August 2015

What's Next? Life Coaching with Penny Rackley
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This month at Inspire Yoga

-- Releasing the Past --

We all have regrets, but it's hard to 
move on to a better life when we're focused on what's over and done.

If you're ready to explore some new opportunities, then join me Thursday, August 20th at 12:15pm and 7:15pm for my next free group coaching 
session at Inspire Yoga Studio 
in the Shops at Highland Village.

We'll begin letting things go, 
and choosing our next steps with intelligence and confidence. 

This 45-minute group session is open to the public. And you don't have to talk! Just come prepared to think and take some private notes for yourself. 
Bring a friend and join us!

1401 Shoal Creek | Suite 268
Highland Village, Texas 75077
- May I Have Your Vote? -
  Thanks so much to those of you who nominated me for Best of Denton County: Personal Coach. I'm in the top three, and hope to have your vote.

Here's how:

- Click on Specialty Services
- Enter your name and email address
- Go to 5. Best Coaching Service. Choose Penny Rackley - What's Next Coaching, then click Next
- Review your votes and click Next. Almost finished!
- Click Done

...and you don't have to live in Denton County to vote. :D

Voting ends August 21th. 
Thanks very much!

Thankyouthankyouthankyou to the teachers who are heading back to lead our kids this week. Please be patient with them, and hold them to a high standard. Very soon they'll be out in the world, looking for jobs, using the knowledge and experiences you've provided.

Please don't let my youngest charm you into better grades. He will try. Please don't expel my oldest for thinking he already knows everything. He doesn't. And please, please don't send them home early. :)


- Penny

The Starbucks Redemption
The last time I gave a talk on releasing the past, there was a woman in the audience who scowled mightily the whole time. I try not to get wrapped up in guessing what's going on in people's minds as I speak (I'll lose my place), but this was different.

I wondered if she'd been coerced into coming, if she'd gotten a speeding ticket on the way, if her boyfriend had dumped her that morning. Something...was not right.

No note taking, no laughing at my (okay, sometimes lame) jokes, just very still, dark glowering. I began to dread the end, when people get up to leave and return my pens and say goodbye. Ugh.

As I closed the session, straightaway she stomped up to me with gritted purpose. Maybe I was being served with some sort of legal document. . .

"I need to talk to you." (Uh oh.)

"When is your next private session time?" (A little softer.)

We met a few days later at a nearby Starbucks. Her story was incredible. "Donna" was a convicted felon, re-entering society after years of incarceration. She was remorseful, worried, hurting, ashamed, and -- understandably -- incredibly stressed.

She was also funny, charming, beautiful and a ball of intelligent energy. Ready for a new life. Ready to take the hard lessons learned from her experiences, and then "get busy living."

And she did. Of course it wasn't easy -- she will carry some of the weight of her mistakes with her wherever she goes. But she was lugging ALL of it around everywhere she went, a big backpack filled with every misjudgment she'd ever made, every painful consequence. 

It was time to unpack.

She filled me in on some of her past, but mostly we talked about where she wants to go, who she wants to be, and then we strategized on how she can get there, realistically, intelligently, drama-free. Even just the discussion brightened her, helped her see a do-able way out into the light.

Too often we carry something heavy and burdensome because we've gotten into the unhelpful habit of hauling it, and it requires an intentional act of will to let it go. Is there something from your past that's dragging you down -- a traumatic experience, a role you never signed up for, an ugly family history?

If you're ready to lighten the load, come on out to my next free group session. We'll get you started, and you'll feel better. 
Coaching with Penny


If you want to make a life change, are recovering from a loss or just need help defining your goals and reaching them, then you might be a good candidate for coaching.


My first session is always free, so we can get to know one another. Call 214-793-1503 or email me at for an appointment.