October 1, 2012TC-12004

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BASIS International Ltd. announces the 12.10 maintenance release of BBj® and Barista® Application Framework that addresses several customer reported issuesDownload and install it today from the new, cleaner and leaner BBj-powered BUI download page!


This release also includes significant 13.0 preview features. Test out these features currently in beta from the Development Build download.


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13.0 Preview Features in BBj 12.10


  • Adds expanded CSS support to BUI List controls
  • Improves performance on BUI load times
  • Adds support for specifying the TIM mode on the BBj LOCK Verb
  • Adds the firing of the BBjFileChooserFilterEvent when the active filter changes

Database Management

  • Changes filesystem to facilitate the scaling requirements of large customers with many users, as well as smaller customers who require several simultaneous batch processes on the same files, to improve the performance of the filesystem when multiple users are attempting to read, extract, and write records in the same file at the same time.
  • Adds new data dictionary format to existing legacy format
    • Supports 255-character length table, column, index, and stored procedure names as well as the ability to specify foreign keys for use in reporting tools and query builders
    • Adds easy to use import feature to convert an existing dictionary into the new format without any changes to any applications or the user experience
    • Stores date format in the column definitions so there is no need for using date suffixes in column names
    • Designed to make it simple for BASIS to seamlessly add new features in the future
  • Adds encrypted connect URL and properties to the Connection Pool configuration; previously connect URL and connection properties were stored in plain text which made it less secure.

Development Tools

  • BBJasperViewerControl enhancements
    • getToolbar - returns the toolbar as a BBjChildWindow control
    • getToolbarControlAt - returns the toolbar control at the specified index as a BBjControl object
  • Adds 3-tier support to the BBJasper, BBUtils, and BBTranslator utilities so they may access files on any remote machine running a BASIS DBMS
  • Adds ability to fill a BBJasper report from a ResultSet
  • Barista Application Framework enhancements
    • Column name in table maintenance will default to the element name without the application prefix, if the product ID on the security tab in the header is the same as the application prefix.
    • New Query Monitor utility to display the SQL statement used in queries
    • New +QUERY_CASE_NEUTRAL setting that specifies default case neutral searching and sorting on dynamically built queries
    • Applications may now reside on different drives
    • The process ID is no longer limited to 9999 thus making larger SAAS/ASP installations feasible
    • Brought pre-configured users in line with those in the BBj installation - ADMIN and GUEST
    • New global +BYPASS_AUTO_SYNC to determine whether to bypass the Auto-Sync, this  facilitates being able to package either normal or promotional build of the product
    • Introduced "Developer Scratchpad" application that replaces the built-in "DEV" product
    • Several internal changes have been made to make Barista better able to run in a distributed, 3-tier environment

System Administration

  • Adds support for the uninstall=never attribute on feature and suite nodes along with the $InstallDrive variable to the BASIS Custom Installer


More Information

For more information, review the 12.10 readme, relnotes, and fixes release files.


Download this new release today. See Barista in action by trying out AddonSoftware ERP, built completely with Barista.


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