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During the last 3 years Tutoring Match has provided tutors with up to 20+ free benefits and servicesbut we have realized that many tutors don't value their FREE Basic Membership. No one likes a free-loader so we provided tutors with 70+ marketing tools for various membership options in order for tutors to enhance their chances to attract more tutorials.  


AND during that time we also learned...

value expecting to earn

  • When people value something, they invest in it.
  • When people invest in something, they commit to it.    
  • When people commit to something, they own it. 
  • When people have mutual ownership, they work better together. 

So, we have decided to make Basic Membership more valuable so both tutor and service value each other more.

All Basic Memberships will remain FREE 
with a monthly contribution.
This means by December 1, 2012 all Basic Members need to:
value showing
and add value to your profile 
in a manner that suits you,
Have completed one
of the possibilities listed 
such as: 
Email or call us 800-775-4881 
before 12/1/12 
with how you decide to add value. 
In the next few weeks, we will send you more suggestions about how to make your profile more attractive and valuable! 
+Plus and Pro Members need not participate. 
Sign in to upgrade to a +PLUS or PRO Membership.

If you can't decide how to add value, 
contact us and we will personalize some suggestions for you.

If you haven't received any requests or tutorials yet, your profile may need more value
If you chose to decline this value-adding opportunity above, please send us a quick email so we can deactivate your profile. 
If we don't hear from you by December 1st as to what value you would like to add, we will deactivate your profile. 
Once again, if you join as a +Plus or Pro Member, 
you will have shown you value yourself and our service.