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Our banner cat for the July 2015 Newsletter is CFA's Second Best Kitten, GC, NW Coupari Dustin, a cream tabby and white Scottish Fold - Longhair division.

(Photo by Chanan)


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It may be the "Dog Days of Summer**," but our cats know how to beat the heat better! Find that nice cool spot (like a tile floor or a sink), and sprawl out for the afternoon.  Do remember to be careful traveling with your cats to shows this summer: have plenty of water available, keep the air conditioning running in the car even when you stop, and use ice packs for them to rest on if necessary. Car temperatures quickly climb, especially when the windows are closed.


**did you know: The term "Dog Days" goes back to the ancient civilizations in the Mediterranean. During this hottest part of summer,  Sirius (the "Dog Star") would appear at sunrise and sunset in conjunction with the Sun. Homer refers to this conjunction in the "Iliad."

Minion Mark
The CFA Board of Directors meets three times a year in person and three times a year via teleconference. This past Tuesday the Board met via conference call. As always, there was lots to discuss. The major decision to come out of that meeting was the decision to limit kitten official counts to those kittens who are either registered or have a Temporary Registration Number (TRN). This goes into effect September 15, 2015. This was a Resolution presented to the delegates to the recent CFA Annual meeting which passed and was sent to the Board with a favorable recommendation. Can you still enter a kitten without a registration number or TRN? Yes, you can still enter a kitten to give it handling experience, or to have judges help you decide which kitten to keep, etc. They just won't count as a point for those kittens who make finals and earn points. For many of us, kittens can be registered via Ecats and within a day or two you will have your registration number. If you are registering via snail mail, or via pedigree, it takes a bit of advance planning if you want a number in time for showing, but there's still the option of using a TRN which you can obtain from the entry clerk when you enter a show. 

 The other topic-du-jour is the Bengal. A group of Bengal breeders have applied to CFA for registration status for their breed. We have heard for several years that there was interest among the Bengal community in bringing some of their cats to CFA and we finally have a package submitted in compliance with CFA's rules for new breeds. Many die-hard CFA folks have strong beliefs about CFA accepting his breed, both pro and con. The Board will not act on the application until the February, 2016, Board meeting. Before then many Breed Councils (BC) conduct an annual poll and present the results of their poll to the Board. The Board decided that any BC who believes their breed is "affected" by the possible acceptance of the Bengal can have a question on their ballot asking if CFA should accept the breed. The Board decided to leave it up to each BC to determine if their breed is affected.

One of CFA's major events is the CFA International Cat Show.  The past few years this show was called the World Show but the Board opted to return to its original name. This year, as well as next year, the show is again being held at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in suburban Philly. Date is November 21-22.  Rich Mastin is again the show manager and he has three assistant show managers: Mark Hannon, Mary Kolencik, and Debbie Kusy. Check out the show's Website for all the latest information including the show flyer. 

As always, your Board members are interested in hearing your thoughts and comments. If you see one of us at a show, feel free to chat with us. Otherwise, send us an email. We can't represent you effectively without your input.

Terri Barry
CFA Executive Director

While wrap-up continues from the 2015 Annual for C.O. we have quickly shifted into preparations for the upcoming International Show.  Like the Annual, next year this responsibility will shift to C.O.  I must extend a sincere thank you to our President, Mark Hannon, Mary Kolencik, and Debbie Kusy who are assisting Rich Mastin, our Show Manager for 2015.  I'd also like to thank upfront all of the other volunteers that have stepped up to the plate and offered assistance. It takes numerous volunteers, before, during and after, to put an event of this size on. 

As we wrap-up the 2015 Annual we are also in the process of updating the Annual Manual for 2016 and working with Region 5.  If you have any comments on what you really enjoyed or what you felt could be improved upon please feel free to contact Jodell at [email protected].  She would welcome your input.

Besides the past Annual and upcoming International Show and all day-to-day tasks, C.O. is working hard to rectify an issue that has recently been brought to our attention.  Apparently a number of years ago some Abyssinians were registered incorrectly.  We are working hard to correct this, but, I ask for your patience as we do so. 

