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The Streetwise Security News is my monthly newsletter which highlights recent security stories in the news in an informal and non-technical manner. I provide my thoughts on what the important issues are. Each issue also has updates on my initiatives, keynotes and workshop events.

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  • Below are links to all current and past issues of the Streetwise Security News.
  • Streetwise Security Newsletter Issue #22 - June 2016  (6/30/2016)
  • - Feature Story: This old email attachment icon signals a new danger
    - Many LinkedIn users don't seem to be aware of risks from fake connection requests
    - It just got more expensive to lose your personal information to identity theft
    - A "Pseudo-Breach Story": A live recorded example of how attackers get into online accounts using social engineering
    - Why is the Security Team trying to trick us? - The #1 Pitfall of Employee Phishing Assessments
    - Terminology: Insider Threats
  • Streetwise Security Newsletter Issue #20 - April 2016  (5/1/2016)
  • - Feature Story: Sorry, we're turning your connected device into a brick now
    - WhatsApp helps you prove you may not have done it
    - Don't be too quick to pay extortion fees based on the threat of an attack
    - 3 reasons why teaching somebody to drive a car is easier than training employees to work securely
    - Data Breach Story: Law firms hacked for insider information
    - Terminology: Brick
  • Streetwise Security Newsletter Issue #19 - Mar 2016  (4/1/2016)
  • - Feature Story: Three dumb routers are coming to a home network near you
    - Data Breach Story: The security fairy isn't going to close your open vulnerabilities for you
    - Data Breach Stats: 70-90 percent of malware attacks on businesses are unique to the organization
    - IT Managers: Hospital ransomware attacks are just a stepping stone to your industry
    - Terminology: Router
    - Shared Security Podcast #52: Creepy New Social Network, Phishing Dangers, Ransomware
  • Streetwise Security Newsletter Issue #18 - Feb 2016  (2/29/2016)
  • - Feature Story: ...But our iOS passwords go to 'Eleven'
    - Terminology: Online Behavioural Advertising
    - Data Breach Story: Hospital pays $17,000 in ransom to recover patient data
    - Streetwise Security Tip: Don't forget to back up your smartphone data
    - IT Managers: Try using due diligence risk to justify security
    - Remind yourself how smart thieves are
    - Shared Security Podcast: Episode #51: An interview with the Privacy Commissioner's office
    - Media news stories featuring comments From Scott
  • Streetwise Security Newsletter Issue #17  (1/29/2016)
  • - Feature Story: Malicious apps can inflate each others' ratings...
    - Terminology: "Responsible Disclosure"
    - From Scott's Blog: Putting all your eggs in one basket with a password manager
    - Shared Security: Why it's important for a wireless home security system to "fail" properly - Streetwise Security Tip: Avoid participating in Facebook quizzes to stay off "sucker lists"
    - A Cyber-Crime story: Is it Crime or is it Cyber-Crime? And can it be covered by insurance?
  • Streetwise Security Newsletter Issue #16  (1/1/2016)
  • - Feature Story: You may fear the tax man, but don't be fooled by this scary scam...
    - Terminology: "Pharming attack"
    - From Scott's Blog: How ID badges can hurt security and what can be done about it
    - Shared Security: How your search queries on Google and other search engines could end up putting you on a SUCKER list
    - Streetwise Security Tip: Use "Full Disk Encryption" on laptops and mobile devices
    - Data breach story: When stolen banking data is used for extortion
  • Streetwise Security Newsletter Issue #15  (12/1/2015)
  • - Feature Story: This phone scam exploits your trust in storage sites like Google drive...
    - Terminology - "Man-in-the-Middle attack"
    - From Scott's Blog: Top 10 reasons NOT to do security awareness training
    - Shared Security: Why fingerprints are not a good alternative for passwords
    - Streetwise Security Tip - Disable the "tap-to-pay" feature on debit cards
    - A Data breach story: Should the real perpetrator in the LA Times hack be prosecuted?
  • Streetwise Security Newsletter Issue #14  (10/30/2015)
  • - Feature Story: The life-or-death question to ask before your next MRI, or any computerized procedure...
    - Terminology: "Attack Vector"
    - From Scott's Blog: True story shows how scams on free classified sites will spoof PayPal for credibility
    - Shared Security: Everyone you know will be able to rate you on the terrifying 'Yelp for people' - whether you want them to or not
    - Streetwise Security Tip: Don't forget to turn off "Discoverable Mode" on your mobile devices after pairing them
    - Data breach story: When Uber's driver database key was exposed, it's not surprising that predators appeared
  • Streetwise Security Newsletter Issue #13  (9/30/2015)
  • - Feature Story: This guy targeted the wrong company with an email attack...
    - Terminology: "Security by Obscurity"
    - From Scott's Blog: Baboons can demonstrate the same risk management skills as some managers
    - Shared Security: Top 10 Implantable Wearables Soon To Be In Your Body
    - Streetwise Security Tip: Use an automated, secure backup facility to protect your important documents against accidental loss
    - Data breach story: "They Burned Down the House" - An interview with the Sony Pictures CEO
  • Streetwise Security Newsletter Issue #12  (9/1/2015)
  • - Feature Story: A fridge that gives up your Gmail password? That's just cold...
