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Issue No. 20 Winter 2012-2013

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Let's Talk: Conversations About Women's Health Mother- Daughter Tea ( ages 8+)

Know your Body Inside and Out

Sunday March 3rd from 1:45-5 pm 

Invitations to be sent February 4 th!   


In this issue we have asked subject matter experts to write about: 

  • WISH is Evolving...The Patient Centered Medical Home
  • Family Planning: Birth Control Options Beyond "The Pill"
  • Women Only Colonoscopy

WISH makes a commitment to educate women on health. To facilitate this goal we have engaged a community educational outreach program and created a Library of Articles. Connect to this electronic archive and read high quality information on health topics. Print out a copy of  our tools: 

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WISH is Evolving for the Better...Moving Toward The Patient Centered Medical Home

Mitra Razzaghi, MD, Practice Director

Women's Integrated Services in Health Program 

Evolving is a process


 This really is not breaking news...The health care world has been discussing for years how to change the way we deliver and receive medical care. There is a national move to redesign the way health care is provided to achieve better outcomes with less spending. Many experts believe Patient Centered Medical Home, or PCMH, is the solution. It will replace the fragmented, inefficient systems of today with a new model featuring teamwork with patients at the core, coordinated care, integrated electronic information system and chronic disease management. Read More... 


Family Planning:
Birth Control Options Beyond "The Pill"

 Michelle Cleeves, M.D., Instructor, Medicine-Internal Medicine

Women's Integrated Services in Health, Primary Care Practice


 Unintended pregnancies comprise close to 50% of all pregnancies in this country, and this number has remained essentially unchanged since 1994. Women with unplanned or unintended pregnancies are more likely to have pre-term labor and low birth-weight babies than those with planned pregnancies, which can affect the life-long health of their babies. Though birth control in the form of a daily pill has been around for more than 70 years, more than half of unplanned pregnancies today occur in women not on any contraception. The remaining 50% of unintended pregnancies are caused by contraceptive failure (forgetting the pill, misused or broken condom etc.)

These days, there are so many highly effective and reliable forms of birth control, we hopefully can reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies and therefore improve the health of women and their babies. Read More... 

Women Only Colonoscopy

Aliya Hasan, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor, Medicine-Gastroenterology


My mother developed iron-deficiency anemia in her late 50s,Make an Appt  and ended up having a colonoscopy to see if the blood loss was coming from her colon. It was. She had developed a large polyp at the beginning of her colon. At the time, we knew that this polyp was high-risk for having a cancer growing inside of it. Even when the biopsies came back as benign, we still couldn't conclude that there was no cancer until the polyp was completely removed. My mother elected to have surgery to remove the right side of her colon. We didn't know for sure whether or not she had cancer until the final results of the surgical pathology came back. To our great happiness, there was no cancer. Nonetheless, she had developed a high-risk polyp, and had she not acted, she most likely would have ended up with a colon cancer. To say this health scare shook us all up is an understatement. Read More... 

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IMAGEWe are recruiting healthy women aged 42-52 years that have regular menstrual cycles and are not currently using hormonal contraceptives for the Females, Aging, Metabolism, and Exercise study (FAME).  The goal of FAME is to look at how the loss of estrogen changes metabolism and risk of disease in women.

Special Offerings:  Flu Vaccination

 Influenza   We are still scheduling daily appointments for flu shots.  Influenza, known as the flu, is a contagious respiratory illness that can cause mild to severe symptoms and even death.  Be protected; get your flu shot early.  The charge is $25.75 if paying cash for this service but most insurance companies cover the cost completely.


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Our hospital is growing and making improvements too. It's not quite like our first tooth, but UCH is marking the start of a new era of safe electronic communication with your doctor. My Health Connection allows you to access your test results, make appointments with your doctor, communicate with your doctor, nurses and front desk staff by email.  Read about My Health Connection (MHC) and the new Iphone application. We invite you to sign up today. Choose to connect from your desktop or download the app that allows iPhone users to connect directly to the popular My Health Connection. It is FREE! Other smart phone apps will follow soon.