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New Tangle: gourdgeous
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October 29, 2015


In this newsletter:

  • We have a new tangle, gourdgeous, just in time for Halloween and Thanksgiving
  • Readers sent in lots of great pix to share






New Tangle: gourdgeous

Maria writes:

This tangle arrived in a round-about manner as I was sitting on our (indoor) porch (that used to be an outdoor porch. . .) and admiring the simple, elegant beauty of the off-white bead board surrounding me.  

Rick and I originally chose it because there was bead board in other parts of the house (built around 1875) and it was still in great shape. The light hitting the boards at different angles was inspiring. I have been wanting to do more work on black tiles, as I tend to automatically grab a square white tile by habit. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I wanted to revisit some techniques only available on the black tiles.

I began putting down the boards, it seeming to go smoother and faster than with the black micron, the filling easier, with much more drama than the black on white. 
I started experimenting with how the boards were separated with one space, two spaces, three spaces, etc. 
I drew a line, aura-ed it, skipped a space, then another pair of lines and repeated that sequence. Then I colored in the larger space. This gave the feel of bead boards. BUT, in the bathroom, there were two other styles of bead boards, one with three lines in between and one with four!  
It does not end up like you think it will. On the 4 line image,  I actually drew in some beads . . . how could I not? (A gentle nod to our dear friend Carole Ohl, CZT, who taught me some basic beading techniques).
Then I started bending the boards, creasing them to form origami-like structures. Curving and winding them around and out, mixing and matching the different styles.  A nice afternoon was had by moi!
THEN, I happened to have (of course) a mail order catalog nearby (did you know they are like spiders . . . you are never more than three feet from them?) with pumpkins and such things on the covers of course. And, voila! A gourd-like image began to appear before me, like magic.   
They were curling this way and that, in and out, skinny and fat . . . there was no stopping me!

I happen to like gourds (the funkier the better) much better than pumpkins, perhaps because I don't care much for the color orange, and that they get thrown into the street and roll down the hill after paying a good sum for a nice big one, but . . . I digress!
After a while, the gourds began to cluster, in a wonderful hollibaugh dance, coming alive like in "Fantasia" where the ballerina hippos meet the dancing broomsticks . . .
Wow, it was awesome . . . 
. . . all GOURDGEOUS and voluptuous.   
Have fun!

Rick adds:
After all was said and tangled, we realized that gourdgeous is actually a version of diva dance, with the "expansion" step always appearing in the same place. When you do that, this shape tangles itself organically.

This is a fun tangle for Halloween/Thanksgiving themed tangling.

We look forward to seeing what you create with this.


Readers Share

dear Rick n Maria,

thx for teaching us zentangle. we have finished a workshop in tangling on umbrella. 

we guess we made the history as there is no such workshop in Hong Kong before. just wanna share our precious moment with u.

best wishes,
henri chan CZT 18


Hi Rick & Maria! 

Zentangle pumpkin.

So fun!


Dear Rick and Maria,

This past weekend we had another gathering of CZTs from the USA and Canada for our second "Camerida" gathering.  25 of us had a blast tangling and playing together.  I thought you might like to see just a bit of the fun we shared.  

It is 28' of a chocolate, caramel, whipped cream, cherries, peanuts and vanilla ice cream Renaissance Sundae!  

Thanks for the fun Zentangle has brought into our lives!

Chris Titus

Boots are made for walking, Clogs...for tangling! 

Hi Rick and Maria, 

I started tangling this clog during a CZT day at the Talens Experience Centre from Bruynzeel-Sakura in Apeldoorn, in the Netherlands. And... Finished some days later....I used a micronpen 05,a white gelly roll pen and the fabric dual marker #181 cool gray. 

I had a lot of fun tangling this special Dutch product. 

Many greetings from Stella Peters Hessels (CZT-12)


Yesterday, I had two ladies come into my shop saying they had been in a few times looking at my framed Zentangle art. They wanted to know if they could buy some of them to colour. So my reply was that I would not sell them only because I would prefer they learn how to make their own colouring pages. I suggested they take a Zentangle Basic class and create their own. 

They both looked at me like I had two heads. LOL . . . Anyway after a few minutes of gentle persuasion and telling them I had never drawn a thing in my life before Zentangle, they finally believed me when I told them they would never have to buy another colouring book once they started tangling. 

They both signed up for a November class.

Brenda Shaver Shahin, CZT


Hi Rick and Maria

I just wanted to share this mug I did using tangles. It is wheel thrown porcelain, decorated using a sgraffito technique and fired to approx 2400 F. 

Hope you like it. :)

Anne Webb

2016 Seminar Update 

We recently announced our 2016 schedule for Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) seminars.

Over two-thirds of the seats are now taken. If you are interested in attending, we encourage an early sign-up to secure your space. 

For additional information see this newsletter

We look forward to meeting you and working with you.

Thank you for sharing this amazing adventure with us and with each other.

Please visit our recent blog post about "Doing the Dishes" and leave a comment.

Best from us all,

Rick, Maria, Bijou and everyone at Zentangle 


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