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If you don't live in Minnesota and/or send your kids to public school you might not have heard of We Day.

We Day - in spite of it helping downtrodden children the world over - is a dangerous movement for the individual participants unless parents see to it that it isn't.


But as Muslim parents who cheerlead the suicide-murdering spirit of their very own children have proven - in spades - parents aren't automatically protectors of their children's welfare and safety.  That is, they are not automatic protectors of their children's most precious commodity--that is, of their very own children's very own personal, growing and developing ego.


Ego destruction and ego killing are older than George Orwell's 1984 (published in 1940) and Ayn Rand's Anthem (published in 1938). 


The Dark Side of We Day--that is, its hidden agenda--is to continue the legacy of ego killing.


If you are a parent or know of parents let them know they have to be super vigilant to help protect their children's developing ego.


In the case of We Day and We Act this is simple to do.  Just remind your children of this fact of nature:  without me's there is no we's.


That is, Me before we or as sounded in I, as in me, myself and I.


That is, the individual, the I is the unit, the we, the group is the derivative.




And it appears as if the hidden agendas

of ego killers continues and is alive and well in the We Day's We Act movement also.

Unless like I said, parents see to it that it doesn't succeed with its hidden agenda to destroy ego's in the healthy children of the world in the name of helping the downtrodden.


We Day's hidden agenda is helping the downtrodden, poor opressed children of the world by killing the ego's of the rich, happy, healthy children of the world.


So if you are a parent it is your job to make sure if your child is engaged in the We Day and We Act festivities that you do not allow it and its' promoters to kill your child's ego.


That is, we have to remember two things: (1) this prediction of mine from my first book, Yes released in 2006 and (2) a chart of mine from an "old" Newsletter (December 2013).


(1) Yes.267:


In this, the first year of the first century following Dr. Skinner's prediction and efforts to destroy autonomous man as well as all the voluminous anti-Skinnerian by-products of numerous Ayn Rand disciple-authors-including the Herculean efforts of the still fighting Dr. Peikoff-we stand where freedom stands every day of its life: on the edge of the precipice of apathy and mental laziness. In the face of this-that is in the colloquial sense of a "in your face" attitude-the President of the United States of America in his year 2000 budget has authorized-unopposed in a silence of meekness and moral cowardice that can be heard around the world-the President has authorized Government agencies to dole out five billion dollars per year (to start and because of the nature of the bureaucratic mind to escalate every year per year thereafter) to Dr. Skinner's followers and sympathizers for them to use in putting the final touches on what Skinner had started-albeit not originated-and envisioned: a totally planned, socially engineered society completely devoid of autonomous men and women.

If you think my last sentence is excessively long, wait until you live under the kind of engineered society you might have to live under if the "collectivists" achieve their utopian dreams of a ruled, dictated, totally controlled "society".

 Along with the irrefutable fact of the $5,000,000,000 Government Grant to Behaviorist sympathizers it appears quite possible that three other things are just as true. One, George Orwell will end up being off by no more than 100 years in his prediction made in the 1940's that "1984" would be the year totalitarianism takes over America. Two: if Objectivism and Biocentric Psychology do not explicitly embrace each other and/or if enough of us don't embrace both of them-or some very close relatives thereof-for ourselves, then you, me and everybody will be double speaking "doublespeak" well before the occurrence of the Centennial celebration of "1984". A "celebration" that is being planned right now by your wannabe social engineers and social designer-controllers. And three: Dr. Peikoff succeeded (almost single handedly albeit with a little help from his friends) in warding off a Weimarcian society in America while at the same time inadvertently providing the Behaviorists, Cognitive Psychologist-Neurologists and all bureaucratic minds EVERYWHERE (thanks to the Internet) a reverse blueprint to follow as they work to bring to fruition their "utopian" view-updated and "modernized" out of necessity-of an America ruled by a VOLUNTARY TOTALITARIANISM.


 Voluntary totalitarianism is pure Democracy's ultimate, inevitable, inescapable, "logical" end.


Your success at becoming autonomous man is our only defense against it. 


(2) December 31, 2013 BiO Spiritualism Newsletter:








So that what it's looking like is that on or before the year 2032 The United States of America will succumb to hyper inflation of the type characterizing Weimar Germany in the 1920's and this will set the stage for the first global dark ages to start on planet earth on or before the year 2050 which in turn will set the stage for some Religion to set itself up as a Dictatorship in America on or before 2062 as predicted by Dr. Peikoff.

I don't agree with Dr. Peikoff that it will be a pure Religious Dictatorship. Rather, I think and predict it will be an amalgamation of two ideological blends: one is the Environmentalism & Marxism blend as described by Peter Schwartz in his xyz abc (that is, see the soon to be mailed new Flyer Form in next section where this material will be finalized) and a Christian-Islam-Judeaism blend as is being formed in the children of the world now as we speak via the growing We Day movement . (From 8,000 youth in 2007 to " ... We Day has inspired hundreds of thousands of youth and is helping build a community of young people dedicated to volunteering and active citizenship.", emphasis mine.)

