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Consultants to Organizations | July 2013



Our most recent issue brought you part II of a series of articles about the importance of developing core competencies and how organizations can use these as tools for communicating expectations to employees  and for holding employees accountable through performance management.  If you missed the second part of our series, please click here.

A Little Self-Reflection May Really Shed Some Light!


The Harvard Business Review recent "Tip of the Day", highlights the dangers of making assumptions about how others see us and gives great suggestions about ways to get at the truth - for good or bad!

  • Seek out patterns.  What do people consistently say or write about you?
  • As only the 21st century allows us to do - Google yourself!  Is what you find a good reflection of your work, actions, life?  Be proactive and clean up your online act!
  • Initiate your own 360 review. Personally ask trusted colleagues (but not yes-women) that you're looking for honest feedback on your professional profile.  What's working? What's not?

If what you discover doesn't match with how you'd like to be viewed - change it!

To read the full blog post click here: "You're Probably Wrong About How Others Really See You" by Dorie Clark.

Engaging the Elusive Library Non-User


Paula Singer and Donna Fletcher recently shared the tricks of the trade for reaching citizens that don't use the library at last month's American Library Association (ALA) Annual conference in Chicago. They were joined by a panel of librarians from several Illinois libraries to discuss some commonsense but often overlooked points to consider when trying to connect with the non-user.  Read Library Journal's full write-up on the SRO presentation here!


 Our FREE Culture Assessment Tool Helps You Pinpoint

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Assessing your organization's culture is critical in taking your organization to the next level - especially, in relation to setting goals, prioritizing activities and identifying potential obstacles to success.


Taking the time to conduct an assessment is the first step in creating a stronger organizational culture with greater employee satisfaction and performance, both of which are keys to increased customer retention, loyalty and satisfaction.


That's why we're thrilled to soon unveil our new Culture Calculator - an online culture assessment tool we designed specifically to give you deeper insight into your organization's culture along with recommendations to strengthen it.


Be on the lookout for the link to our new Culture Calculator that we'll be sending you very soon!

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