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The Networking Economist Guide | January 2013

Jason Cobine
Jason Cobine
I hope your new year brings you all the clients you desire. Apparently it's this year that "digital marketing" will become just "marketing". From my perspective, digital is a platform, not a new sector. It should always be complementary to word of mouth marketing. 
Speaking of which, LinkedIn now has ten million user profiles in the UK. That's approaching half of the UK PLC workforce, and it's getting to the point that all of our mutually beneficial connections will be on LinkedIn. Meanwhile, those already there are a great way to connect to your new clients. 
So if you want to connect successfully, here's a blog about one method to avoid. It wasted time, at least 10 minutes of mine, yet it turned into an opportunity to let you know what should and shouldn't be done via LinkedIn messages. 
It also highlights how people fail to make it clear what the mutual benefit of connecting really is. The standard "connect with me" message is bland enough, yet there are some folk attempting to connect with time consuming, personalised messages, that still get them nowhere. 
It's the same as going to a face-to-face networking event, and finding that people, ultimately, aren't interested in what they have to offer. Or, as frequently happens, a new contact or a potential connection, fails to follow up, after they have said they would.
LinkedIn Secrets


Last month we told you about LinkedIn removing applications. It's actually quite refreshing, as they have put all the best bits in profile pages. We are busy uploading our best bits this month.


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Video: Review Results... Or go backwards!


Our new exclusive video explains why it's important to find the time to review results when trying develop an effective and successful strategy.  You should track, and reflect upon, the progress you've made with your marketing efforts. If you aren't reviewing what you've being working on, how can you ever know which, if any, of your strategies are running successfully and profitably?

Success can only be assessed when measured.
Who do you know that would benefit from a monthly networking update? Or perhaps a highly talented team that work hard yet lack the skill or the confidence to get out there and compete for business.
Do you have a system for everything yet none for networking?
Even businesses that run like clockwork have ad hoc marketing efforts.  You might hate our strategy yet feedback has always been positive to date. 
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We love making networkers happy.
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Jason Cobine
The Networking Economist
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