Also, for those of you who would like to gift a subscription to Cat Talk we now will be notifying the receiver of you generous gift and that you were their benefactor.  So when birthdays, holidays or special occasion rolls around please consider a subscription to Cat Talk for your gift giving needs.  Thank you to Teresa Keiger and the Cat Talk staff for publishing such a quality magazine.  
CFA International Show
Flyers and show information are now available at the CFA/Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter International Show website

Mid-Season Show Rule Takes Affect in September
At its August 11, 2015 meeting, the CFA Board of Directors passed a rule that will impact kitten scoring for the current show season.

Beginning the weekend of September 15, 2015, unregistered kittens will NOT be included in the official show count. They MAY be shown, but will neither accumulate nor award points. Only kittens with registrations numbers or temporary registration numbers (TRNs) will be scored and included in the official show count.  Currently, unregistered kittens did not receive points; however, they were still included in the official count.


CFA Judging Program
from Annette Wilson, CFA Judging Program Chair:

Koji Kanise was advanced to APP LH (second specialty) at the August 11 Board of Directors'  meeting.

The Judging Program Committee announces a change in committee assignments:

GUEST JUDGING REQUESTS/EVALUATIONS - now go to Becky Orlando: [email protected] 
Larry Adkison will assist Beth Holly with APPLICATIONS from transferees (from other associations)

CFA IT Committee
by Tim Schreck, IT Chair

As we are begin our second year of transition with our new CFA computer system, thing are improving.  Registration services are performing within our stated time frames, Grand certificates are being issued in a timely manner, and epoints and scoreboards are up to date. None of these items were in place at this time last year.
We are continuing to improve services with updates and enhancements to existing programs. The scoring and reporting systems of HHP points is complete. Notifications of unclaimed titles are going out. Work is beginning on bringing the rest of the CFA applications to the new system. This will not be an overnight process. Our goal is to complete this process as soon as possible. But we also are striving to be as accurate and timely as possible with the 2016 season end reporting, so again we are asking for your patience while we work on getting everything completed. 

Teresa Keiger

The August issue of Cat Talk just came out. It was our annual "Year in Review" issue and always one of our biggest issues as it covers the Year in Review and the Annual meeting, along with our regular features.

Cat Talk needs writers.
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A big "thank you" to all of our subscribers!!

CFA Ambassador Cats
by Karen Lane, ACats Committee Chair
Sandy and Eddie

This month let's meet Sandy Faust and her A-Cat, Eddie, a Birman neuter. Right now Eddie is one of two Birmans in the A-Cat program.

Sandy lives in Illinois in the summer and in Arizona in the winter. She attends most of her shows in Arizona and California. Sandy joined our Ambassador Cat program in 2011, right after she retired from her working career, and has been an active member ever since. 
Eddie resting after a long day's work as an Ambassador Cat

Like most of the A-Cats in the Southwest, Eddie has been frequently used in educational programs by Joan Miller. Eddie is one of several A-Cats in attendance at the California shows.

Eddie is a kind and gentle cat and is a great lover of children.

Thank you to Sandy and to Eddie!!
Winn Logo

by Vicki Thayer DVM , Winn Executive Director

 A list of donors to the Winn Foundation is available here. Thank you!

Special Acknowledgement for an Honored Donor: Claus and Susanne Wehnert are new Diamond Level Donors ($100,000 and more in total donations). They have been outstanding supporters of the Bria Fund for FIP Research. Winn cannot thank them enough for their continued support of the critical research needed to help make cats' lives better. 

