from Happy New Year 2012
Welcome to 2013!
As we inaugurate a new year, I decided to peer through what may be ahead of us in 2013, and here is what I would share with you.
DotConnectAfrica's New Years wish:
MegaTrends, Black Swans, People Power, Rules of engagement
What we predict:
CyberCrime, IG Political Theater,  Cyber War,
Zero day-attacks, Boundary breaking, Raising the bar

What will continue:

Net activism, Euro-zone collapse,  Mobile centric everything, E-commerce everything, Content Portal

     What will be challenged:
  Common Knowledge, IG Clowns,Unholy alliances,
Multilaterals, G-Zero World
The only thing for sure the year 2013 promises to be, is  a year of uncertainty and big challenges. expect a fireball of controversy.

Despite, we will continue to keep our promise!
Recalling our 2012 resolution to you:
We  had the following list
  1. We will continue our yes2dotafrica campaign
  2. We will apply for the .africa gTLD with ICANN;
  3. We will fight special interest groups that will put obstacles towards our goals for .africa & ICANN;
  4. We will do this and more on your behalf;
  5. We will thus continue to keep our promises to you!
 We have done all of the above and more

We have engaged with
United States Congress for internet freedom for all, we have campaigned and spread the news for an free and open internet using all available platforms we have from Africa, to Europe to Canada.

We have also campaigned globally making the case for .africa and representing your interest. 
  When faced with unreasonable challenges, we have also fought for what is right and succeeded.  Most importantly, we have had many victories!

A number of significant victories were achieved that hold DCA's principles in 2012,  to include the UN Declaration for Human Rights for Free Speech, the significant, landmark opposition to Internet Regulation by WCIT-12 conference, and for our .africa, defeat of our opponents on the .dotafrica string issue, when ICANN approved our change request.

All with your support!

Our 2013 Resolution is simple:
a free and open
.africa and internet!  

A Thank You Note for our Supporters!

I want to extend a deserving and sincere thank you for all the
Global Advisory Leadership Team of DCA who have provided moral support as well as championed key victories that DCA scored this year, either behind the scenes or publicly.

I would also like to thank and recognize the efforts of our key partners from Africa and globally in this successful journey DCA made in 2012, SafariCom, CentralNic, Fincom,
our Pan African Organizations and Government Partners to include Kenya, Ethiopia and many others who traveled the journey and stayed the course with us.

Without your support, we know our mission and campaign for internet freedom, free speech, as well as our efforts of six years for a free and open .africa would have been compromised.
  Herein we have just re-stated our 2013 resolution. 
Therefore, wishing each and every one of you and your families a healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2013.  

Sophia Bekele Hilton ICANN Prague
God Bless Africa & the World! 



Sophia Bekele

Founder/Executive Director


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free and open .africa yes2dotafrica campaign!
Introducing the Global Strategic Advisory Leadership Group of DotConnectAfrica

To successfully drive this grand vision and strategy, DCA has assembled a high-profile Global Strategic Advisory Team comprised of technology analysts and visionaries, Internet domain industry experts, entrepreneurs, business executives and leaders in various sectors, to provide strategic guidance and input to the work of DCA on a regular basis.

The advisory members are presently thirty (30) people and are from different countries in Africa and globally, where they help to champion the work of DCA, and perform high-level governmental and business liaison and advocacy whenever required. Apart from the support they provide, they also perform different aspects of DCA's work when called upon to assist in any given area that is within their professional and/or executive competency. This approach ensures that DCA's work is infused with top-quality advice on a consistent basis.  


The members have provided written letters in support of DCA's application and its proposed initiative.  The profiles of the members and those who have provided their letters of support to date for DotConnectAfrica can be accessed at our webiste: 

generation.africageneration.afrique generation.afriqya
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