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Nutritional testsThis extra edition highlights some of the forthcomming meetings which have an interest in self help strategies after cancer. 


If you have an upcoming conference or meeting please contact us >> 


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First Iraq Cancer conference since conflict embrace self help strategies (1/11/12)

Iraq cancerProfessor Robert Thomas, the chiar of the Macmillan exercise commitee will be first non Iraqi doctor to travel to the war torn counry to give a scientific presentation in their first Cancer Conference after the conflict.

The conference is aiming to show the World that it is business as usual and re-enforce the message that the war is over. As well as an update on breast cancer  the talk will be highlighing the benefits of weight control, exercisequitting smoking after cancer - more | Follow trip on twitter

Penny Brohn survivourship conference (20/11/12)

penny brohnPenny brohn has an excellent mansion near Bristol which  helps cancer survivours live well with the impact of cancer through a combination of physical, emotional and spiritual support. There conference this year will highlight the launch of their national out reach programme - contact them

Multinational Supportive Care in Cancer

masccThis meeting is in Berlin next year (27th June) and will be of great interest to health professionals and  survivours alike. The Abstract Submission for MASCC 2013 is now open:

Macillan exercise advisory committees

macmillanTwo survivour ship committees will take place at Macmillan on the 30th October. The exercise expert advisory committee meeting and the Walking for Health advisory committee - both aiming to highlight and develop strategies to encourage exercise after cancer - more about exercise afte cancer

Conference of the National Cancer Support organisation
National Cancer ConferenceThe annual conference of the National Cancer Support organisation will take place at The Palace Hotel in Manchester from the 4th to 7th July 2013. This very popular conference brings together, cancer survivours, heath professionals, nutritionals and complementary medicine practitioners. - email organisers for more information
Online micro-nutritional testing - optimise your nutritional status
nutritional testsMost top athletes measure their body's essential micro-nutrients to ensure they have the correct nutritional balance for optimal performance. These tests are now available for everyone especially those concerned about or who have survived cancer. A online micro-nutrient service has been developed by cancernet which measures over 50 of the bodies essential micro-nutrients and anti-cancer enzymes (read evidence base).  The results of the detailed blood test are issued with a comprehensive bespoke advice programme which empowers the recipient to a diet and lifestyle which corrects deficiencies and lowers excesses to restore optimal nutritional status - read more about micro-nutrient testing

Natural remedies aim to ease some of the burdon of chemotherapy.          

Chapped lips can occurs in up to 60% of people during chemotherapy yet this troublesome symptom is rarely mentioned in information materials. Chemotherapy also damages nails which can lead to pain and infection. Two natural products have been designed with these conditions in mind.


naturemedical balmnatureMedical lip remedy has been developed to moisturise and soothe the lips during and after chemotherapy. It containing only natural waxes and oils (bees, shea, cocoa, olive) and rare essential oils selected for their anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properties - read lip care guidelines.




natureMedical nail balm aims to moisturising the nail beds and prevent splitting and defects. This cream uses 100% natural, organic waxes and African Sage which has anti-septic and anti-fungal nail care guidelines)

Lifestyle after Cancer - the facts

Lifestyle after CancerThe new edition of Lifestyle after Cancer dispells the myths by providing clear evidence based advice, to help readers cope with side effects, speed up recovey and reduce the risk of relapse. You can order  online or send to a friend or family (8.95).


A new scheme is also now available to advocacy groups - The publishers are able to supply at cost price to groups who can sell on to members at a discount Contact us about joinng this scheme 


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