CSBC Newsletter                             December 2015
Message from the Chair
Let me start by offering recognition and sincere thanks for the efforts of Rick Cassels and Cynthia Hodgson, Co-Chairs of the Symposium committee and the rest of the committee members for all of their efforts in organizing this year's annual Symposium in Halifax. We have received very positive reports in the form of written evaluations and personal comments. These all clearly indicate it was a real success. The participation of our international guests was excellent as was the level of all the presentations. Our on-the-water event was particularly successful this year. Congratulations all!

The committee is already working hard on the 2016 Symposium that will be held in Yellowknife starting on Thursday September 22nd and wrapping up on Saturday September 24th. The focus will be on recreational and daily living boating safety in the north. We have already had offers of related research presentations and are talking with regional government and representatives from local outfitters, first responders and aboriginal leaders about their participation. This Symposium in the north is looking like an exciting new and positive move forward for the CSBC. We don't believe that costs for travel and accommodation will be significantly different than we have experienced in the past. Travel for my recent site visit was under $1000 return, we expect hotel rooms to be $159 and we also expect registration costs to remain the same so I hope that you will mark your calendars and plan on attending. We will be putting the information up on our web site as soon as possible.

It has been another great year for Safe Boating Awareness activities and, if you haven't already done so, I strongly suggest that you visit our web site www.csbc.ca to check out the results.

We are also looking forward to the CASBA Awards for 2015 that will be held at the Downtown Toronto Sheraton Hotel on the first Sunday evening of the Toronto International Boat Show, Sunday January 10th, 2016. This year's nominees are looking very interesting and deserving. Why not book a table for your organization and be part of our celebrations?
Due to the election a great deal of government staff participation at regional and national events like our Symposium was suspended as were activities like the national and regional Canadian Marine Advisory Council and Recreational Boating Advisory Committee meetings. This has really placed related discussions and the flow of important information on hold and now that we have a new government we are all looking forward to resumption of these important events and opportunities.

All of the activities of the CSBC rely on the leadership and participation of our Directors and members. We are all volunteers working towards safe and enjoyable experiences for the boating public. I thank everyone for their great efforts and I encourage any of you who may have an interest in helping out with the work of one of our committees and perhaps eventually becoming an active Director to make that interest known to myself or one of our Directors or committee members.

I would like to close by offering all of you my very best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season and an exciting new year.

John Gullick

Last Call: Canadian Safe Boating Awards (CASBAs)
You should be there!  The Sheraton Centre Toronto will once again welcome the CASBA award recipients and we look forward to you joining us there on January 10th, 2016.   An evening spent with friends; boating safety partners gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of marine professionals, volunteers and boating enthusiasts from across Canada.

This past boating season has once again been witness to some extraordinary accomplishments in the area of boating safety.  The Canadian Safe Boating Awards (CASBA's) provide an opportunity to recognize and celebrate those who distinguished themselves in 2015.  Many nominations have been received and the challenge of selecting the winners is underway.  Please join us in the Civic Ballroom South of the Sheraton Centre at 123 Queen Street West, Toronto for the gala event.  Don't miss out on an opportunity to network and dine with other boating enthusiasts and marine industry professionals.  Be prepared to be impressed by the stories and accomplishments of those who are this year's recipients of a CASBA in the following categories: 
  • Stearns Rescue of the Year
  • Top Volunteer Dedicated to Boating Safety
  • Safeguarding the Environment
  • Marine Professional of the Year
  • Visible PFD Wear in Advertising
  • Marine Industry Award
  • Ontario Power Generation Best Boating Safety Initiative
  • Best Media Contribution to Boating Safety
  • Special Recognition Award.
Registrations for the CASBA gala are accepted up to December 31st 2015 and can be completed on line here.

Considering staying at the Toronto Sheraton?  Book now by calling them directly at (416) 361-1000 and request the Toronto Boat Show rate.  Timing and rooms are limited, so don't delay.

For more information on the CASBA's or the gala event email casba@csbc.ca or call Karen Harrington at 705 329-6125. 
Canadian Safe Boating Campaign

The CSBC appreciates the financial support of Transport Canada and the support of Pattison Outdoor and many other partners in making this campaign possible.

