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Cutting Edge CPTED Design = Safe and Inviting Community


           Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a concept originated in the early 70's, and currently getting a lot of buzz in community planning circles. CPTED utilizes design principles to create natural surveillance mechanisms, giving the perception that people are more exposed when committing a crime. The result of this actual and perceived exposure, is reduced propensity toward crime, and a more safe and inviting community.

Public restrooms are a known haven for crime, which has resulted in closure in many cases, thrusting the burden on local establishments or open areas. The Portland Loo was designed using CPTED to solve these challenges.

Here are the key CPTED elements at work in the Portland Loo, which have resulted in zero known crime related incidents in the currently installed structures:

  • Angled Louvers at the base of the structure create visibility that allow people passing by to see and hear into the restroom without compromising the privacy of the occupant.

  • External Lighting indicating the Loo is occupied, allows security and police forces to monitor activity when passing by.

  • External Handwash and Open Air Design eliminates the "hotel effect", discouraging occupants from lingering in the structure longer than needed.

  • High Traffic Placement elegantly designed to be in high traffic areas, creates natural surveillance from vehicular and foot traffic.

  • Resulting High Utilization provides additional surveillance as other citizens line up to use the facility. A Loo in Portland, Oregon has a flush counter that records 250 flushes a day, only airport restrooms see similar use.

Call today to find out how bringing the Portland Loo to your City can help you create a more safe and inviting Community. For more information about CPTED in your city follow the Link to our newest article on our website.

Evan Madden

Sales Director

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