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Quintax Newsletter May 2016
Quintax Website News!
The updated Quintax psychometric website was launched in December 2015 to provide a broad based personality tool for talent assessment in the modern workplace.  It now has a partner website described below!
  • Compatible with desktop, tablet and mobile devices, and with fully revised reports, the psychometric site  provides focussed analyses of how people approach key business competencies including leadership, team work, innovation & change.  Links to sample reports can be found in our last Newsletter.
  • Quintax provides solutions for a host of talent management problems including: choosing the right people, developing people and teams, leadership development, and career transition and coaching.  Click  solutions for details.
  • Features include a new profile and report suite in attractive and readable  format, combined Quintax type and profile analysis based on the Big 5, strong reliability and validity with updated norms, response style analytics for use in high stakes assessment situations, and lots more beside
  • Our *NEW* supporting website at provides lots of information about Quintax and its use.  If they wish to, visitors can register to learn more about what Quintax can do - see here for the benefits of registering.  
  • For accredited Quintax Users who register there are additional resources!  These include a growing collection of free feedback and video support materials to facilitate Quintax use.  These can be downloaded or viewed as desired. 
  • The site also hosts a *NEW* Quintax Blog dealing with personality differences and other issues from a 'Big 5' and Quintax perspective. For example, did you know that being tongue-tied in a foreign language may be connected with personality style? See here for details.

I tweet, therefore I am.
Another *NEW* feature - Quintax now exists in the twittersphere!   You can now follow us @Quintax_Online for news about Quintax and the Quintax team, our offers and activities. If you are interested in Quintax and have a twitter account, why not tweet us to open a conversation!  

Quintax: Discounts on Accreditation Courses!
Forthcoming Quintax and British Psychological Society Accreditation Courses 

Looking for rapid accreditation in Quintax?  Why not book on our 
  • 1 day Quintax Course (for people already qualified in using a personality questionnaire), or on our 2
  • 2 day Quintax Course (for people without any psychometric training)  
  • Receive a 15% discount on our published prices by booking on our July 5th 1 day course, or on our July 5th - 6th 2 day course!
Looking for accreditation via British Psychological Society routes?  Why not book on our
  • 3 day BPS Verified Test User Ability course (17th - 19th May) and/or on our
  • 3 day BPS Verified Test User Personality course based upon Quintax (5th - 7th July)
  • Receive a 15% discount on our published prices by booking on our 17th - 19th May TUA course and/or our 5th - 7th July TUP course!
Note that our public courses are based in Manchester, but we run in-company options across the UK in all of the above cases - in-company pricing on application.  BPS options above include Distance Learning components. Details of our courses and prices are given on our website -  the above discounts apply to our pricing on the specific public course dates mentioned.    

Contact Us for More Information!
Contact us now if you would like more information about adding Quintax to your assessment portfolio.  Along with the accreditation options above, we can offer packaged solutions - incorporating required training, website use and support - for companies wanting to introduce Quintax to their talent management function.  Quintax can be used on a pay-as-you-go or an annual license basis according to client need and preference.  A Quintax Bureau Service is also available as an alternative to training and/or managing your own account. Whatever your starting point we have the right approach for your needs!  

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