North American Safe Boating Awareness Week Media Impressions
Following a successful 2015 Safe Boating Awareness Week, media coverage of the event reached almost 125,000,000 media impressions. This number is an impressive 22.6%, increase over 2013 and 2014 and a whopping 46% increase over 2012, which was the year just prior to the launch of the CSBC Integrated National Boating Safety Outreach and Research Initiative.  A year-by-year comparison of media impressions is shown below:

Hooked on Lifejackets
The Hooked on Lifejackets initiative, which ran from July 4th-12th in parallel with National Fishing Week in Canada, was another campaign success as demonstrated by the increased number of media impressions. This year, the campaign reached a high of 5.1 million across television, radio, print and the Internet. This constitutes an 82.1% increase over 2014's approximately 2.8 million.

Similar to last year, the uptake from Provincial and Territorial Angling and Hunting Federations was significant. The partnerships with these organizations in conveying the lifejacket-wear messaging to their membership and their local media through joint media releases and websites was strengthened even further this year. In total, 8 provinces and 2 territories participated. 

To further promote lifejacket wear to the angling community, a new 'I Will Help...' lifejacket print ad was developed and is being distributed to the fishing and hunting stakeholder groups for inclusion in their membership communications and outreach activities. To date, commitments have been made for the ad to appear in the 2016 Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Fishing Regulations Handbook. The ad has also appeared in Bob Izumi's Real Fishing Magazine.

Operation Dry Water
Operation Dry Water (ODW) took place over the 2015 August Civic Holiday Weekend.  This year, outreach was made through the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police to police organizations across the country with marine enforcement responsibilities.  A similar outreach effort was made through MADD Canada to their branches across the country.  The Operation Dry Water campaign this year saw a 22.7% increase in participation over the 2014 campaign. 

Various news channels reached out to the CSBC to conduct interviews on impaired boating and the consequences that result from drinking and boating. By way of example, CHCH TV and City TV filmed and aired segments of the CSBC's Impaired Boating Tests. The 'Test' was to navigate a RHIB through an obstacle course while wearing Fatal Vision Goggles supplied by MADD Hamilton, therefore simulating an intoxication level of .10 BAC.

Enthusiasm continues to run high among the organizations involved, which bodes well for the future success of the program.

Stretching the Season
Stretching the Season was launched during the 3rd week of September. The focus of this initiative was on those who most frequently boat late into the fall; hunters, anglers and paddlers. Messages were delivered in partnership with Paddle Canada and angling and hunting provincial and territorial federations.

To further promote Stretching the Season, an article on late season boating was submitted to Community Newspapers and carried in the October issue of Canadian Yachting Magazine.

Grass Roots Contribution Program
31 applicants from organizations across Canada presented their initiatives that representing a wide range of boating safety programs for funding. While these projects would be considered too small to be funded by major government contribution programs, the Grass Roots Contribution Program provided the means to bring these worthwhile locally-run projects to life. Of the 31 applications received for the Grass Roots Contribution Program, a total of 15 were selected, based on established criteria for funding up to a maximum of $2,500. Mid-term reports have been received from participating organizations and at the time of this newsletter, most are winding down and preparing to submit their final reports. 

Final Research
McCullough and Associates, who have been doing the SBAW tracking study for almost 10 years, executed a new 'end of summer campaign' study to determine the longer-term effectiveness of the boating safety messaging. In partnership with Ipsos Reid, McCullough and Associates have released a preliminary report. It has shown that the CSBC's boating safety campaign continues to be highly effective in getting safety messages out to Canadian boaters throughout the entire 2015 summer season through ads, news coverage, online websites, social media and word of mouth. The campaign has reached three quarters of boaters (74%) with its safe boating messages. One quarter (26%) of boaters said they are aware of the CSBC's boating safety messages. The final report is now being compiled.