    - Terminology: "Doxing"
    - From Scott's Blog: ISAC is a community-based approach to addressing cyber risks in industry verticals
    - Shared Security: Vizio SmartTV's Collect a Scary Amount of Information
    - Streetwise Security Tip: To reduce privacy and social engineering risks, use a reputable, paid email service for important electronic correspondence
    - A Data breach story: Ashley Madison's big can of worms...
  • Streetwise Security Newsletter Issue #11  (8/1/2015)
  • - Feature Story: Just when you thought it was safe to drive a new car...
    - Terminology: FUD
    - From Scott's Blog: Politically correct justifications for addressing insider employee security threats
    - Social Media Security: Fake Notice From Facebook
    - Streetwise Security Tip: Wait a while before upgrading to brand new versions of software
    - A Data breach story: UCLA Health System data breach affects 4.5 million patients
  • Streetwise Security Newsletter Issue #10  (6/30/2015)
  • - Feature Story: Everything's amazing and nothing seems secure
    - Terminology: Hash
    - Social Media Security - Using Instagram securely
    - Streetwise Security Tip: Take a moment to review that Friend Request or Invitation to Connect
    - A Data breach story: Attackers harvest customer info on a malware infected eCommerce website.
  • Streetwise Security Newsletter Issue #9  (6/1/2015)
  • - Will your car unlock itself for a thief with a $17 gadget?
    - Terminology: Backdoor
    - High impact, low likelihood security incidents are hard to prevent, but you can still prepare
    - Social Media Security: How social networks and easy information access are causing big problems for adopted children and their families
    - Streetwise Security Tip - Use a good password manager program to easily manage many different, strong passwords for multiple websites
    - A Data breach story: What happens when a single email account is hacked in a transactional email service company?... Very bad news happens.
  • Streetwise Security Newsletter Issue #8  (4/30/2015)
  • - Don't be silly. Your TV isn't spying on you - or is it?
    - Terminology: Cyberphysical
    - Why the Internet of Things needs your attention now
    - Investigating your Digital Shadow with some cool tools
    - Streetwise Security Tip - Securely dispose of old memory sticks, smartphones and other electronics
    - A Data breach story: 25,000 patient healthcare records compromised by phishing attack on a hospital employee's email account
  • Streetwise Security Newsletter Issue #7  (4/1/2015)
  • - Your location has been shared HOW MANY times?
    - Terminology: Oversharing
    - Why not have 2-person over-ride in all commercial aircraft?
    - Social Media Security: We call Emily's FitBit to the stand, your honor
    - Streetwise Security Tip: For added privacy, use separate email addresses for web portal services like calendars, forums, etc.
    - A Data Breach Story: NYPD Officer caught accessing personal info of private citizens... 6400 times
  • Streetwise Security Newsletter Issue #6  (3/1/2015)
  • - Only 31% of detected breaches were found by victim organizations. Who found the rest?
    - Terminology: Geolocation
    - How can you tell if your organization is set up to defeat attackers or your auditors?
    - Who's tweeting and Instagramming nearby? You can find some of them with Echosec
    - Streetwise Security Tip - Don't blindly accept all privileges requested by mobile apps (they often don't need all of them)
    - A Data Breach Story: It's much easier to rob a bank when the bank robbers can sit and watch bank employees doing transactions with keyloggers
  • Streetwise Security Newsletter Issue #5  (1/31/2015)
  • - If you had a really bad password, wouldn't you tell Jimmy Kimmel?
    - Terminology: Zero Day Vulnerabilities
    - Three ways to make security awareness education more engaging and effective
    - Social Media malware that tags your friends for faster propagation
    - When choosing passwords, spell words incorrectly
    - Breach story: Zappos
  • Streetwise Security Newsletter Issue #4  (12/31/2014)
  • - Why the Sony hack has so many lessons for all of us
    - Terminology: Pretexting
    - SnapCash, YikYak and social media security tips
    - Some reasonable privacy predictions for 2015
    - A hacking story - The Onion gets phished
  • Streetwise Security Newsletter Issue #3  (11/29/2014)
  • - Tech Support Scammers finally get shut down by FTC
    - Ransomware
    - Twitter never forgets, what you thought was ancient history
    - Social Media Security Podcast - Episode 38
    - Cyber Security Challenge Question
    - Security Tip: Privacy Settings
    - A short whaling story
  • Streetwise Security Newsletter Issue #2  (10/31/2014)
  • - Attackers had control of about 90% of JP Morgan's banking servers
    - Malvertising definition and risks
    - Tip on when to be more aware of scams
    - Why all the recent retail credit card breaches?
    - Managing your digital footprint online
  • Streetwise Security Newsletter Issue #1  (9/10/2014)
  • The first issue of my "New Look" newsletter.
    - Home Depot credit card breach (Link to CTV News interview with Scott Wright)
    - Scott's speaking events in September/October 2014
    - Making security education more fun
    - Tip on making online purchases safer
    - Tracking you through your cat photos
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