Winn/AVMF Excellence in Feline Research Award Recipient for 2015 -
Urs Giger, DVM, MS, PhD, FVH, is the recipient of the 2015 Winn/AVMF (American Veterinary Medical Foundation) Excellence in Feline Research Award. Dr. Giger has held the endowed Charlotte Newton Sheppard Professor of Medicine Chair at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia since 1997.
Winn Feline Foundation (and CFA) Board Director, Mr. George Eigenhauser, presented the award and $2500 honorarium to Dr. Giger at the NIH/Merial Young Scholars Symposium during an outdoor, evening reception on the campus of University of California-Davis on August 1.
The AVMA Council on Research selected Dr. Giger from a number of distinguished nominees. This award reflects his outstanding contributions in advancing feline health through his clinical and basic research, service and teaching in feline medicine over the past 30 years. In particular, his research in feline clinical genetics, hematology and transfusion medicine has been transformative. Please read the full press release here
Survey on Chronic Kidney Disease: The feline chronic kidney research team at Colorado State University, headed by Dr. Jessica Quimby, is conducting a research study in collaboration with Vet Professionals by way of an online questionnaire, aimed at owners of cats with chronic kidney disease (CKD). We are especially interested in hearing from owners of cats that have used subcutaneous (SQ) fluids. If you have not given SQ fluids and/or, if your cat with CKD has died, you can still take the questionnaire. As a thank you for your time, you can claim 50% discount on our new edition of our book 'Caring for a cat with chronic kidney disease' by Dr. Sarah Caney, available in print or PDF format. Thank you in advance! To access the survey, please click here:
The Bria Fund's 2015 "Raise the Roof Raffle for FIP Research": Please join Winn and Bria Fund Supporters in raising money for the Bria Fund's 2016 FIP research, and have some fun, too. It is a great way to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Bria Fund. Details can be found here
August 22nd is Take Your Cat to the Vet Day - The American Assn. of Feline Practioners reminds everyone  of the importance of an annual health check up for your feline friend.
The 7th Tufts' Canine & Feline Breeding and Genetics Conference will be held on Sept. 11th and 12th. Registration is limited to 85 people though there will be Livestreaming of the Conference. Registration information and conference details can be found here
Planned giving tip for August - Don't forget, if you receive anything of value in exchange for your charitable contribution it may reduce the amount you may deduct on your taxes.  If you are given "swag" in exchange for your donation, such as a T-shirt, tote bag or other goods and services, then your deduction is limited to the amount your donation exceeds the value of the merchandise or services you received. Keep track as you go to maximize your deduction later. For any questions, please contact [email protected]


Winn Give Now

Please make note of our new contact information:
Mailing address: 637 Wyckoff Ave., Suite 336, Wyckoff, NJ 07481
Email address: [email protected]

Cleburne and other Texas towns are considering
their animal ordinances

The push is on in the Texas cities of Cleburne, San Angelo, Harlingen and Brownsville to look at their animal control ordinances. The cities are being asked to look at changes that could negatively impact cat fanciers. If you live in one of these cities and can monitor the situation, please contact the Legislative Group at [email protected]
Cleburne's Animal Control Supervisor (ACS) says the city has problems. The kind of problems that, in her opinion, only legislation can address. Irresponsible animal ownership, animal overpopulation, shelter intake, and the shelter's 60% live release rate are some of these problems. Last month she presented city council with suggested changes the animal ordinance to address these issues.
The ACS identified breeding permit masquerading as an Intact Certificate Ordinance as the most effective suggestion. The Intact Certificate Ordinance would require:
  • an annual veterinarian exam,
  • a limit of one litter per year per female,
  • offspring could not be sold or transferred prior to 7 weeks of age, and
  • mandatory microchipping.
An applicant or permit holder could not have any violation of the animal ordinances (except for a single violation of the at large or rabies vaccination provisions).
A second suggestion involves an annual multi-pet permit. A person would need a multi-pet permit if they had more than 4 adult animals or had a litter once per property. People unable to obtain a multi-pet permit would have one year to place excess animals. If the city chose this option, the multi-pet permit provision would include:
  • minimum standards the permit holder would have to meet;
  • provide adequate food, water and shelter;
  • properly maintained premises;
  • no offensive odors or disturbing noises;
  • all animals would have to be inoculated against rabies; and
  • animals must wear current tags and collars at all times.
Permits could be revoked if the permit holder failed to meet the standards or was issued a citation for any violation of the animal ordinances.
Another suggestion is an Irresponsible Dog Owners ordinance. It would define an irresponsible dog owner as a person who owns dogs and violates the animal ordinances three or more times within a 2 year period.
Animal control is also suggesting the creation of an animal establishment permit. How broadly animal establishment will be defined is unclear at this time. Should the city move forward with this suggestion, the ordinance would include the creation of minimum standards, facility and caging standards, and care standards.
Other suggested changes to the animal control ordinance include: changes to impound disposition and fees, adoptions, animals running at large, secure confinement of female dogs in estrus, changes to the dangerous dog ordinance, enabling officers to remove animals from unattended vehicles, enhancing animal abuse laws to be able to require veterinary treatment, and changes to the laws to deal with nuisances such as animal waste, barking and crowing.


