February 2015                                 
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 art with science 
to create


 for a new future


mentally, physically,
spiritually, and emotionally


renewed health

What's New 

Valentine's Delivered

The girls at Castilleja Girls School in Palo Alto, CA. made Valentine's for My Blue Dots to give to the Radiation/Oncology Department at Stanford to share with their patients. 
 Thank you girls for this gift. 

Pin's for you

Next month, we will be offering these pins, FREE of charge to you so you can non-verbally stand with your friend. Keep posted! . 

The Blue Dots Book 

 'Buster' and his master, Chester, in Sue's new children's book, 
"The Blue Dots" 

are looking forward to being introduced to you in the very near future.

Blue Dot Ornament

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    Message from
               Sue McCollum

Dear Friends,


     Our pins, our non-verbal message, will be available to each of you next month. The message we are sending with our pins is that they are A Badge of Courage, for those who have gone through a cancer experience. They also stand for Healing, Hope and Health *as well as a message that we are Standing With You. All very powerful, non-verbal messages, that we can share to support our friends and loved ones.


    Buster, our happy dog, and his friend Chester are still waiting in the wings ready to be introduced to you but they are in doggie school for a few more weeks.

 *Click here to read poem

           Until Next Time... 


A Badge of Courage



This pin is a badge of courage,


Created to honor you.


HOPE, HEALTH, and HEALING it stands for


And it acknowledges what you've been through.




You now have new HOPE for the future


New things to do each day,


Renewed HEALTH you now will also possess


For that cancer has been put away.




  HEALING takes place on many levels


In your mind, body, and soul,


But you will be healed and will move ahead


For that is your ultimate goal




So wear this pin as a symbol


Of all that you have been through.


But wear it also to honor other cancer warriors


Who are also starting anew.



Sue McCollum



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Our Blue Dots Pin Stories 



"After an eight month series of treatments for cancer of the tongue at Stanford, I now wear the three blue dots pin. I was recently retested and no cancer was found but I'll wear the dots for all cancer warriors past, present and future."

      Robert Redfern-West

      Director, Academica Press, LLC 


will be

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