Shekinaspeaks/ Blue Ray Transmissions



Cathedral Rock Vortex Goddess Temple Sedona AZ, USA 


Sacred Star Family of Light, Blue Rays, Angelic, the New Forerunners & Peace keepers


Thank you for being in Service to the light. Beloved we praise and honor your amazing awakening, remembering, your journey, your challenges and great courage, for being here on Gaia, your gifts of sensitivity and kindness You are an invaluable treasure beyond measure, for you have shifted the frequency, healed lineages, and reopened light pathways upon the planet


in our divine power of Unity and Peace, Law of One, in the full activation of our Crystalline Christ Template {Divine Original blueprint} 

Enjoy this BlueRay News Letter!


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The Venus Heart DNA Love Codes Awakening the Galactic Star Human 13 


The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra-sensitive, empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and light realms to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia. They are the lost ray of the Light Worker.


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"Shekinah", a Hebrew word in the "Language of Light", is a mentor of the Blue Ray. Shekinah is the lost aspect of the sacred Divine Feminine of Creation that is the embodiment of God, the ascension process. BlueRay is the soul group consciousness of the highest aspect of all Blue Rays. Together we give you these transmissions.


The Venus Heart DNA Love Codes Awakening the Galactic Star Human 13  

Galactic Ambassadors Ground Cre

 Number sequences that appear embedded in this channel are given to Shekina Rose by Spirit to activate this transmission.


Venus is shining brightly to see in the night sky through her heart awakening of love at a higher spiritual level, enhancing many areas of all life, including relationships, healing, beauty and creations. The Venusians' Love energies are also activating your cosmic cellular memories of your true galactic status, reuniting of partnership with Earth, celestial bodies and the Universe. 444


The Venus Love DNA human template contains codes of unity and harmonics through the extra sensory awareness of sensitivity and empathy. The blue rays and starseeds with super sensitive awareness and empathy have a deep connection to each other, doorways to other worlds and higher consciousness. The yearning though your intuitive presence of empathy is leading you to know where you are from and who you are in the Universe.


Star Sensory Empathy-Awakening the Galactic Star Human.


Your empathic nature is a beloved multidimensional sensory gift to be honored and cherished, and much more is being revealed in how you can use it for travel to other realms and transformation of energies. Know these empathic abilities lie within your Divine Original Blueprint, your stellar DNA of higher consciousness, your telepathic, clairvoyant and interdimensional natures, and go hand in hand with your ascension process of raising your vibrational frequency to awaken the Galactic Star Human.



Shekina Rose and Venus Pink Ships at Cathedral Rock Vortex, Sedona, AZ    


Collaboration with Galactic Counsels and Starseed Alliances  


A shift and agreement has been made in a collaboration process with the higher realms, galactics, intergalactics, and counsels to work together with the starseeds, light bearers and other groups on Earth. The higher realms and interdimensional planes, ascended masters and galactic counsels and federations have sent their ships and light portals to empower and awaken humanity.  


  Awakening the Starseeds of Atlantis and Lemuria


What we wish you to know is much of your awakening memories and recall are true, especially the times of Atlantis and Lemuria, when there was a greater harmonic resonance to Source on earth and other lives on other planets. Many of the starseeds on the ascension path are awakening to their star origins and reconnecting to their galactic families to collaborate in Alliances of Light. 444 


This is your Star DNA lineage aligning within the heart matrix to know who you are and in bringing humanity to galactic citizenship to become sovereign, whole and free.


Remember to not give your power and authority away to any beings or groups that may seem to be greater or more advanced than you; use discernment and know you are coming as an equal, as a Galactic brother and sister in the Universal family of Light. You are a sovereign star being of galactic stellar heritage of many ET races and angelicas, and the true call of Source, home frequency, is always of kindness and humility allowing your true heart and intuition to guide you.


You are being called from the central source of the ancients to awaken, align and harmonize within the temples of the heart of love with your soul star families on Earth. Your awakenings, belief, trust and greater love for yourself will lead you into unity in the Law of One, to be of greater service, so you may align with your Galactic Universal families to bring humanity to a sovereign state and illumination creating the New Earth.  


Love From your Star family ~ 444     
We see You!


Thank you beloved star family of light for your path, struggles, triumphs, amazing courage, faith and persistence in knowing there is beauty and hope for humanity, in being forgiving, working on yourself and letting go, and knowing the Mother's Heart. The Goddess allows for all life with non-judgment, knowing all children are worthy no matter how indifferent their acts appear, remembering, knowing and being Love. When you Felt alone is that is when you broken free from the old dogma, tribes and belief systems that no longer serve. For feeling attacked and ridiculed because you were different, there was a holy strength of divine power, your true character emerging in those times, strengthened in the love of the universe that felt and held your true essence of being. You have become an even brighter star and light in the Cosmos, beaming throughout the Universe your home frequency, your true course. You kept forging ahead, picked yourself up, and kept believing in higher love and truth. You did not shut down and you were not alone; we are here, the Divine truth of your connection to all things, the holy power of your existence.