But of course regardless of the details of the ultimate Dictatorship it will be a Dictatorship on top of a global dark ages and not a good time--for the thinkers of the world--to be alive because it seems as if thugs in groups enjoy killing smart people first.

My only salvation of course is even though T.H.E.Y appear to be accelerating their numbers they haven't yet started mass killings in the streets like the Nazi's did in their day and I'm thinking that they might not do this this time around but this could all be just wishful thinking.

Large, unthinking groups of people are just that, large unthinking groups and these usually are not good. For examples see, Lynch Mobs, Klu Klux Klan, Nazi's, Stalinites, Muslim Power Seekers and Wanabee Rulers,

 To name but a few.


For more doom and gloom see the next section.  That is, I hope Dr. Peikoff is wrong about our future but ... well ... time will tell.


Our goal should be to prove him wrong and so on our way to our future we are well advised to remember this sentiment that has been around in our country since its founding:  "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." 







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Dear Fellow American in Fact and/or Spirit:

re: " ... before the cock crow twice, thou shalt deny me thrice." Mark 14:30

If we can personify freedom to be the me in that famous Biblical quote from the Christian's King James Version of The Holy Bible (St. Mark 14:30), then we have a chance to ward off the impending dictatorship threatening to take over our country.

If we succeed we will maintain our free minds, but if we fail ... well ... failure is not an option.

Actually that last is nothing but a bravado statement of hope because failure is an option that's why you are seeing this letter. If we want to keep our free minds then we have to take action now to keep our free country.

A free market and a free mind are corollaries--where you have one you can have the other and where you don't have one you can't have the other.

Dr. Leonard Peikoff (qua heir actual to the throne of yesterdays' best living philosopher, Ayn Rand and her philosophy of Objectivism) is today's best living oracle-philosopher who predicts (with a little paraphrasing on our part) that the United States of America is going to go into hyperinflation during the 2020's of the kind experienced in Germany's Weimar Republic during the 1920's.

And then--he predicts--on the heels of this hyperinflation, a Religious Dictatorship will take over our freedom loving country on or before the year of our Lord, 2062.

Well, as an a-theist I should really say: "your Lord".

This is a big, albeit, manageable point of difference between us.

It is, that is, up to a point.

Beyond that point if you are uber religious then you are not part of the solution, rather, you are the problem. And for me qua Objectivist sympathizer whose prime directive is: I have to use persuasion to get my way, it logically follows that: the pen is the only sword. If I were to advocate initiating force against others to get my way then I would be on the road to hell and if I actually initiated force to get my way, then I would be evil. (Except for actual evil people--i.e., adults who are actual murderers--I know of no person who wants to be evil--evil is the worst kind of human being there is and to my knowledge no one wants to be evil--except as I've explained elsewhere, adults who choose evil and become actual murderers. See Selfish'ism, the book,linked below, especially its Epilogue with its dissection of evil laid bare.)

Consequently, if we both love freedom more than we hate our differences, then we each can be part of the solution. In fact, our mutual love of freedom makes possible our mutual toleration of each others (non-criminal) differences.

The much bigger, more important point is this: The only one who can stop this is you.

And of course, me.

You and me, that is, "we", the Heroic We, not the We Day "we", but the Heroic We-the-Individuals-Are-It-We are the only ones who can stop this Religious Dictatorship from taking over America.

I, for my part, am contributing to stopping it by continuing to promote the twin pleasures of self valuing and self caring.

If we don't care about ourselves we won't care what evil befalls our country and if we aren't very self aware we might even subconsciously be a force for its downfall.

If we don't value ourselves, then there is no way in hell that we can care about ourselves.

So my twin values of Self Valuing--The Selfishness Training Institute via Self Caring--BiO be used by us to make our souls be strong enough to ward off the evil that for sure will accompany the take over of our country by the up and coming Religious Dictatorship.

If you are Christian and secretly want a Religious Dictatorship then as an ex-Christian I know you are not a Christian.

This is one of the last remaining big points of difference between Christians and Muslims and for that matter, Israeli Citizens too. Christians love freedom more than they love Dictatorships.   Muslims love Religious Dictatorships more than they love freedom. And Israeli Jews--qua their own Self-Determination Definition as a "Jewish and Democratic State"--are still trying to serve two masters and hence are not sure which ONE they love most.

Or perhaps I should say: old-school Christians, American Christians love individual freedom.  