Please report legislation happening in your area to
the Legislative Group -   
[email protected]
by Karen Lawrence
CFA Museum Director


How secure are your credit cards? Be safe, and order a SECURITY WALLET now, and never worry about theft of your identity. Aluminum case engraved "CFA", holds up to 30 credit/debit cards. Purchase online - only $7.50 with postage included, or arrange to pick one up at a cat show for $6.00. Full details at

John Smithson of The Harrison Weir Collection has done a fabulous job researching and weaving historical stories about early cats and their breeders for The History Project web site. The latest cats to be included are:
by Candilee Jackson, Chair
The end of summer is closing in on us, and yesterday, there was the feel of "fall" in the air in rural Missouri ... even the ever present Midwest summer humidity was gone!  These are all harbingers of the coming ramp up of the new show season!

July was fun in the upper NW.  A great show in Seaside featured 2 days of judging and lots of spectators.
Coming up from California, Nancy Jo Bueno was present with her Ambassador cat, Danny.  Danny had lots of spectators petting him and asking questions. The agility ring was busy entertaining spectators. Ambassador Sande Kay was truly wonderful and helped her competitor with grooming advice. They returned Sunday and enjoyed some success. It is really wonderful to see exhibitors who are willing to help newbees, especially their competitors. "There are no shows in the upper NW in August, so our next show will be at the end of September. We are looking forward to it!" stated Ambassador reporter, Meghan Noecker and her Zoo Crew.

Karen Stenlund, Karand Egyptian Maus, traveled cross country from her home in Region 2 to attend the Global Egyptian Mau Society show in Richmond, Virginia, with her Bronze Egyptian Mau.  "This was a great experience as they had a special format for judging the Maus."  The kittens, champions and premiers were all judged in the same ring consecutively, then awarded the top 3 in breed, and last, the top 5 in each ring for all the Maus.  The gate was excited to see the unusual Egyptian Mau, and all three colors were on display!  Lots of questions, answers and petting going on in Virginia!

Shari Millar, Ambassador reporter for Region 5, reports lazy, slow summer, but is looking with excitement to the coming fall where there will be shows aplenty!  She is promising, "More to come!"

Phebe Low was excited to report in on the International Division: "Hong Kong's first show of season 2015-2016 was located at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.  Volunteers were on hand to arrange for Ambassador Tours in the show hall.  Th
The new Ambassador banner
anks all breeders, exhibitors and volunteers who contributed to the program.   The Ambassador Benching table was benched next to show shelter so that the team could take care both sho
wing and ambassador activities.  
The new Ambassador Roll Up Banner: was at the show hall entrance, and was eye- catching to visitors.  The banner introduced Ambassador program and so that people could identify who are ambassadors for answering their questions in show hall.  

Ambassador Bench and Parade of Breeds display

The Ambassadors also had a Breed parade board to introduce CFA's beautiful breeds to spectators.  This board gave visitors of ideas of what the breeds look like and then they were able to meet the real cats in show hall.   
An Ambassador group tour
An Ambassador Group tour

A Cornish Rex breeder, Chrissie Chan, 
introduced her breed to the "tourists" and gave them the chance to touch a beautiful real cat model:  this amazed them!  Thanks to Maggie Kwan for leading the tours during the show!"

Corporate Affliates


Studio 6

Budget Car Rental
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Discounts Available to You!

Region 1
by Geri Fellerman, Regional Director 

So, after gearing up for months, the third weekend in July and the Garden State show arrived with it's glittery Mardi Gras theme. Gate on Saturday was phenomenal, largely due to the efforts of our amazing publicity crew headed by Linda Boehm - appearances at pet expos, cable TV stations and the like. The gate especially enjoyed the "cats in cars" riding around as well as the Breed Showcase and Agility ring. As usual, a spectacular raffle was presented by a dedicated crew. Honored at this year's show were Charles and Liv Kelly, longtime club members who work tirelessly each year at the show. The cake was great!

August is a quiet time in the NAR with no shows scheduled this year. Those in the northern part of the region are really looking forward to a 6x6 show being presented by Cats Without Borders and Alouette Cat Club on September 12 and 13 in Ontario, Canda. I hope they get a lot of support from all of our regional exhibitors.

Region 2
by Terri Zittel, Regional Secretary

August brought us the Poppy State Cat Club Show in Sacramento, CA in conjunction with this year's Northwest Regional Awards Banquet.

