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December 20, 2014

At this joyous time of year we are happy to share some more Zentangle treats with you.

Elf on a Shelf

A mom sent us some pictures of a recent elf appearance. This time "Elfie" was found having tangled some Bijou tiles:

When her daughter saw this she promptly wrote a letter to Elfie:

Dear Elfie,

Please sign your Zentangles. I LOOOVEEED them + 1,000!

Love . . .

P.S. Write back !  :)  

Zentangle Awesomeness!!

A Montessori teacher writes:

Rick and Maria,

I attended a Zentangle class from CZT Candy Anderson and fell in love with it.  I thought how cool this would be for my public Montessori students, goes right along with the peaceful qualities of our philosophy and they are all familiar with mandalas.

I purchased the Zentangle Apprentice Classroom Pack and we decided this would be their holiday presents to their families. 

They fell in love with it, they were all focused and have begged to learn more. 

Now the kicker is these kiddos are first, second and third graders!  We have one student who cannot write his name or any letters, but was able to do this.  

We put their Zentangle tiles in frames and hope their families love them as much as we do!

Betty Lewis
Geiger Montessori, Tacoma Public Schools


Arukas Sightings!

We've seen lots of great arukas creations after Molly gave instructions in this newsletter, particularly in this issue of Laura Harms' IamtheDivaCZT aurkas challenge.

We also received many images of tiles from tanglers around this world such as from LD, who wrote:

Wow! I just love the new tangle Arukus! I tried one out as soon as I read about it in the news letter!  Then I just kept making more, I couldn't stop, it was too much fun! 


While LD tangled on Apprentice tiles (above), Tina Hunziker, CZT, from Switzerland, tangled on smooth river stones!

By the way . . . you can "meet" Tina as she tells her Zentangle story in the Zentangle Story Booth.

"Story Booth" is a real treat . . . we just added six new Stories . . . so, pour yourself a comforting glass of whatever comforts, sit back, . . . and enjoy! 

Recent Blogs

We posted a few blogs recently that you may enjoy:
And . . . we came across these wonderful sentiments in a blog post by writer, "Bec" as she describes a Zentangle class she took in Australia from a CZT:
  • "What I liked about the class was there was an emphasis on the fact there is no wrong. There is no eraser. It's not about replicating the work of someone else, or replicating lifelike structures. We didn't see what we were 'aiming for', just given instructions, and in following them as we each could, got to a point that revealed itself to be a thing. A complex, abstract thing, each the same and each unique.
  • "This kind of [art] is something probably we've all done, on the phone maybe. Now a couple of Americans have formalised it, put a philosophy behind it, named and branded it and constituted a course for teachers. It's now a movement. This is both odd and cheering - capitalistic and hippie. For once, I don't feel like I've been duped by a sales pitch.
  • "Regardless of whether you buy into the philosophy, the class was successful in that because no one left feeling like art was foreign or impossible, or what they were wrong. Somehow, this zentangle enables. It's both pointless and pointed. Nothing needs to be done with what you create, or as some have done, you can build a career out of it. It can be a casual stress reliever or a passion. I'm yet to decide, but I can see the possibilities in it for a writer."

Thanks, Bec, for describing your experience in those eloquent words. 

Read Bec's entire blog post here

Two New Products

Anything is Possible, One Stroke at a Time
That is our Zentangle slogan.

It's also a new custom, signed print.
Maria began with a combination of lettering and gouache, then Maria and Rick tangled and shaded. Each print is individually printed on fine art paper and signed by Rick and Maria. Size is 11 x 17 inches (28 x 43 cm).

Anything is Possible Poster

(Read about the origin of our slogan here.)


Bijou Tote Bag
With Bijou's guidance (and a bit of pestering), we are thrilled to present these lovely and practical canvas tote-bags embroidered with Bijou and our Zentangle name and logo.

Made of heavy washed canvas, it features nylon webbing handles, a large open main compartment with snap enclosures, an inside zippered hanging pocket and an outside pocket. 

18" wide x 15" high x 10" deep (46 x 38 x 25 cm)

Bijou Tote Bag

2015 CZT Seminars

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) please see this newsletter for details of our 2014 schedule and this link for more information about a CZT seminar.

All seminars are now about two-thirds full. 

We look forward to meeting you and working with you.




Once again, thank you so much for enjoying and sharing this amazing Zentangle adventure with us.


From our home and from our hearts to you and yours, we send our greetings and best wishes for this holiday season and this coming New Year.






Best always,

Rick, Maria, Bijou and all of us at Zentangle 









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