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Uberconservative Townhall Magazine bans Gary from Posting Comments
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What's real is ... My new BiO Spiritualism Newsletter that I am naming, the Whennever Newsletter.

That is, what's real is time and it finally caught up with me so to speak as in I can't keep up with the Free Quarterly Newsletters any longer so I am going to this new format in the hopes that from time-to-time (there's that reality-word again) I can punch one of these out there as I suspect there are going to be things in my future (f.u.t.u.r.e) that are going to bug me soooooo'oh much that I'll have to do one of these in some form - be it this whenever newsletter or other forms - Press Release et al.

I had started to do another years worth of Quarterly Newsletters with this subject (to place yourself go here Chart 6a  from December 2009 Newsletter): Religion is lower case evil and Objectivism Upper Case Good but ...

The algebraic style proof I've come up with for proving this theorem is so simple (and precious) that I have to save it for some f.u.t.u.r.e ISBN'd book of mine. 

Maybe in my next one: How to cure yourself of bipolar disorder before it's too late to cure yourself of bipolar disorder

In a Chapter on epistemology perhaps. 

Or not ...






$$$ Free Stuff $$$

From time to time I plan to put Coupons and/or CODES in these news releases for free stuff of mine that I will be offering to my newsletter subscribers only.

For right now unfortunately I only have free stuff for my Recreational materials, i.e., horse racing and since I know not every one is interested in this though some of you are here is this years CODE for's free handicapping stuff:


Go to and click on free stuff and follow prompts ... and ... Not.

I can't get this ready before the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, May 3rd (a mere nine days from right now) and since for right now (4/24/14) the only thing I have to sell, hence give away is my KD White Sheet and D.ö.s.a.g.e Numbers, I will give them away more directly.

These will be available for purchase at which now accepts Major Credit cards so it should finally be easier to use.  So if you are interested go there for more and to discover that as subscribers to this newsletter you'll be getting a whopping 2 bucks worth of stuff for free as when I get the KD sheets done I'll simply put them in one of these newsletter forms and send to everyone.

Hence, don't be too offended if you aren't interested in these as I can't (yet) differentiate between those who are and those who aren't interested and so until I get my Free Stuff link functional--then only those who are interested can use it--I have to send them to everyone.

And moving on ...








Personal Family ... Personal Objectivism ... Personal Anything vs. Facebook ... I don't Facebook because of its (to me) Borg (Star Trek) quality but that doesn't mean I don't have "facebook needs".


 Dear Older Sister S:


Thanks a ton for recommending the book, The Rosy Project ... damn I haven't had that good a laugh from reading a book since Catch 22.  M read it first and then gave it to me and I read it and lmao then gave to little m.  We all had a very good time with it.


Thanks again.


I love good books.


Sh.. I thot I had more personal to say but I guess I don't other than I suspect you think it weird I don't have time to email but I kinda don't as I am behind on the 14 Breeder's Cup Kindles I'm suppose to get done (I haven't even done one yet) and now add to that the 6 remaining Annual Reports to the home planet kindlelarized Newsletters that I've started (see below for first one--2007--which is free for the next three months on amazon if you belong to Amazon Prime).


Not to mention my current ISBN'd How to cure yourself of X series of books ... I plan two total: one on bipolar and one on depression and can't get back to the bipolar one which is half done until I finish the 6 remaining Annual Report Kindles.


Oh well ...


Have a nice day.





Moving on further ...  



Back to our subject at hand:

So if heaven (of the religion kind not the "heaven on earth" kind) isn't real what is?

That which exists is real is the meaning of "real". That which doesn't exist (non-existence) isn't real. And that which isn't real (non-existence) can't exist. (Notice the use of "can't exist" rather than "doesn't exist". Can't exist subsumes doesn't exist--e.g., that which can't exist, doesn't exist but the reverse isn't necessarily true--and so in the context here can't exist is the better term to use.)

Events of consciousness are real in that they exist inside your mind as "things" to be understood by you and translated into events in reality (if such is your desire).


Since reality is real, that is, an absolute you have to meet its requirements to successfully translate your events of consciousness into events in reality. (For example, we fly to the moon in rockets, not by flapping our arms.)

More example. Ancient men dreamt of flying (event in consciousness). Middle Eastern man fantasized Magic carpets that fly and let it go at that, Western man built 707's.

To say that both of these--Flying carpets and Boeing 707's--are real is to commit a sin against language.

So, if you meet reality's absolute terms and want to spend the time translating, then you can succeed at it. If you don't meet reality's terms then no amount of mental gyrations and mind twisting will do it for you. (It won't that is, without twisting your mind into not's--not this, not that, don't do this, don't do that least you discover your inner contradictions, so to speak and repeat: not not not is the driver of such a person's action selectors.)