The show is held at the McClellan Convention Center in North Highlands, CA.  Beautiful air-conditioned venue with a coffee shop!  The show was well run and we had all Northwest Region judges with the exception of David Mare.  David filled in for Wain Harding who is recovering from his surgery.  David "used" to be a NW region judge so he was a great choice.

The banquet was held at the Lions Gate Hotel which was part of the old McClellan Air Force base.  We had a lovely buffet dinner before the awards presentation.

Some of the highlights were the booklet was printed in color this year.  It is just lovely thanks to Pat Decano and David Boelter - Central Lithograph.  Heidi Murphy coordinated the banquet setup and lovely decorations.  Nice work Heidi!  Traditional Best Cat place gifts were giant KitKat bars in honor of Best HHP and Agility winner Mitsy owned by Betty Carruthers and Marianne Clark; very delicious gummy candy in honor of Best Cat in Premiership GP, NW Dreem Weever Heaven Sent owned by Noelle Giddings and Carl Cacho; miniature black cowboy hats with gourmet lollypops in honor of Best Veteran GC GP RW Earlywinters Midnight Cowboy.

Another new feature was the Star Awards.  Instead of the "Exhibitor of the Year" we had five winners of this new award.  These individuals were nominated by exhibitors in our region for their extra efforts in services and sportsmanship.  This years winners were:  Pat Decano, Dee Johnson, Barbara Callison, Noelle Giddings and Linda Osburn.  It was unfortunate that Barbara Callison was unable to attend the presentation.  Her husband Jim fell and broke his hip and leg.   He was operated on Friday morning and is doing well.  We wish for a speedy recovery.

All in all, it was a great day and evening.  We were running a bit late for the happy hour and banquet and I wandered into the wrong room.  Everyone was already eating and having a good time.  Oh my gosh was I that late???  Turns out it was the Edsel Owners banquet, Hawaiian style.  I tried to stay but they kicked me out.  Darn!  My husband is still laughing.

We are looking forward to next years Award Banquet to be held in Boise, Idaho.

Region 3
by Steve McCullough, Regional Director
view of Lake Ontario at night
I saw a lot of fellow exhibitors in Toronto for a wonderful Annual. Good job Region 4!!!! It has been a very busy month with everything coming together for our Regional Awards Show and Banquet in Denver, CO. I know we are all looking forward to the Alamo City Cat Club show September 5th in Shertz, TX. Then following it our FUN raiser in Cleburne, October 24-25 with Front Range Cat Fanciers co-sponsoring it. A ten ring two day show will be fun with Mike Altschul and Toni Huff as co-show managers.

See y'all in the show hall!

Region 4
 by John Colilla, Regional Director
We have a Facebook page and are a member of Pinterest, both which provide information about our region. The links are  and
Be sure to mark your calendar with our upcoming shows:
  • August 16 Monroe Shorthair Club 5AB and 1 SP
  • August 22-23 Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers 7AB and 3 SP
  • August 29-30 National Siamese Cat Club 7AB and 3 SP
  • September 5 Sternwheel Cat Fanciers 5AB and 1 SP
  • September 19 Thumbs Up Cat Fanciers 5AB and 1 SP
  • September 26 Queen City Cat Club 4AB and 2 SP and 6 HHP
Region 5
by Lisa Marie Kuta, Regional Director 
It's time to start planning for the festivities at the 2016 Annual in Las
Vegas! The Southwest Region is gearing up for a wonderful time. Have you
seen the pin yet? It looks fabulous in person, much better than my
photographically-challenged self was able to capture. It's $20 and goes
to support the region's hospitality event and delegate bags. We'll have
it available at shows or contact me at [email protected].
The Southwest Region is gearing up for a great run of shows! First up is
the annual Santa Monica Cat Club show on August 22-23 in Ontario, CA.
This 10 ring show has 6 AB rings on Saturday and 3 SP/1 AB on Sunday. The
show closes on Tuesday August 18 or sooner if it fills.

Looking for a Labor Day weekend getaway? Phoenix is the place to be!
Superstition Cat Fanciers is producing a 1 day, 6 ring show, conveniently
located just outside the airport, perfect for flying in. Next up is the
Hemet Feline Fanciers 1 day 6 ring show on September 12 in San Jacinto,
CA. This show is always a favorite, complete with excellent food and an
ice cream social in the afternoon.

