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28 May 14: Maintenance 1: Larger assemblies


I (Jim) discussed this long ago.


I'll give a representative example of the problem as I see it.


Pump bases are designed to mount a discrete pump and a discrete motor in situ.  Why do we do it this way?  Because we always have.


Perhaps a better way would be to have a top base upon which, in the maintenance shop, one could pre-mount and pre-align the motor.  In fact, this could get a bit fancy.  One could build a station in which to do this activity, a station with power (so you can check the motor rotation before you button up the coupling) and also with alignment features rivaling the alignment bay at your local auto repair shop.


Then, as a unit, this fully assembled top base could be taken to the site of the pump being replaced.  The old one comes off, the refurbished one goes on, all in less than a half hour.


This will save time, perhaps machine time, and definitely result in better alignment.


This is something that can be calculated for ROI.


What else could be done this way?


We will be announcing our 2014 LGMI Conference details soon.  We have chosen a great location.  You may want to come and share your wisdom or absorb the wisdoms of others.  Watch for details.


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We had some feedback on last week's topic on Recycling Collection:



The MRFs put the Boy Scouts out of the paper collection years ago - as long as it is on the curb the MRFs own it.  Yet when waste paper prices went up often people would save the paper for the Boy Scouts and pick it up from the front porch - so the MRFs initially didn't benefit as much from the high paper prices as they thought they would.


The real challenge to utilizing household separation is the efficiency of the recycling truck.  If you have 9 compartments on a truck for different plastics, white paper, brown paper, newspaper, glass, etc.., then the truck needs to return to the depot when one compartment is full.  It is also much more time consuming as well as causing wear and tear on recycling company employee to put the material in 9 different compartments.  Where I live we have a large rolling bin (usually full every week) and it gets lifted up by the truck and dumped.  A potential solution to this is having drop-off points for the recyclables as they do in some countries, the challenge is changing consumer behavior.


Having worked in mills for ~20 years of my ~29 years in industry I wholeheartedly agree that source separation is the way to go - it also means that the mill doesn't have to pay a high cost to dispose of the gross rejects (plastics, metal, glass) that are expensive to dispose of. 


Note that I work for a paper recycling equipment manufacturer - so I do have somewhat of a vested interest in mills requiring additional equipment.  However - I also have a vested interest in customers operating viable mills.


Neale Fetterly

Sr. Applications Engineer

Kadant Black Clawson Inc.



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