For example, Heaven--qua the literal place of religion inhabited by a non-existent god who judges your life to see if you qualify to enter through its non-existent "pearly gates"--isn't real because it doesn't exist.

And just as importantly--or even possibly, more importantly--it can't exist. And the REASON it can't is because it requires a pile of contradictions to "support" it.

That is, we must remember: CONTRADICTIONS DO NOT EXIST as nature demonstrates to us by not having any.

Or stated differently, if it is true that contradictions do not exist, that is, that not even ONE contradiction exists IN THE ALL OF EXISTENCE, then what is the conclusion to be drawn about an idea who's continuation as an idea requires a pile of contradictions to support it.

It's sh.. ?

Comes to mind.

So heaven doesn't exist outside the consciousness of fantasizers and intellectualizers who never translate their fantasies into reality because they aren't translate 'able.

If at this point you are arguing within your own mental space--a "space" that is real in that it is an argument that exists (inside of you)--that it takes FAITH to see that heaven is real, please be advised that by so doing  you are making my case as to why religion is evil.  It is lower case evil--that is, bad on steroids--because it pushes faith like drug dealers push drugs.  And faith--qua the perfect antipode to reason--is not good for you. Faith is not good for you as in it is a mind destroyer not mind builder.

Mind destruction is self destruction.

Self destruction is not good.

That is, to say that both of these--self destruction and self construction--are good is to commit a sin against language.

Reason is the mind builder.

Mind building is self building.

So since construction is better than destruction reason is good, faith is not.

Those who preach 'til the cows come home that faith is good (not to even mention those who preach faith is better than reason) are therefore lower case evil and on a dangerous track to becoming growingcase evil and eventually upp ... er ... well, I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "the road to hell is paved with "good" intensions".

So does this mean that, "Hell is real?"

Dunno, maybe ... or at least ... On Earth maybe.

To be determined.







Uberconservative Townhall Magazine bans Gary from Posting Comments


Does this mean that I am being discriminated against because of my "religion"?  My "religion" is BiO Spiritualism which preaches that integrated man is the path to happiness and bliss.

And since you cannot--metaphysically cannot--integrate the contradictory I am first and foremost against all creeds that preach contradictions exist.

They do not.

Contradictions do not exist.

Again, as nature demonstrates to us by not having any.

But in case I'm just being dramatic let me give you the facts so you can decide for yourself.

 * * * * *

I tried to post (the same Comment) 6 times on 4 separate occasions on 3 separate days over this past week.

My posts did not take, I got the spinning spinner that never stopped ... I had to abort to get out of the looping.

The comment I was trying to post (see next section) was over 2000 characters so I divided it into two parts with each part less than 1700 characters and since I saw other postings there longer than 1700 it can't be due to this.

It felt as if I was being banned. (They did have a link for new rules to follow so you'd not be banned and I read them and tought I was in compliance, but ... )


But was I?   Was it technical or discriminatory?


It of course could be technical but until and unless this is proven to me ... I opt for the discriminatory "explanation" ...

And here are my past posts and given the religion infused nature of the uber-conservative Townhall writers you tell me, you think I'm being dramatic or discriminated against?


Gary's Past Posts:

In response to:

Going over the Moral Cliff 

Gary3545 Wrote:Jan 23, 2013 7:35 AM

Since there is no god, never has been all ``morality`` based on god is based on non-existence. Non-existence doesn't exist. Time to rethink your ``morality``.



In response to:

Roe v. Wade at 40 

Gary3545 Wrote:Jan 23, 2013 7:28 AM

It is not separate from the woman until it is born.



In response to:

The True Scandal of Lance Armstrong: Enough Free Passes for Role Models 

Gary3545 Wrote:Jan 16, 2013 8:09 AM

Hear, hear ... couldn`t agree more ... good article




In response to:

Warren Buffett and the Corrupting of the American Soul 

Gary3545 Wrote:Dec 02, 2012 8:44 AM

Hey, good rational article. I liked it a lot. It makes me wonder (but not enough to do the research) how many actual dollars Buffet paid in taxes versus how many actual dollars his secretary paid.



In response to:

The Real Root of Atheists' Anti-Christmas Rage 

Gary3545 Wrote:Dec 02, 2012 8:34 AM

There is no God, never has been. So though there could have been an actual, historical person named Jesus Christ there is no 'Son of God' 'Jesus Christ'. So why all this discussion about non-existence??? PS If "Jesus' birth equated to Satan's demise" who's been responsible for evil in the world since December 25th, 0 AD? George Bush?




