The Portland Loo
"A Unique Solution To A Universal Problem"
  Is your public toilet solution keeping up with the times?

The need for public toilets dates back to the Romans.  However, the solutions continue to evolve. 

Roman public toilets were designed to sit cheek to cheek and converse about the daily goings on, as you took care of business.  Over time, public toilets became more  private, with the evolution to brick and mortar, single or multiple stall solutions.  However, many of these toilets are in need of replacement or have been closed down due to safety concerns.  

As our society has evolved further, it is evident that this solution is no longer viable, and cities are turning to solutions that are safer and cleaner, while still being convenient and serving the needs of various populations.

The Portland Loo represents the next generation of toilets.  It was designed with safety in mind, including features such as lighting to illuminate the area in front of the unit and identify when it is in use; louvers to create visibility into the unit, while still maintain privacy, to discourage illicit activities; and external handwash and open design to minimize the "hotel effect".   Since it is placed directly on a concrete foundation, it is extremely easy to clean.  And, the stainless steel structure combined with minimal electronics and gadgetry make it easy to maintain.  It meets stringent handicap accessibility standards put in place in the last couple decades,  and, looking to the future, the single occupancy unit also solves the  transgender needs.  And it looks great and blends in with the environment.  Click here to for more about design features

Many different entities are looking for solutions to their public toilet needs.  Some are in new locations to take the burden off of local businesses, and many others are replacing existing brick and mortar or portable toilet solutions to create a more welcoming and safe environment for the public. Click here for more information on siting your Loo

The City of Portland and all the entities who have purchased Portland Loos for their needs agree that the Portland Loo is truly the restroom solution of today, and years to come.  We'd love to see one in your city next! Please check out or contact me at or (503)298-6032.  

Evan Madden

Sales Director

Portland Loos