November 5, 2012TC-12006

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BASIS International Ltd. announces the 12.20 maintenance release of BBj� and Barista� Application Framework that includes 13.0 preview features and enhancements, and addresses several customer reported issues. Download and install it today from the new, cleaner and leaner BBj-powered BUI download page!


Highlights of this release include improved BLMs to simplify licensing, slimmed down documentation with optimized images, and changed default configurable timeout for the LOCK verb from 10 seconds to 0 seconds  to match the non-configurable timeout prior to version 12.10. Version 12.20 also includes GWT 2.5.0, which incorporates over a year's worth of performance enhancements and other fixes from the Google Web Toolkit team. It produces significantly smaller JavaScript, which increases the performance of BUI, especially on mobile devices generally having more limited processing power.


Try out these features currently in beta from the Development Build download.

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13.0 Preview Features New in BBj 12.20

Language Interpreter

  • Adds BBjSysGui::getMeasures (BBjVector) measures multiple strings in a single operation to reduce multiple client/server round trips to a single round trip thereby delivering greatly improved response times in high latency environments

Database Management System

  • Adds new scalar function PARSE_TEMPLATE to the SQL engine. Parses the provided character or binary data with a specified string template to return a human readable string containing each value from the template fields separated by commas

Development Tools

  • Barista Application Framework
    • Significantly increases performance of all Barista-powered applications in high latency environments  by crushing images and implementing Imagelist and other launch code optimizations
    • Adds two new utilities - bbcountdown.bbj and bbstopwatch.bbj - that both share the same functionality of being able to start/stop via ENTER/ESCAPE and moving the window with the arrow and [Ctrl]-<arrow> keys. Using [Ctrl]-<arrow> jumps the window to the corresponding screen edge
      • "bbcountdown.bbj" allows setting a countdown timer for coffee breaks, etc. during meetings, training, etc. by just typing in the starting time from which to count down.
      • "bbstopwatch.bbj" allows interactive or programmatic control per the global namespace variable "stopwatch"; set the value of the variable to "START", "STOP", "RESET" or "CLOSE"

System Administration

  • BASIS License Manager
    • Attempts to update the license automatically and restart the vendor daemon if the hostid changes
    • Retrieves its licenses directly from a new dedicated address to improve license delivery
    • Implements an HTTP/1.1 header containing a host entry to improve the reliability of license requests through passive proxy servers
    • Adds support for custom license retrieval via a getlicensescript in the BLM directory, further improving compatibility with proxy servers

For the entire list of previously released 13.0 preview features, click here.


More Information

Refer to12.20 readme, relnotes, and fixes release files.


Download this new release today. See Barista in action by including AddonSoftware with your download and see an example of an ERP built completely with Barista.


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