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The Networking Economist Guide | March 2013

Jason Cobine
Jason Cobine
This month we are banging on about word of mouth.  So many people are generating it, yet they are not measuring the results. 
I'm often told that networking is not a measurable activity, or that it already brings results. The format is simply a matter of time invested versus income generated. The latter is great, but often not measured. 
The biggest cost in networking is time. So, here's a quick break down for those who value their networking time; earning £50,000 equates to £200 per 10 hour day (that's £200 x 5 days x 50 weeks). This means that 3 hours per week spent networking costs £3,000 per annum, plus travel, fees, plus incidental expenses.  So,  someone charging £100 per hour has lost the opportunity to earn £15,000.
The return generated is the most important figure. Before you add it up, think about what multiple would be an acceptable return. Rather than pluck a figure out of the air, you could use the multiple provided by your most profitable form of marketing for finding new clients.  
Which is it? Advertising, attending trade shows, PR campaigns, market research, newsletters,  social networks, cold calling, promotions, Search Engine Optimisation, or perhaps something else...
Once you have done that, don't stop networking, unless it is the least profitable form of finding new clients.  You probably know where your other marketing costs are invested. So think about where you are investing your networking cost - which is time. 
Are you in the best place to be introduced to your most profitable clientèle?  Or do we go back to a question I am often asked. Where the bloody hell do my target market go, and what do I say to them when I get there?
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We are working with a former lawyer, Tom Worner, on an event specifically for lawyers using social media - LinkedIn For Lawyers - Core Legal Seminar

That's not all that Tom is working on at the moment, and he has a conference coming up called Doing Business with the BRICS: Legal and Business Perspectives.  

The conference is aimed at lawyers, but may be of interest to other business professionals (e.g. accountants), and business owners.  The conference is CPD-accredited (6 hours).


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Video: Track your reputation

Our new exclusive video looks at why tracking your reputation is so important. You may have a perception of what people think of you and your firm, and if you don't track that, you may be running down the wrong road.
Tracking your word of mouth is not difficult, but it is a very important process if you want to get results. If adjustments need to be made, you need to know where to make them, and you can only do that by tracking public perception of your brand.
We love making networkers happy.
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Jason Cobine
The Networking Economist
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