What's Next?
With the conclusion of the current campaign, the CSBC has submitted a new 3-year proposal to the Transport Canada Boating Safety Contribution Program. The proposal offers some innovative ideas to deliver boating safety messages to the Canadian public and some new audiences to deliver them to, making the future CSBC campaign truly one that will be from coast to coast to coast in Canada!
CSBC Research Highlighted at World Drowning Prevention Conference

Barbara Byers, Chair of the CSBC Education Programs Committee, presented the CSBC's 2014 multi- phase research project on Motivating Change in Canadian Boaters' Safety Behaviours at the World Conference on Drowning Prevention in Penang, Malaysia November 2015 . There were 450 delegates from 54 countries in the audience! The presentation was chosen as a plenary presentation, versus a presentation for the breakout sessions, based on the strength and quality of the research elements
Boating in Quebec, Summer 2015: the Aquanaute Training Centre

By Marc Vassilian, VP Marketing & Business Development, Aquanaute Training Centre. Vahe Vassilian, President of Aquanaute, is a long-time CSBC Director. This article is one of an occasional series highlighting the CSBC Directors' involvement in boating safety.

As we all know, boaters prioritize the fun and joys of boating while safety often takes a backseat.
The Aquanaute Training Centre (ATC) has one mission: improve the practice, safety and fun of boating in Quebec, as well as educate boaters through: 

1.    Hands-on boating courses
During the 2015 boating season, ATC trained more than 200 students in over 100 different types of boats, teaching beginners as well as experienced boaters how to better handle their boats, especially in close quarter situations. These courses are geared towards improving the safety and enjoyment of all the occupants on board while greatly reducing the owner's/captain's stress of boating.
In addition, ATC has partnered with Discover boating for its Hands-On-Skills Training program in Quebec during all major in-water events. 

2.    Safety campaigns under the banner "Infeau"
ATC has its own safety campaign called "Infeau" - which consists of pop-up promo tents installed next to boat ramps, waterfront parks, locks, and marinas to provide information to the public not only about boating in general but also about local hazards. 

3.    A yearly promotional event called the Rendez-vous Nautique
In the summer of 2015, ATC held its 12th annual Rendez-vous Nautique , which is a two-day beach festival held on the beautiful, secluded beach of the Oka National Park. The Rendez-vous Nautique is accessible only by waterway. Boaters have the option of throwing anchor in the bay or beaching their boat directly on the sand, whereas non-boaters can access the event by water shuttle.  Other than the many exhibitors to visit on site, attendees can participate in the many activities happening on the beach. This year's activities included: DJ and entertainment, draws, contests, beach games, BBQ, hands-on skills training, boat demo rides, Flyboard rental, rafting, and a chill-out zone for all to enjoy.
The Aquanaute Training Centre is focused on improving boating safety year after year with its unique programs and partnerships with key players in the Quebec and Canadian boating industry. For more info on the company and its activities, please visit www.aquanaute.ca and www.rendezvousnautique.ca 

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In brief

Marc Garneau has been appointed Minister of Transport in the new federal Liberal government. He served for 15 years in the Canadian Navy, in addition to his many other accomplishments. Read more here. 

Hunter Tootoo has been appointed Minister of Fisheries and Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard in the new federal Liberal government. The mention of the Coast Guard in the Minister's title is a first, and signals increased recognition. Read more here.

The International Boating and Water Safety Summit will be held in San Diego from March 6 - 9, 2016. Click here for details.

The power of social media: thanks to Facebook and rapid communication between the local paddleboard community and police, a hypothermic paddle boarder was located and rescued within 40 minutes, as dusk was falling. The incident happened in New Zealand last May, when a paddleboard with a broken leg rope was washed up on the Wellington coast, on an evening with extremely rough seas. Rapid communication and detective work led to identification of the paddleboard owner, the launch site - on a different part of the coast - and the most likely search area, where the distressed man was quickly found. To learn more about search and rescue in New Zealand, click here. 

The Boating Industry Association of New South Wales and South Australia has appointed Howard Glenn as National Chief Executive Officer.  Howard has held key and senior roles in the marine divisions of the NSW Government since 2008, and initiated the discussions that led to the International Lifejacket Wear Principles Agreement, which the CSBC signed in May 2013. Many of you will have met Howard at the CSBC Symposium in Gravenhurst, and we look forward to continuing contact with him in his new role.
Now that it's December, is anyone thinking 'too much cold, too little boating'?  Check out this great new lifejacket video from our friends at Transport for New South Wales. It is an immersive experience!