Subject: I'm sorry ... again
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 December 2012  
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I'm sorry ... again

so sorry ...


but ...


there will not be another Newsletter until sometime after I get my current book manuscript done and published/printed.


I'm shooting for 2/7/13 and hope to make it but I've been predicting this release for over a year and a half and not getting the job done so ... this is it.


No more Newsletters until whenever.



This is the week of the Cozy Sax and it isn't as dead as I had previously thought so we'll see, maybe--time permitting--I'll bring it back next year.






2/7/13 as publication day/link to a February from my past has a special meaning to me.


I explain this meaning in the Dedication part of my manuscript.


To wit:


wait ... wait ... what the h eck ....


I take my apology back THIS is going to be my December 2012 Newsletter.


To wit:


Dedication Book 1a, Page 1 of:


To Ayn Rand who saved my mind.

And others (next page).



Page 2 of Dedication:




To Dr. Leonard Peikoff and his writings and especially his Analytic Synthetic Dichotomy article that single handedly uncrooked well over half of my 17 years worth of American-Public-Education-induced, intellectually twisted, psycho-epistemology.


To Dr. Nathaniel Branden and his Books and Intensives that saved me.


And finally, To (the thirtysomethings) Me who restarted his development to volitional self-regulation with this (his) virginal LTE (Letter-To-the-Editor) from a February past:



Dear Editor The Minneapolis Star:


I read with interest the article Struggle expected before U.S. gets National Health Insurance in the February 7 edition of your paper.


I am reminded how easy, how struggle-less, life would be if it were not for those selfish few, whoever they are, who insist on fighting for their rights at the expense of society's right to be taken care of by the federal government.


I just do not understand why some people think individuals have rights that supersede those of society. Where in god's name did they ever get such a notion. I thought everyone accepted, as universal truth, that like the sun, by its nature, is the base and source of energy on earth, so society, by its nature, is the base and source of mans rights on earth.


I will go so far as to grant to that troublemaking, selfish minority that this country was founded on the love for individual rights. But then, he has to 




Page 3:



grant me the fact that for some time now it has been run on the principle of majority edict (if 6 out of 10 people determine by vote that the earth is flat, it is flat damn it --the other four are just deluded). I suspect those same four guys are responsible for the struggle referred to in the article.


Nonetheless, we are still a democratic nation. So, I think President Carter should change his words concerning the insurance coverage from 'universal and mandatory' to individual and voluntary. Then the government should divide the projected cost of 100 Billion plus dollars by the 200 million plus people who will be covered by it and send them their bill in the mail requesting their voluntary contribution.


I then can send my $2000, four member family bill back, stamped --


Page 4:

Kiss My Ass!


Sincerely yours,

Gary D. Deering


2/ 7/ 77


(unpublished-LTEs/President Carters National Health)



{"published" here some twenty years later: 
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