The Transformational Journey     
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The Transformational Journey
Laureen Quick

Welcome to "Path & Practice" our e-newsletter for individuals interested in learning about the transformational process. 


This month's e-newsletter focuses on the challenges you will face and strategies you can use for traveling the path of transformation.


In "One Trial At A Time" we look at two types of challenges you will face as you travel the path of transformation.  To move forward, you must face both of these types of trials. Either type can seem daunting. The best strategy for moving past these challenges is to take them on, one at a time. 


In our featured article, "Confronting The Unknown" we look at how to live with uncertainty through:


1. Letting Go

2. Living In The Now

3. Getting Curious


By learning to live with uncertainty you shift your focus to the realm of all possibility and out of this shift a vision for your new life emerges.  


Finally, in "Oracle Cards & Journaling" we explore how you can access your intuition and learn more about yourself through the use of oracle cards and journaling. 


I am glad you decided to join us for the journey. 

Warmly, Laureen

Featured Article
This month our featured article is about living with uncertainty.

December 2012 Articles
One Trial At A Time
Confronting The Unknown
Oracle Cards & Journaling

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The Path
The Journey: 
One Trial At A Time


On the transformational journey, you will be faced with many trials or tests.  These trials will transform you. 


The trials are of two main types: 


1. Trials through which you let go of the past.


2. Trials through which you embrace the future. 


Both types of challenges are transformative in that they change you.  As you leave behind the past, you are no longer the person you were.  As you embrace the future, you move closer to becoming your potential.  


Letting Go Of The Past 


The Past

Trials that will require you to let go of the past will come in two forms:


1. Inner trials that require you to let go of your ego attachments to the roles you have played in your life as well as past relationships and regrets that you may have about things you have done or things you did not do. 


2. External tasks that need to be completed from your past such as filing for bankruptcy or divorce, paying off old debts, holding a garage sale or donating clothes and other possessions that no longer serve who you are or filing your taxes.  


These unresolved issues from your past will drain your energy and they will block you from moving fully forward into your future. 


Embracing The Future


The Future Trials that move you closer to your future are trials that ask you to make a choice:


1. To explore the possibilities that are before you; these trials show up as opportunities to try on new roles, meet new people and throw yourself into new experiences.  Strive to say "Yes" to all the opportunities that come your way in order to figure out what you like and what you want in your life. 


2. To decide which possibilities you will pursue; these trials will ground you on the path of your chosen future; over time, as you try out new experiences you will come to know more about what inspires and interests you and what you want from life. 


These actions require curiosity and choice.  In order to move forward you must let go of the past and then develop a curiosity about the possibilities that lie before you.   


To move forward, you must face these trials or tests.  Either type of trial can seem daunting.  The best strategy for moving past these challenges is to take them on, one at a time.  Some will be more challenging than others. If you can, sandwich the hard ones in between two easier ones.  Celebrate or reward yourself for successfully completing these tests.  If it helps, record your accomplishments in a journal.  Whenever you feel discouraged, re-read your journal and feel good about how far you have come!


The Transformational Journey 
Travelers club
Want to learn more about the transformational process?  

Every fourth Wednesday of the month, meet up and join in the conversation with other travelers on the journey to transformation to discuss the application of transformational concepts as it relates to your life.  Club membership is free and all are invited to attend and participate in our monthly Tele-Circle calls.

December 2012 

TeleCircle: December 26th 2012
The Untethered Soul
Time: 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. Mountain Time
Book: "The Untethered Soul"
Author: Michael A. Singer

In "The Untethered Soul" bestseller--spiritual teacher Michael Singer explores the question of who we are and arrives at the conclusion that our identity is to be found in our consciousness, the fact of our ability to observe ourselves, and the world around us. By tapping into traditions of meditation and mindfulness, Singer shows how the development of consciousness can enable us all to dwell in the present moment and let go of painful thoughts and memories that keep us from achieving happiness and self-realization.
To register and receive a summary of this book as well as online access information, please e-mail:  Laureen Quick 

The Departure Suitcases
Success Strategies For Your JourneyFeature
Confronting The Unknown

The hero's journey is filled with uncertainty.  The path unfolds but the end is not known.  Confronting the unknown means embracing uncertainty, experiencing it fully and trusting that you are traveling in the right direction.  As you continue down your path, a vision of your future will emerge.


Confronting The Unknown


On your journey to transformation, you quickly come to realize that you have left the world of certainty behind you. You are wandering in the vast land of the unknown. Ironically what you have done by traveling the path of transformation is to shed the illusion of certainty in your life.


