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Holiday Angst




        Holidays really illuminate the essence of stress because there is good stress and there is bad stress during most holiday periods and especially around Christmas. The joy of giving and receiving gifts, seeing the smiles on the faces of our loved ones and a general congenial attitude throughout the country all create mostly pleasant feelings. Everyone welcomes the good times. However, thoughts of losses including loved ones who are no longer with us, lost relationships or loneliness often elicit feelings of depression.


        Many of us have been forced to cope with the loss of jobs, homes and, in the current economy, a way of life that allowed us to afford to give in the spirit of Christmas. Some people are feeling extreme stress to buy gifts and, maybe host large gatherings that they cannot afford at this time. The debt will cause the stress to linger even longer. I urge you to make tough decisions and give in the spirit of love if you can. Give only what you can afford to give or buy gifts that are not as expensive as you have in the past.


        Sometimes the gift of attention, visit to a friend, relative or the elderly can help them and you feel the true meaning of the holidays. Try Random Acts of Kindness because they can work wonders. Another way to combat holiday depression and stress is to identify things that are triggers for the negative emotions and eliminate negative self talk that may equate your self-worth with the expense of gifts that you give. Engage in self talk that creates a positive internal dialogue about your choices during the holidays.


        As the holiday period approaches, generally the good and bad anxieties begin to emerge. You can make this holiday period one to remember and less stressful by giving what you can truly afford to give, identifying negative triggers and creating a positive internal dialogue that allows you to truly enjoy this holiday period.


  Utilize the Quick Tips (QTs) - Stress Reduction from the November 2012 issue of Serenity Pathways. Finally, I recommend the Serenity Prayer as an oldie but a goody.


Happy Holidays,


Dr. Thomas A. Parker, LPC, CPCS





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Consumer Holiday Stress



        When does it ever end? Unemployed or under employed, under paying jobs, no raises, and the list goes on. Yet the desire to show loved ones and friends the value of your relationships and what they mean to you and the overall good feeling of Christmas increase the pressures to buy gifts and provide things that may put you in debt for months or years to come. In the course of getting information about possible gifts or reimbursements, have you been frustrated by calls to companies and being handed from one representative to another. Do you or a loved one have complicated and stressful travel plans? Consumers encounter numerous stressors in preparation for and during holiday seasons.


        If you are experiencing consumer holiday stress, here are a few questions you must consider: How are you going to de-stress? Are you afraid of being seen as a modern day scrooge? Is it necessary to buy gifts for every single family member? Does your family select names for gift exchanges and put a limit on how much the gift should cost? How do you handle the frustration of shopping and the crowds. Did you get pulled into the hysteria of Thursday night/Black Friday? Did you try and avoid a lot of the chaos by participating in Cyber Monday/Week?


        I hope you answered the questions above with self-empowering responses that lowered your level of stress. 


        Do not forget to exercise and control your eating. It is still good to use other relaxation techniques including deep breathing, intra-muscular tension control, meditation, and deliberate slow down periods throughout the day. Control your thoughts so that you are not seduced into unnecessary purchases which can look good and manageable at the time of purchase. Reframe from impulse buying and before you purchase, make a list of all of the gifts you want to buy, the prices of the gifts and how long it will take you to pay for the gifts. It is OK to decide that the overall cost or prices of certain items are too high and if it will take you longer to pay for the items than you like, give yourself permission to temper your purchases. Hopefully, you were able to take advantage of the price reductions during Cyber Monday/Week and have used your wisdom to lessen your consumer stress.


Dr. Thomas A. Parker, LPC, CPCS

Recognition of Stress Fighting Experts

From Left: Dr. Mack Bowers, Dr. Jennifer Dean and Shiraz Karaa, Dr. Tiffiny Hughes-Troutman 

Special Recognition and Thanks to Unsung Heroes cited in Serenity Pathways: Professional Stress Fighters


See the articles on their contributions:


Dr. Mack Bowers: Georgia Tech Counseling Center - August 2011 


Dr. Jennifer Dean and Shiraz Karaa: Clayton State University September 2011 


Dr. Tiffiny Hughes-Troutman: Morehouse College - October 2011 



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