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The Networking Economist Guide | December 2012

It's great to have a sense of humour. Everyone likes a good chuckle at a witty remark or some slapstick comedy. However, there's a risk to putting your sense of humour on show, as people may be offended by misplaced humour. 
Making apparently witty comments that somebody perceives as inappropriate, insensitive, derogatory or discriminatory can have a hugely detrimental impact on a brand's reputation.
People tend to think that something isn't funny far more often than actually tell a "would-be" comedian that their jokes are far from side splitting, so it is possible to offend without people telling you that they are offended.
This survey shows that 31% of people felt harassed by other people's attempts at humour. If you wouldn't tell a joke to a group of clients in case of causing offence, then don't risk offending future clients and introducers who may be inconspicuously engaged with your content online.  Read our latest blog for more on this.
LinkedIn Secrets


LinkedIn have deleted the events and blog functions so people will now have to physically update their profiles rather than relying on automated tools.


Video is going to pay a bigger part on profiles in 2013 and beyond. We'll keep you you up to date and try out their new functions before updating you with our findings.


This article highlights the fact that LinkedIn have a mission. It's one I really buy into and will help them with - when they get around to asking me :-)


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Video: Make People Comfortable When Networking  


Our new exclusive video explains why it's vital in networking to make sure that people are comfortable helping you.  Your contacts can make repeated introductions on your behalf once they understand you, and they know about your expertise. Only when they have these things in their armoury will they buy into you, and your brand, and it's true that people buy people. Therefore you need to make people feel comfortable in recommending you, again and again.

Who do you know that would benefit from a monthly networking update? Or pehaps a highly talented team that work hard yet lack the skill or the confidence to get out there and compete for business.

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"Jason's event was certainly worth attending. Tips on how to escape the needy networker who pins you in the corner were worth turning up for on their own. Knowing that my own frustrations and methods of self-sabotage were common to others was both a comfort and a catalyst to rethink how I approach formal networking events."

Gavin Morton-Holmes, New Business Associate at Sandler Training

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