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Quintax Newsletter December 2015
Quintax 2 is launched!
The Quintax website has been completely updated and launched to provide a comprehensive tool for talent assessment in the modern workplace.
  • Compatible with desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • New and fully revised reports reflect the need for focussed analysis of how people approach key business competencies including leadership, team work, innovation & change
  • A new profile chart with simplified format and optional team roles can now be used to provide basic 'take-away' feedback for the respondent following feedback.
  • Combined Quintax type and profile analysis based on the Big 5 enables us to provide support in all 4 key solution areas shown below - all from a short administration tool
  • Strong psychometrics based on the Big Five, reinforced with new norms and response style analytics for use in high stakes assessment situations
Quintax Solutions
Choosing the Right People
Use Quintax reports and analytics to make better decisions when hiring or promoting people

Develop People & teams
Use Quintax in your development programmes to help people achieve their own and their team's development at work

Career Transition & Coaching
Use Quintax to gain shared insights into your client's key approaches to work and career issues

Leadership Development
Use the powerful Quintax leadership model to help people develop their personal approach to leadership.

Find out more about Quintax 2 solutions in talent management!

Quintax Reports
The Quintax Profile Chart has been redesigned to enable greater use of colour to represent strength of preference in relation to the five key traits.  It has also been simplified so it can be used as 'takeaway' feedback for the respondent.  With optional Team Role scores, the chart gains flexibility across a variety of different applications.
The Type Report provides a summary of type and preference strengths together with a pen portrait, strengths and development tips, time management approach and temperament group

The Managerial & Professional Impact Report provides full interpretive descriptions, temperament and other perspectives that integrate information about the respondent's profile into a coherent picture. 
The Leadership Style Report provides analysis of key transformational and transactional styles with a  clear focus on the development steps to enable  the respondent to become a better leader
 Click here for sample report
The Team Role Report is based on our own team role model with  clear linkages between our approach and the traditional team role models used in assessment
The Innovation and Change Report describes the respondent's approach to innovation and problem solving, and now also covering their reaction to change in the workplace
 Click here for sample report
The Learning Style Report provides explicit analysis of the respondent's preference for the stages of the learning cycle: Act, Reflect, Conclude, Plan together  with  type specific  development areas 
  Click here for sample report

Quintax technical developments
*NEW* Quintax Analytics Report
A new and comprehensive approach to response style analytics has enabled us to provide a new Quintax Analytics Report which gives a forensic analysis of the respondent's approach.  This utilises over 20 quantitative and qualitative indicators, summarised via a risk assessment and traffic light system (red, amber, green) to provide interpretation support to the Quintax User. This provides help in planning feedback and decision making in high stakes employment situations.  It can also be helpful in a remote assessment - completed without direct supervision - to assess interpretation risks.

Quintax Norms
The Quintax Norm 2015 consists of a sample of 8840 people (4869 men & 3971 women) drawn predominantly from UK managerial and/or professional occupations. These are respondents who have completed Quintax in selection, learning and development situations, career transition and counselling, or in coaching.  A range of alternative gender, age and occupationally based norms are also available within the system.
Team Role Model and Computations
The Quintax Team Role approach has been completely refreshed.  While taking account of previous theories and models, we have developed a new system of team role descriptions and computations based upon the new Quintax 2015 norm.  For our existing users, support is provided in the Team Role Report to enable the analogy with existing models, and our previous approach, to be clarified.

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Contact us now to discover how you can add Quintax to your assessment portfolio.  If you are not already qualified in Quintax we have intensive and rapid qualification routes aimed at the busy practitioner, as well as fully verified British Psychological Society courses leading to nationally recognised qualifications.  For those already qualified in other measures we have a choice of conversion training options.  A Quintax Bureau Service is also available as an alternative to training and/or managing your own account. Whatever your starting point we have the right approach for your needs!  

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