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 It is the goal of Primex Plastics to use our eNews to educate and inform our customers. This is the second of three eNews that are focusing on different aspects of risk reduction in color selection for thermoformed parts. We believe this information will be of value to all Primex customers. In part one we focused on the importance of communication, and part three will be about understanding the limitations of color measurement.

Common Color Standards

Selection of an appropriate color target is a critical factor in how successful a color match will be. The best color target is an actual piece of plastic of the color that you want. Ideally it will also be in the actual resin, thickness, opacity, and surface desired. Each one of these aspects will affect how 'true' the color match can be. Other possible color targets include:    

  • Pantone numbers (most common)
  • Painted metal parts
  • Cloth or printed paper


These materials should be considered as "concept colors." It's not possible to match other materials color exactly in plastic. The limitations in inspection capability makes this a necessary distinction. Color inspection equipment does not see metal, wood, ceramic, printed, or painted color in the same way that it sees plastic color. When Pantone numbers are supplied they must have a "letter" C (Coated), M (Matte), or U (Uncoated) after the numerical number. For example, it's not an option to simply match Red 185. The Red 185 C will look completely different from a Red 185 U. It's also import to remember that Pantones are ink on paper and not all pigments used in ink can be used for plastics.

 To achieve the best color selection for your specific application, consult your local Inside Sales representative or Territory Manager. They are supported on technical issues by our New Product Development Center (NPDC). Our customers value their expert, confidential insight and appreciate the value-added service. Primex Plastics is here to assist you each step of the way.  

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