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Technical CommuniquéATC-12005
November 5, 2012

BASIS International Ltd. announces the 12.20 maintenance release of AddonSoftware® by Barista® that adds the new preview features listed below, including the newly completed Shop Floor Control (SFC) module, and addresses several customer reported issues. SFC's completion brings to a close the  modernization of legacy Addon, introducing significant new feature and function to the AddonSoftware product, and lays the groundwork for future improvements to the product line.


Version 12.20 takes advantage of the technological advancements provided by the Barista Application Framework and the BBj® language to deliver an innovative software package known for its structural quality. Together with Barista, Version 12.20 offers a leap forward in the efficiency of software customization and the creation of vertical applications.


AddonSoftware continues its 30+-year history of constant improvement - additional features, increased functionality, and updated technology - in this release.

addon13.0 Preview Features New in AddonSoftware 12.20


For the entire list of previously released 13.0 preview features, click here.

  • Barista Application Framework 
    • Significantly increases performance in high latency environments by crushing images and implementing Imagelist and other launch code optimizations
    • Adds two new utilities - bbcountdown.bbj and bbstopwatch.bbj -that both share the same functionality of being able to start/stop via ENTER/ESCAPE and moving the window with the arrow and [Ctrl]-<arrow> keys. Using [Ctrl]-<arrow> jumps the window to the corresponding screen edge
      • "bbcountdown.bbj" allows setting a countdown timer for coffee breaks, etc. during meetings, training, etc. by just typing in the starting time from which to count down
      • "bbstopwatch.bbj" allows interactive or programmatic control per the global namespace variable "stopwatch"; set the value of the variable to "START", "STOP", "RESET" or "CLOSE"
  • Distribution Bundle
    • Enhanced with additional record extracts to work in conjunction with the Barista Advisory Locking settings.
  • Shop Floor Control
    • Supports triggers to run Shop Floor in Barista and interface to a hybrid Payroll version 6
    • Bottleneck Analysis Report - Use this report to determine where scheduled production will cause a bottleneck. You can base your report on whatever utilization you feel is necessary and run it for only certain operations and through a set range of dates.
    • Committed Materials Report - Creates a list of material that has been committed to a work order, but not yet issued.
    • Time Sheet Register/Update - Allows verification of time sheet data entry that has taken place since the last Time Sheet Register update. Update facilitates optional interface to version 6 Payroll using triggers.
    • Cost Adjustment Entry - This task allows adjustment of open work order operation and subcontract transactions.
    • Cost Adjustment Register/Update - Allows verification of work order adjustment data entry that has taken place since the last Cost Adjustment Register. The update creates credit and debit transactions against the work order.
    • Work Order Entry
      • Batch Reschedule Work Orders - Use this task after a change in Shop Floor Calendars or Operations Queue Times to reschedule all work orders or a range of work orders, or just work orders of a certain type or priority.
      • Conversion Work Order Entry - Allows a quick entry of labor, material, and subcontracted work that is already in a work order when the Shop Floor Control module is installed.
      • Conversion Work Order Register - Prints a register of the conversions created in Conversion Work Order Entry.
      • Conversion Work Order Update - Incorporates the information entered during Conversion Work Order Entry into the module record, using the conversion date as the transaction date for each of the work orders. Updates the Work in Process account balances.
      • Close Recurring Work Orders - Automatically selects, for partial close, recurring work orders that had activity in the current period. They will be reopened later by the Period End Update task.
      • Closed Recurring WO Detail Report - Similar to the Closed Work Order Detail Report; provides a file copy of each recurring work order that is being closed. The detailed information includes information on the close data as well as a summary of general ledger postings for each recurring work order that is queued to be closed.
      • Closed Recurring WO Summary Report - Prints a summary of the costs of the recurring work orders that will be closed by the Closed Recurring WO Update process.
      • Closed Recurring WO Update - Creates the General Ledger Postings for the the recurring work orders selected for partial close.
      • Closed Work Order Variance Report - Prints a report similar to the Work Order Variance Report for work orders closed in a selected period.
      • Work Order Close Data Entry - Allows the closing of work orders. Work orders may either be closed complete, meaning that no additional units will be produced, or partial, meaning that a portion of the units will be completed later.
      • Closed Work Order Detail Report - Provides a report for each work order being closed. Similar to the Work Order Entry Hard Copy, but also incorporates the Work Order Close Data Entry information and a summary of general ledger postings for each work order that is being closed.
      • Closed Work Order Summary Register - Prints a summary of the Work Order Close Data Entry information (including both standard and actual costs) and a summary of general ledger postings for the work orders that are being closed.
      • Closed Work Order Update - Creates the General Ledger Postings. In addition, if a Sales Order was referenced in the Work Order, the Ship and Backorder quantities on the sales order will be automatically updated.
      • Lot/Serial Maintenance - Allows you to assign serial/lot numbers before closing a work order, including ability to auto-assign numbers.

For a list of continued improvements in all modules, refer to the Fixes file.

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