Technical CommuniquéATC-13001
January 21, 2013


BASIS International Ltd. announces the 12.21 maintenance release of AddonSoftware® by Barista® that adds several new 13.0 preview features listed below. 


Version 12.21 takes advantage of the technological advancements provided by the Barista Application Framework and the BBj® language to deliver an innovative software package known for its structural quality. Together with Barista, Version 12.21 offers a leap forward in the efficiency of software customization and the creation of vertical applications.


AddonSoftware continues its 30+-year history of constant improvement - additional features, increased functionality, and updated technology - in this release.

13.0 Preview Features New in AddonSoftware 12.21


For the entire list of previously released 13.0 preview features, click here.  

  • Barista
    • New feature that allows users with adequate security to edit and optionally save the SQL WHERE clause in the Barista Query Filter form. 
  • Accounting Bundle
    • Produce a Jasper-based statement directly from the Customer Master and optionally print, email, and/or fax according to the Customer Report Control settings. 
    • New jasper-based AR Simple Invoices and AR Statements replace the BBjForm-based versions. Produces individual pdfs as well as a "master" pdf for review or output, if desired. Fully integrated with AddonSoftware Administration => Report Control for optional email/faxing.
    • New 'Details' button on the General Ledger Summary Activity inquiry form (run from GL Account Master) runs query to show detail transactions associated with the selected (non-budget) period. 
    • New period/year and MTD/YTD Activity fields on the General Ledger Account Master allow you to change the desired period/year and instantly see the corresponding activity totals. MTD/YTD Activity fields include drilldowns to see supporting detail.
  • Manufacturing Bundle
    • The Manufacturing module has been enhanced with additional record extracts to work in conjunction with the Barista Advisory Locking settings.  
  • Shop Floor Control
    • Triggers are now in place to run Shop Floor in Barista and interface to a hybrid v6 Payroll.

For a list of continued improvements in all modules, refer to the Fixes file.

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Download 'AddonSoftware by Barista' today. For more information, review the 12.21 readme, relnotes, and fixes release files.

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