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Last month we described a process for developing organizationally-supported core competencies - characteristics, traits and abilities demonstrated through behaviors that contribute to superior job performance.  We began discussing an approach we've used successfully with several clients to help them develop these competencies and then put them in place for employees to live them.  In part II of this article below, we walk you through the remaining pieces of this process, outlining how organizations can move forward with these original ideas and develop them into tools for use in communicating expectations to employees as well as in holding employees accountable through performance management.


If you missed part of this article last month, please click here.

Performance - Putting Competencies into Action!

Putting Competencies
into Action!


As described last month, we worked with organizations to brainstorm and develop and then narrow down lists of key competencies that they value and want to see in their own workplaces; competencies that they want to see every employee, regardless of job function, demonstrate.  Having met with large employee groups (sometimes broken down into smaller work groups), we would arrive at the point where we would have helped staff identify 5-7 core competencies to apply to all employees.  The number is important.  Too few competencies might not give employees a clear enough picture of your expectations.  Too many dilutes the value and can muddy the waters.  You will need to find the number that works for you.


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How to Prepare for a Crisis at the Top....


Although succession planning is a must for every organization, it's actually one of the most neglected organizational development activities. Not only do most organizations not have a succession plan for replacing a CEO with a planned exit, they also fail to develop emergency succession strategies should the CEO need to be replaced suddenly.


Earlier this year, Talent Management Magazine covered emergency succession planning in a feature article titled, How to Prepare for a Crisis at the Top.


Our own Paula Singer was one of a handful of HR/OD thought leaders who were interviewed for the article.  Paula's discussion was especially enlightening related to the key role the Chief Human Resources Officer should play in guiding the succession planning process.


We hope you'll take a moment to read How to Prepare for a Crisis at the Top (click here). Succession planning is one of The Singer Group's areas of expertise and we're always available to help you develop a plan that fits your organizational culture. 

Summer heat brings dress-code decisions...


Does your organization have a dress code? Better yet, do you modify it for the summer months?  Now is a great time to think about both of these policies.  Though we like to think employees will have common sense about work-dress decisions, we are often surprised by the lack thereof.  Click here for some helpful hints about getting ahead of this potential problem and communicating your expectations for summer attire with employees.

Thinking about how to take your life experiences and live an even more meaningful and purposeful life?  Paula Singer and Linda Burton recently presented about just this concept to a group of over 40 women at the Center Club in Baltimore.  Act III - The Next Stage in Women's Lives: Planning for a Purposeful Retirement, focuses on positioning oneself for the emotional, psychological and sociological aspects of this important transition.  If you and the boomers in your organization would like to learn more, please contact Paula at for more information!

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