I am 69 years old-school American--born and raised--and for a very long time now I have been railing against those who love destroying individual freedom as much as I love building it up. And even though I advocate that every one's goal should be--and mine is--to live 10 years longer than the Actuarial Tables predict OR 10 years longer than their oldest parent whichever is greater it doesn't mean I will succeed. But still, since my oldest parent, my mother, died just shy of her 97th birthday I personally have a better chance of stopping the freedom-destroying Religious Dictatorship than I do of seeing it materialize if we should fail to stop it. (However, if I should make it to the 107 year old benchmark--that is, August 30th, 2052--then I could witness first hand the beginning of Planet Earth's first ever Global Dark Ages--for reference link Watch Dog II)

So that, the answer to the "what's in it for me?" question from your perspective--that is, what's in it for you--is the fortunate fact that as a person who loves freedom you will be able to take immense pride in the fact that you helped save the United States of America from becoming the Religious Dictatorship it is on track to becoming. And of course even more importantly than this you will end up being instrumental in you yourself being able to keep your free mind and in helping those whom you love and cherish do the same thing.

A free mind is a good thing.

And then the answer to the "what's in it for me?" question from my perspective--that is, what's in it for me--is the fortunate fact that as a person who loves freedom and reason I also love philosophy and psychology. Consequently, I can combine these interests in this letter and sell you on the idea that you should buy my books. You should buy them--along with many many other books too numerous to mention--and use them to help you go all the way to becoming one who is so self valuing that you will succeed in climbing the ladder to the Heaven-On-Earth Level One of authentic happiness. And then when you do so succeed you will thereafter be forever motivated to protect and grow that first--can only be reached by the self-valuing self--happiness plateau.

A free mind that is also happy is a better thing.

Then the happy, self caring "we"--logic dictates--will pursue our own individual lives to ever Higher Levels of HappIERness and from those vantage points we will look down on the destroyers and mankind-haters of the spirit and will choose to fight them tooth-and-nail-forever to ward off forever the evilest of their kind: the aspiring Dictators of Force. Of any and all Dictators--be they individual ones or the Group One which appears to be, as we speak, the aspiring Dictatorship One in our immediate and shared futures as Americans.

Since a free mind and a free market are corollaries, a free and happy mind growing and prospering inside a real free market culture should be our goal.

A free mind that is happy and growing forever happIER is the best thing.

Finally, since I love money in the BiO Spiritualism sense of the term--that is, I am not going to work 24/7 any longer to earn it and then because of this work schedule I don't have any free time to enjoy it--I do want more money. Some say this is a description of "Going Galt" ( and I can see their point but I call it "going BiO Spiritual" which in reality is what I did do. (If you earn a lot more money than you need and are still not happy then check this out:

Granted, I myself did spend many years inside Galt's Gulch many many moons ago--or that is, what I like to call my many years in the Galt's Gulch of Branden's et al. psychotherapy intensives--where I learned to say if I don't really right-at-this-exact-moment want what I'm saying I want (i.e., I want more money) then at minimum, saying, "I want to want it" (with the it in this case = more money) will keep me on track and help me get what I want long term wise. That is, longtermwise--by this and other solicitation letters I'll be mailing out in the future--I hope to earn more money. ( ... I want to be a human being, to possess ... etc.)

(The Galt's Gulch reference/metaphor above does not count my kid hood years from about age 8 to age 11 growing up inside two very very small--combined population around a thousand--southern Minnesota twin towns populated with Blacksmith shops (2), Pool Halls (2), Grocery stores (2), Banks (2) and Churches (too many to count) that to the "10 year old me's metaphysics" was Galt's Gulch.)

For your part in helping me stop The Religious Dictatorship in America from rolling over us like so much dirt that the Environmentalists (see PPS below) would have us sacrifice ourselves to, I say buy my books now and start educating yourself in the twin virtues of Self Valuing & Self Caring before it's too late. ( and

And when you hear the boot's marching-beat in-the-streets and hear the sounds of shattering glass in your neighborhood it will be too late.

Sincerely yours,

Gary D Deering, BA Engineering, MA Psychology,

the world's first PsycHHology

Engineer helping Philosophy

build better humans.

November 30, 2014 


Crow #1 has already sounded, that is, see today's American Culture ...

Denial #1 = a free market does ... etc.




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SelfishnessCoach           Salutations and etc. ...  until ... whenever.


Gary D Deering

PsycHHology Engineer

(helping phhilosophhy

 build better humans)


*Date Key:

-21 MT is Minnesota Time and means about 21 more days or about 3 more weeks of increasing darkness before the days grow longer .... that is, about 3 more f'g weeks to the WS (the Winter Solstice) with each day loosing daylight and each night getting an equivalent increase in darkness .... (Exact date of finishing this NL is 11/30/14 ... and Yes it would have been easier to use this but the -21 MT is the way it actually affects me as a Minnesotan or as me, qua Minnesotan and for now is a more fun way to present my allegedly "devil may care" Whennever NL attitude ... ) 


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