Joey does a lot of things--baseball, Scouts, photography, backpacking, and music to name a few. And, Joey loves to ride. He rides road and mountain bikes and races for his high school MTB team. Whether downhilling, riding cross country, racing, or riding road, he goes all out.

Like you, Joey also loves to ride Tamarancho with his friends and teammates. However, what he doesn't like is dodging vehicles on Iron Springs Road after a ride on the way down the hill.

The cars aren't doing anything wrong, and he isn't doing anything wrong. However, the road is narrow, and the potential for collision is ever present.

But . . . there is a solution. To mitigate that risk on Iron Springs Road and provide even more enjoyment and challenge for Friends of Tamarancho, a downhill trail is being developed--the Caballo Rojo trail.

But we need your help to make it happen.

We started construction, but that's now on hold as we deal with extensive examination by county, state, and federal agencies of this new trail as well as a review of sections of the overall Tamarancho loop. We hope to be able to reactivate trail construction soon, contingent on permitting and funding, after we attend to governmental requirements which document and communicate the environmentally-conscious trail-building practices we have always followed.

Of course, the level of coordination between the Marin Council, BSA, and the various governmental agencies is complex and time consuming. To expedite this process, we have contracted with an environmental consulting firm. When this process is finalized, Camp Tamarancho's entire trail systems will rise to a new level of long-term sustainability.

This process comes at a high cost--a cost not included in our original construction estimates which have always relied heavily on volunteerism and donated services. The fees could total between $50,000 and $75,000. These are costs we must now raise through donations.
We're turning to you--our friends and supporters--to seek donations to help. All donations directed to support the trails will be restricted to that purpose only, and, of course, these donations are tax deductible.

Please join with other Friends of Tamarancho by donating to the funding of this new trail and the continuation of sustainable single track trails in Marin. Your gift will make a difference--to you, to the thousands of people that use the trails, and, of course, to Joey and his friends.

Donate today by clicking this link to make a donation.

You can save the credit card fees and pay with a check by clicking this link to download a form to send in with your check.

Thank you for your help.

Michael Dybeck
Executive Director
Marin Council, BSA
Email: CaballoRojo

Tax ID #94-1156323