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Bonnechere Park: Feb 1
AT: Culture Shift
Supporting Active Transportation in Renfrew County 

Over the past year, the Friends of Bonnechere Park have co-lead a collaborative initiative to promote active transportation in Renfrew County. Funded by The Ontario Trillium Foundation, the project focuses on the development of communications and outreach tools to engage AT users and community champions at all levels. This includes a new experiential program called Designed to Move, which will be available for the 2014 School Trip program at Bonnechere Park. Watch for more details in the spring. 


There's lots of positive energy building around active transportation in Renfrew County. If you would like to be kept in the loop, be sure to join the AT Facebook Group


Welcome Cyclists
Sharing the Road
Reflecting the move towards active transportation, this summer Bonnechere Park joined the local Welcome Cyclists initiative, promoting cycle tourism along the Bonnechere River and across Renfrew County. After participating in a county-wide workshop, Park staff distributed local touring maps and information, and a Share the Road sign was installed to raise awareness for all Park visitors.
Harnessing the Sun
Solar-Powered Electric Utility Carts
One of our philosophies at Bonnechere Parks is to walk lightly on the earth so as to reduce our ecological footprint. In addition to encouraging active transportation, we promote the Park Once Challenge, and our staff use bikes to get around. And this summer we added solar panels to our two electric utility carts. Thanks to the sunny weather, these panels almost eliminated the need for hydro-charging. 
Clearing the Air  
Protection From Secondhand Smoke  
We've also had great feedback about our new smoke-free program. These protected outdoor spaces meant cleaner air, less litter and reduced fire-hazard, while promoting healthy lifestyles for campers, visitors and staff in our main public areas. 
Feeding the Frontier 
Food in Early Canada  
Educational Resource  
As another Ottawa Valley harvest comes to an end, learn how settlers to early Canada tended their crops, hunted and fished, and preserved and presented their food.  
If old bones interest you, learn more about the faunal artifacts recovered in archaeological excavations along the Little Bonnechere and featured in the Bare Bones in the Backwoods interactive quiz.

Killaloe Snow Fun  
Bonnechere Park Extends a Winter Welcome
Saturday, February 1, 2014 

Mark your calendar now for a day of free outdoor fun at Bonnechere Park: x-county skiing, snowshoeing, winter walks, and natural and cultural heritage appreciation. Join us for hot chocolate and hot dogs at the Davenport Centre.   

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