With October brings Golden West's 6x6 on October 3-4 in Palm Springs, CA.
It doesn't get much better than a weekend in Palm Springs--awesome
restaurants, all types of places to meet up with your friends and it will
probably be still warm enough to swim.

Region 6
by Candilee Jackson, Midwest Region Secretary
Planning Committee Updates: 
Your planning committee has taken July and part of August off to rest and re-energize!  As you know, plans are well underway for the 2016 MWR awards show and banquet, taking place on our traditional weekend, June 4-5, 2016, at the Wyndam Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana.  During our last tele-conference, so many ideas were generated that it left us all breathless!  Lots of things coming that sound fun and exciting!
Your region secretary was given that formidable task of sorting, packaging and mailing out 3 years worth of awards, rosettes, ribbons and certificates.  Many of you know that Candilee's home has undergone quite a face lift, and there was no where to set up shop to prepare for the project.  She is happy to announce that all the projects are finished, packaging and mailing materials purchased, and the project will be under way in the next day or so.  Thank you so much for your continuing patience!
Paul Patton
Saying Adieu!
The Mo-Kan Show in July was the end of an era for veteran judge, Paul Patton, as he marked his last ballots and hung his final ribbons to happy but saddened exhibitors.  It's never easy to walk away from something one loves, and saying farewell to many long time friends was difficult.  As he travels and enjoys life as a "normal" person, we are hopeful to see him as an exhibitor in the show hall at some future date.
Congratulations, Paul, on your retirement from judging, and well wishes as you enter the next chapter of your life journey!
MWR Brags
Mary Wheeler & Gary Powell
Mary Wheeler's blue point Raydoll, Keepurrdolls Blue Biyou made ALL eight finals at the Mo-Kan Show in Kansas City MO on July 18-19, INCLUDING Best Premier in Marsha Ammons' ring!  Congratulations!
A five month old Burmilla, Kasanovakatz KK (aka Grayson) was named Best Kitten by Gary Powell at the Mo-Kan Show in Kansas City.  Grayson is a black shaded Burmilla male, bred by Stephanie Mohr (CA) and owned by Mary Wheeler.
Pam and Rick DeGolyer are proud as punch of their little bottle babies:  they are now grand champions!
Congratulations to GC Ivy Cat Jenny Wren (LD blue patch mackerel tabby female) who graded at the Mo-Kan Show, to her sister, GC Ivy Cat Paper Doll, who granded at the Michigan show a week later!
New Maine Coon breeder, Sueann Spinder, was incredibly excited to have her first kittens in the Mo-Kan show on July 18-19th!  Congratulations to Mollymaines' Little Bear and Princess Fireball!
"Little Bear" and Paul Patton
Upcoming MWR Shows:
September 5                  Topeka Show                             Topeka KS
September 12-13            American Gothic Cat Show         Peoria IL
September 26                 Saintly City Cat Club                  Crystal MN       


Region 7
by Jean Dugger, Regional Director

August means "back to school" in the news, but to the Southern Region, it means "back to the shows"! Starting it off, we had Foothills Felines in Spartanburg, South Carolina, at the downtown municipal auditorium (I should say the place next to Krispy Kreme, so we will really know!). It's a great venue for a show, and everyone had a great time! The competition was tough (at least in my area), but it was great to be with lots of friends.

The following weekend was Hidden Peak (I missed it because of kittens and a family reunion) and I have heard from friends that I missed a great show! Although Tropical Cats had to cancel their show in August this year, Karen Lane and Cat Club of the Palm Beaches graciously stepped up and are holding a 2-day show at the end of this month, in Deland,FL. Thank you Karen and CCPB - we are looking forward to it.

September brings Ocicats/Maine Street, and National Capital at the first of the month. I'm sure everyone in the Southern Region is looking forward to getting back to the shows - I know I am! See you there!
Region 8
by Edward Maeda, Regional Director
The grooming school was very successful
The grooming school was very successful
 The Japan Region held its Regional Award Banquet 2014-2015 show season at Granvia Hotel Kyoto, near by Kyoto Station on June 21,2015. Needless to say, Kyoto is very famous traditional historical city in Japan. The Japan Regional Award Banquet had been held in Yokohama for past several years. Around 110 attended at this banquet from all over Japan and applauded all winners on the stage. The Japan Region held class room and Grooming School supported by Royal Canin in Kobe on past August 9 2015. We got almost 80 or more attendees. It was the first time for Royal Canin to support this school in Japan. Thank you very much for your support, Royal Canin.