As we are coming together in magnificence of the Divine Plan, shine in your true radiance, allow yourself to be seen in this love, it liberates others; share your light, share your love. In the greatest gratitude, honor and love for your being, you are cherished, and for life everywhere! I LOVE YOU!


Shekina Rose, Blue Ray, Starseed, Light Language of Love Harmonic Vocalist Galactic Ambassador of Unity



Venus Pink Ship Portal at Cathedral Rock Vortex, Sedona, AZ    


Appearance of the Venus Pink Ships Awakening Heart Love Codes the Galactic Ambassadors Ground Crew and Alliance of Light 33 

These are the Venus light portals and pink ships bringing support to humanity of Love, beauty, healing and beautiful creations to the planet. The Venus light portals and ships come through the Solar Sun transmission from the Galactic Central Sun and have been unlocking your Crystalline Body Seals. These Crystalline Seals awaken the Christ template and dormant DNA connections to ancient sacred knowledge and spiritual potential of an advanced human.


Shekina Rose is working in collaboration with the Venus light ships of support in the Cathedral Rock Vortex in Sedona, Arizona, along with the Pleiadians of Peace who are bringing ancient sacred technologies and awakenings. The vortexes in Sedona are electromagnetically heightened spiritual ley lines. People from all the over the world are drawn to Sedona for the spiritual power emanating from the vortexes and majestic red rock mountains and panoramic views.

 Interaction with Solar Ray StarGate makes a symbol appear on Shekina's wrist Cathedral Rock Vortex, Sedona, AZ   


 Shekina Rose and Venus Pink Ships at Cathedral Rock Vortex, Sedona, AZ      


Sedona is said to be the city of Lights and is the home of the Star Beings and Galactic Star Seed Ambassadors where they are powerfully called to come and live and be of higher service for humanity and Gaia.


The Galactic Star Seed Ambassadors must raise their own vibrational frequency with the enhanced spiritual cosmic power of the vortexes so they can attune and commune with other star seeds for healing and light alliances. Know that you, the starseeds, light bearers, gatekeepers and new forerunners from all over the world are having increased awakenings from the heart matrix of the Cosmos. From the location on the earth that you have been drawn to live, these connections and divine alliances are being made for yourself and that area on Gaia, as many are coming online as intergalactic ground crew and heart awakening centers.






Important: This information may appear to some to be sensational and/or only for certain groups or special persons. This is not the case. The positive evolution and right of all humans is to know who they are, where they're from, what their DNA is made of and what it can do. Sightings, connections with other ETs, other-worldly beings and gods have been occurring since the beginning of time-it is the history of humanity. Now that we have technologies to record and systems to network and connect us all over the world, more of this information about humanity's history is being revealed. In sharing our experiences and our true heart expression, we are creating disclosure and empowerment for all. The true authority lies within each of us. This is the New Earth!



Venus Pink Ship above Shekina's raised hand at Cathedral Rock Vortex, Sedona, AZ

all photos by Shekina Rose,  where camera is put on automatic when she feels heighten activity and when telepathing with the Galactic's and star family.    




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Mother Mary Rose Ray Activator
Miracles & Transformation
Take a moment to feel blessings from Mother Mary and your I AM presence, by placing hands up towards Mother Mary's  
Where the Rose Ray Apparitions and Mother Mary appeared in Sedona AZ USA

 The New "I am Presence of the Rose Ray in the Violet Flame" 


 {For the Ultra sensitive BLUE RAYS and STARSEEDS forerunners of the new earth}


I call mine my Mother Mary Communicator


                          Mother Mary Visitations of Cathedral Rock Sedona AZ

 Mother Mary Rose Ray Activator has now been placed in store fronts and door entrances where it has been a powerful blessing for all who enter. The Mother says to place your hands at hers for Rose Ray blessings of healing and love.    






 Graphics by Mary Angelico and created through Shekina Rose

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Pleiadian Peace Portal, Cathedral Rock Vortex Sedona, Arizona.



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StarGate Portal Light Language ~ Galactic  Activation  Sedona AZ Vortex 
StarGate Portal Light Language ~ Galactic Activation Sedona AZ Vortex
Shekina Rose is being visited by the Pleiadians and the Pleiadians Peace ships. They have been showing her interdimensional ancient sacred technologies that she has created and is sharing. She has been anointed in the Rose Ray by the ascended master Mother Mary where the apparitions and appearances occurred at Cathedral Rock Vortex in Sedona, Arizona. The Rose Ray in the Violet Flame of Supreme Divine Love is back on the planet to restore the balance of the sacred divine feminine that empowers our I Am presence.


Shekina Rose was activated by her star family decades ago and given prophecies to assist in restoration and activation of the Divine Original Blueprint, the New Man of Light.

As a Blue Ray Sirian starseed, Shekina is a vehicle for the Shekinah in the Language of Light 528 Hz Miracles/Transformation Ancient Solfeggio scale and she is the Channel of the Blue Ray that assists the ultra-sensitive Star Being to be here and be empowered on the planet, so they may awaken to their higher purpose and spiritual gifts to raise the vibrational frequency of Gaia.

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