Walking The PathWhen you are certain about the world around you, you feel that you understand things, that you can predict what will happen, and that you are in control.   The truth of the matter, however, is that there is no certainty in life.  The routine and stability in your life just made certainty appear as a reality.  Certainty is an illusion that collapses on the path to transformation.  The challenge is to see through the need for this illusion. To see through an illusion, you do not look at the illusion itself, but at the source of the illusion. That is to say, you look at why you need certainty in your life.


Humans need certainty because we fear the unknown.  The world is a scary place and we are compelled to protect ourselves in order to survive.  The illusion of certainty implies that we have some degree of control over the world. The lack of certainty creates fear and anxiety.    


Living With UncertaintyMan Stressed


Confronting the unknown means letting go of your need for certainty, living in the present moment and getting curious about the potential of possibilities that lie before you. As you are able to live comfortably with uncertainty, a vision for your future will emerge.


Letting Go


To confront the unknown you must first be willing to let go of your need for certainty. This requires optimism or trust in yourself as well as faith that, in the end, the things that happen to you are for the best.


Living In The Now 

Here & Now

Confronting the unknown also requires the ability to live in the present moment. Living in the moment or living with mindfulness-is a state of open, active, purposeful attention on the present.


When you become mindful, you realize that you are not your thoughts. Instead of thinking your way through life, you live life intentionally based on who you are and your purpose in life.


Getting Curious


The flip side of certainty is not uncertainty.  Rather it is possibility. When the outcome is unknown, the possibilities are multiplied.  Living with uncertainty is the same thing as living in the realm of all possibility. Developing a strong sense of curiosity empowers you to explore the possibilities of your new life.


Ultimately a vision for your new life will emerge out of the realm of all possibility.  


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Practice: Tools For Transformation
Oracle Cards & Journaling

Journaling is the practice of keeping a written diary that explores your thoughts and feelings about the events of your life.  When practiced in conjunction with Oracle Cards, journaling can also facilitate access to your inner guide or Spiritual Self.


Oracle Card decks are cards which are used to provide an insight and positive outlook for those seeking answers to their most inner questions. All the answers to your current problems and issues are within you and oracle cards help you to access that knowledge. 


The concept of oracle cards comes from pre Egyptian culture and was designed to allow a physical means to tap into the metaphysical.  For centuries, people have used oracle cards to help them gain access to spiritual knowledge and explore universal truths.  


There are a number of different types of oracle cards available. Some of very spiritual in nature. Other oracle cards, like the cards below are very practical. 


 Examine Work MOTIVATIONRecognition


Each card within an oracle deck typically contain an image and represents a concept.  As you pull cards from the deck, you interpret the card's image and concept based on your current situation.  It is often recommended and helpful to ask a question before drawing a card and then use the card to interpret an answer. 


Journal Reflection Exercise


You will draw three cards. Before drawing the cards asked that:


1. The first card be about a challenge that you need to overcome;


2. The second card be about what you need to do to overcome that challenge;


3. The third card be an insight into what is stopping you from overcoming the challenge.


Draw three cards from a deck and then reflect on cards in your journal.


An Example: Sarah Marie


Sarah Marie is going through a challenging time at work.  She has just been promoted into a management role and she is feeling discouraged and losing her motivation as she struggles to transform herself from an individual contributor into a manager of people. 


She asks for guidance and draws three cards. Sarah Marie reflects and writes in her journal:



Card #1: The Challenge


I am usually highly motivated. Lately though I have been feeling less motivated and a lot less excited about going to work.  


The things that used to motivate me, like getting things done or being noticed or recognized by my boss no longer seems to get me excited. Instead I am frustrated and discouraged.  I am not the one doing the work anymore.  Now I am supposed to get things done through others.  I don't know how to motivate myself anymore. 


Card #2: The Solution



I think I need to focus more on my team as a source of motivation for me.  


I need to consciously remember that I really do love helping people to realize their potential and this is my job now.  


I also like that I can make a greater contribution now because I am a manager and I do have the power of my team behind me.  



Card #3: The Block




I think I need to spend some time re-thinking my motivation at work.  


I am a manager now and my job is to get things done through people while simultaneously helping them to develop and grow as individuals and as a team. 


Being a leader is my new motivation. I think this means I have to think more long term when it comes to my own motivations.  I also need to re-think how I measure my success.  At one level, I can measure my success by the success of the team.  At another level, I can measure my success by how much growth I see in the members of my team.  All these things will take time and so I can not expect to look back over a day, week or month and see what I've accomplished.


The Transformational Journey  
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