In the morning, veterinarian Mr. Yasushi Igarashi from Royal Canin Scientific Communication lectured about nutritional management for new kittens and mothers.

After noon, three famous exhibitors with CFA in Japan demonstrated their grooming techniques in three different sections because of the many attendees. There were more than 80 attendees from many cities in Japan and were eager to learn how to groom for show. These teachers are top exhibitors and breeders on their breed in Japan. Mie Takahashi is Best Cat exhibitor in the 2014-2015 show season. She demonstrated longhair show grooming using a solid white Persian. Another section taught by Koji Ozasa was for Shorthair show grooming using an Exotic. The final section led by Kaori Tezuka was for usual grooming.

The Japanese Region will have new plan for Regional show and Regional Award Banquet. Right now we are considering about new plans. Please wait news in our next report
Region 9
by Michael Hans Schleissner
Kathy Calhoun and George Cherrie

As a tradition the Region 9 awards banquet is the last one in a long row. This years event was hosted by the German Catwalk / Germany in conjunction with one of the biggest dog shows in the northern part of Germany in the wonderful historical old city of Bremen.

The banquet took place at the Maritim Hotel just across the show hall. The 2015 spotlight award goes to Doerte Haendel. Great dinner and presentations. Catfriends and award winners from all over Europe came together and celebrated the 2015 regional winners.

Martin Haendel, Michael Schleissner, Brigitte Schleissner

Exhibitors from Spain
Tuija Aaltonen

Next years awards banquet will be hosted by Catfriends of Germany once again in Germany.

Reto Gfeller reports:
Edelweiss Cat Club starts the new show season in Moscow, Russia with a 6 ring show.
The location is different than last year - new location is Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Pavilion 7A.
Edelweiss Cat Club offers CFA judges from USA, Europa and Russia and a Russian guest judge.
The Show flyer with all details is here online - and a customer friendly entry form is here.
To travel with cats to Russia and back home is not an issue. Please have your (EU) pet passport with all cat information incl. all current vaccinations ready for customs & airline control authorities. For all non-Russian cats there is no demand for a health certificate for the trip back home.
Based by the European Union rabbis list Russia is free from urban rabies infection - no rabies titre tests are required.
Use this late August CFA show to gain CFA Grandpoints for your cats - look to CFA region 9 schedule to find the following CFA shows here.
The August weather in Moscow is very moderate - temperature in the low 20 degree (Celsius) - low risk of rain - light wind.
Enjoy a fresh day in Moscow - enjoy CFA show produced by Edelweiss cat club.

Leean Rupy reports:
UK Cat Fanciers partners with the Family Pet Show for a world class event in Manchester, England! This expo will be an educational opportunity for UKCF to attract pet owners to the fancy and help existing breeders and exhibitors understand the rules, registration process and show dynamics of a CFA show. Many big name vendors will be participating in this event and the organizers anticipate 15,000 visitors throughout the weekend. The event is designed with the family in mind and offers many interactive activities for kids of all ages.  Visit the Family Pet Show website or contact the club for more information : email: [email protected]
International Division

Dick Kallemyer, International Division Chair 
CFA was honored to have Mr Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore, attend the CFA Asia Pacific Cat Club show on August 1.  The show was celebrating Singapore's 50th anniversary.  Look for further details in an upcoming issue of Cat Talk!
The International Division awards show will be held August 22nd in Beijing.  Contact Yi Chang ([email protected]) for details.  A clerking school will be held on August 21.
The ID awards banquet will also be in Beijing on August 23rd.  Contact Maggie Kwan Maggie K ([email protected]) for further details.
Pattinee Tangkawattanakul reports that Cat Fanciers Club of Thailand had another successful show in Bangkok, Thailand.  

(above: poster from the Cat Fanciers of Thailand show.
left: Judges and exhibitors from the show)

Congratulations for the first Household Pet grands in the International Division, all from the United Feline Odyssey (UFO) show in Hong Kong on August 8, 2015:
GH Tiger Baby (Mandy Tang)
GH The Alkie Aquamist Action (Peggy Wong-B Chan-C Chan)
GH Rambo (Priscilla Ng)
Don't forget, the International Division will present awards for HHPs this show season.  Your HHP MUST be registered with CFA to accrue points for awards.


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