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Your support provides people in crisis with a fresh start!

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A Gift of $20 to the Crisis Center Provides:
25 items to help restock the Crisis Center food pantry. 

A Gift of $300 to the Crisis Center Provides:
Three trauma therapy sessions for a child.

A Gift of $1,000 to the Crisis Center Provides:
Six trauma therapy sessions for a child and three for a parent.

New Beginnings
By David Braughton, President & CEO

I'm sure we've all lamented at one time or another the fact that life doesn't come with a "Re-Do" button.  Perhaps, it was after we hurt someone with an unkind word or action, got caught speeding or decided to go against the advice of our family and friends and, when things turned out badly, wished that we had listened to them.  The list of examples could go on and on. 

Most of the people we serve at the Crisis Center are looking to redo some part of their life as well - the single mom with two young children who is facing eviction from her apartment, the suicidal caller whose drug addiction has imprisoned him in daily despair, the young child whose abuse at the hands of a loved one fills her sleep with nightmares and her days with anxiety.  What if there were a button they could push and do it all over...
A Fresh Start for Paige and Her Family     
The air conditioning stopped workin
g in the middle of summer, but Paige wasn't too concerned. She called her landlord and asked to have the central air conditioning unit fixed as soon as possible. She let him know that her six children were hot and grumpy and being pregnant with her 7th child, so was she...(CONTINUE)
KidsatTheCrisisCenter- MORE GOOD NEWS! -

A New Year Partnership with livingHR and Keri Higgins-Bigelow!

David Braughton &
Keri Higgins-Bigelow
While most new year resolutions include losing weight and watching less TV, Keri Higgins-Bigelow, President of livingHR, had the Crisis Center on her mind New Year's Eve when she sent an email to Crisis Center VP of Development, Sandy McLaughlin:

"In the spirit of the New Year, livingHR and I feel like now is the time to support the Crisis Center in any way possible. I have set up the Corporate Partnership by donating $416 per month to the Crisis online to honor your amazing work.  I hope to be able to do more and more in the years to come."

Corporate Partners make a financial commitment to the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay and in return receive opportunities to collaborate with the Crisis Center for the benefit of the community. Corporate Partner benefits include increased visibility in the Tampa Bay area and access to employee enrichment programs and trainings.

A Little Help and A Lot of Healing - Anna's Story 


13-year-old Anna said she was "freaking out" and felt like killing herself.  The 2-1-1 specialist that took Anna's call that night discovered a lonely young woman with very low self-esteem.  Anna had a history of cutting - a coping mechanism some youth use when battling feelings of anxiety, rejection and hopelessness. The specialist learned that Anna's mother had also called 2-1-1 weeks earlier after being diagnosed with breast cancer and feeling frantic about the future.... (CONTINUE)
Echevarria Family Foundation Sponsors TransCare Van

Mike, Laurie, Cristina and Emily Echevarria paid a special visit to the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay on January 3rd. Near the end of 2013, the Echevarria Family Foundation let the Crisis Center know the foundation had decided to join other organizations like Parks Motor Group in sponsoring a TransCare van. They stopped by to present a check and celebrate with a picture in front of the van....  (CONTINUE)


Coming Up...

Hope Starts With Us Tours      

Thursday, January 16th (12pm-1pm)

Tuesday, January 21st (12pm-1pm)

Thursday, February 20th (12pm-1pm) 


The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay offers tours twice a month for people to learn more about the services we provide to the Tampa Bay community. See firsthand the difference we are making. Join us for a one-hour lunch and tour where you will meet with our President and CEO, along with a board member, key staff and other interested community members.     


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