In response to:

When Students Cheat Liberals Retreat 

Gary3545 Wrote:Sep 14, 2012 7:17 AM

Good one!



In response to:

Christianity is Compatible with Ayn Rand 

Gary3545 Wrote:Sep 12, 2012 6:38 AM

Good one KK, "Jesus was a capitalist" I love it! And I can't wait to use this line the next time I visit my religious family - especially my little sister as she is the most religious of the lot. I/we (all six of us) were born and raised Lutherans and I was the only one who broke free and became an Objectivist--actually a BiO Spiritualist--so at family get togethers we usually have some pretty heated discussions and I am going to start the next one with the line: "Did you know that Jesus was a capitalist?" Good one, thanks. PS. Since I am the one in the many (i.e., the 1 out of six) can I conclude that more than 16% of "Christians" are Objectivists or at least Objectivist sympathizers ... I wonder?


In response to:

Akin and His Critics 

Gary3545 Wrote:Aug 24, 2012 7:34 AM

The answer to George Stephanopolous's question: " ... how [can] an idea like that ... even get in your head" is this: the same way all irrational ideas get into the heads of religious people - through the mental action method of validating "knowledge" known as, faith - that is, evidence not required and if you are really faith driven then no evidence is best and is the preferred way before the truly faithful "religious" mind concludes X (or Y or Z or whatever) is true.



So ... do these sound like "reasons" to ban from posting???


From a certain point of view (i.e. Christian) I suppose so but .... really .... I don't really (yet) think so, so for now I'm just going to conclude it's somekind of technical reason and to overcome it for the time being I"ll just post my responses here (next section) and/or also my own blog.






            Latest Townhall (attempted) Post:



We Are A Nation Of Narcissists

Derek Hunter | Apr 17, 2014

full article here: 


We Are A Nation Of Narcissists

Derek Hunter | Apr 17, 2014

opening ...

People have been saying the country is "going to hell in a handbasket" for decades. It's sort of a rite of passage for every current generation to look at the next one and think it will screw up things so badly everything will be ruined. But the handbasket this current generation is creating may well be the one that sinks us.

 [lots of "going to hell in a handbasket" rants--some of which I even agree with--in here ... ] 

conclusion ....

We have become a nation of narcissists - attention junkies measuring our success by the number of Facebook friends and Twitter followers we have rather than our accomplishments. None of us are immune - to one degree or another we've all ....



I tried to Post the following as I've said but it didn't work so I'm putting it here for my f.u.t.u.r.e reference:

Narcissism is a pretty difficult concept to define correctly. It is so difficult in fact that it is almost an anti-concept but yet not quite. The best example of narcissists that I ever saw were the couple Stephanie and Michael (played perfectly by Julia Duffy and Peter Scolari) on the old Newhart show where Bob was the Vermont hotel owner, Dick Loudon.   The key factor in the Stephanie and Michael characters is that they were superficial in the extreme. That is, they spent the most amount of their time thinking about things that matter the least (is my hair straight, omg it's got one strand out of place, oh me oh my .... ) and they spent the least amount of time to virtually no amount of time thinking about things that matter the most (e.g., what exactly is the correct definition of "narcissist", is it any person who is selfish or is selfishness like Ayn Rand said, a virtue and selflessness a vice?) and so on. Since religious people believe sacrificing the self to anything and everything that is not-self is the highest "virtue" they are going to have a really really difficult time with the changing culture that they are currently finding themselves in--that is, one that is in the transition of changing over to the Ayn Rand view (as she and her fellow Objectivists and Biocentrists defined things).

For example, Selfishness IS a virtue. The danger to those of us who no longer accept the religious credo (Christian in my case) of self-sacrifice is that we are from time-to-time faced with having to point out to Christians the errors-of-their ways (it's a dirty job but somebody has to do it). Such that, if these get to be too frequent then we will be in danger of being physically hurt by the true Christian - that is, the religiously devout ones. The REASON for this is because (as Ayn Rand has already proven or at minimum demonstrated in spades) FAITH and FORCE go hand in hand and if you push the devoutly religious to their core they will lash out with the urge to beat you up (devout Christians) and/or kill you (devout Muslims). But since I do agree with Mr. Hunter in one way--the world is going to hell in a (different) hand basket--I have to speak out IN SPITE of my fear.


Mr. Hunter, for a second there you had me with the concept of a collective "self" as explaining some of the goofy behavior we see on such a widespread scale but (after I thought about it) it's a no go because it's contradictory. There is only one self and it's what individuals have, not groups. Individuals struggling to be individual who are caught up in some gr ... oops. Enough already, the end. Thought provoking article, I liked it. Thanks.



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