit card' box on the page.

Once activated, we will ask you to place a test order to confirm that the feature has been enabled correctly.

We understand that it can be tricky for very active stores to find an appropriate time to disable credit cards, but hope that the time of year, and the ability to utilize PayPal will help alleviate concerns.

At your earliest convenience, please reply to this email to schedule an appointment. If you are not the most appropriate contact for these communications, please provide an alternate email address for further communications using this form.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and your patience as we prepare our member stores for the upgrade.

All best,
The IndieCommerce Team

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