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September 19, 2014

Healthy Early Childhood Development Symposium

Brown University's Teaching, Research and Impact Program (TRI-Lab) is hosting a Healthy Early Childhood Development Symposium: Flexibility, Self-Control, and Memory: Building Executive Function Skills in Young Children through Practice and Policy. The Symposium will be held on Thursday, October 2, 2014, from 12:00 pm - to 3:00 pm, at the Providence Marriott (One Orms Street). Lunch will be provided, and participants are eligible for 2.5 hours of professional development credits, approved by the Rhode Island Center for Early Learning Professionals.
Executive functions enable children to pay attention, follow instructions, apply what they've learned, think of creative uses for things, follow social norms, and have those "aha!" moments where they grasp how multiple facts interrelate, and much, much more.
The keynote speaker will be Adele Diamond, Ph.D., a renowned developmental cognitive neuroscientist and expert on the development of executive functions in young children. The symposium will also feature a panel discussion with Rhode Island leaders and practitioners discussing ongoing local efforts to enhance executive function skills among RI children through new programs and policies.
The symposium is co-sponsored by Rhode Island KIDS COUNT and Ready to Learn Providence, two community partners in Brown University's first TRI-Lab. To register, please click here.
Alert: All Families Needing to Renew RIte Care Coverage Can Act Now   

From now until the end of this year, 42,000 families - including around 80,000 children - need to renew their RIte Care coverage. These are families whose last RIte Care renewal occurred in 2013. They need to renew through a new system and provide all information as if this were a new application.


All families needing to renew are able to act now, and don't need to wait for a renewal notice from the state. Help encourage families to renew now by sharing The Rhode Island Health Coverage Project's NEW bilingual flyer (English & Spanish). To order free color copies, please email [email protected].


Please note that renewal deadlines are still in effect - each month, families will receive a renewal notice from the state informing them of their deadline. Families must meet this deadline to avoid losing their health coverage. Families with a September deadline must renew now or they will lose their RIte Care coverage as of September 30. Nearly 6,000 Rhode Island children and parents were terminated from RIte Care as of August 31, 204 because they did not renew by their deadline. They will need assistance to re-enroll in RIte Care.


For more information on this renewal process, please click here.

Visit us at www.rikidscount.org
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