I wanted to take the opportunity to give you an update on the Caballo Rojo Trail project. For those unfamiliar with Caballo Rojo--the planned downhill exit trail from the Tamarancho loop--general information can be found by clicking here.
First and foremost, thanks go out to all those donors who stepped forward to help with this project.

In just the few short weeks after our first call for support, we've raised over $32,000. This amount of support has been tremendous since the costs continue to mount when it comes to projects like this. We still have not raised all of the funds we've spent or that we'll need, but more on that below.
We're still working through a number of issues and reporting requests with permitting agencies regarding Caballo Rojo as well as a few mitigation items being addressed on our existing trail loop. The scope can be tedious, and, yes, expensive. On the good news side, we have received a positive decision from California Department of Fish and Wildlife, moving us forward. We'll keep working on the other requirements during the rainy season and plan on getting back to construction in the spring.

We are still seeking donations for Caballo Rojo
and have a great opportunity that you can help us take advantage of!

One of our donors has issued a challenge.

This individual loves riding Tamarancho and has given us a $10,000 check with the intention that we match that from other Tamarancho riders and supporters between now and the beginning of December.

To help us take advantage of this challenge grant, make your donation by clicking this link. You can save the credit card fees and pay with a check by clicking this link to download a form to send in.
Again, thanks go out to all our supporters and Friends of Tamarancho. We know this will be great trail and a great improvement to safety. Thank you for being a part of making it happen.
Michael Dybeck
Executive Director
Marin Council, BSA
Email: CaballoRojo

Tax ID #94-1156323