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Supreme Court Upholds ACA Subsidies


A 6-3 decision in favor of the Health and Human Services secretary in King v. Burwell means tax credits can continue to be used to purchase health coverage in states using the federal exchange.  For additional information regarding the ruling, click here.



Summer 2015
Formulary Update

Magellan Rx Management, USHL Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM), has issued a formulary update.  Please take a moment to review the details below; changes have been incorporated into the member portal at MagellanRx.com.


Product Update Background:
The Magellan Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee (P&T) and Value Assessment Committee (VAC) meet periodically to review the status of the formulary and make recommendations. As a result of these periodic reviews, the formulary may be modified. The attached update summarizes Magellan formulary and utilization management changes resulting from their most recent P&T and VAC meeting. 

Product Update Communications Plan:
Members with a prescription for any drug moving to Tier 3 status, within two months of the effective date of this change, will receive a personalized letter from Magellan naming the drug and identifying formulary therapeutic alternatives (Tier 1 & Tier 2).

Talking Points:
The Magellan P&T and VAC committees make changes to the formulary to help ensure that plan members have access to quality, safe and cost-effective prescription benefits. Use of the formulary is intended to encourage manufacturer recommended and FDA approved utilization of prescription medications and, when appropriate, effective management of drug costs. 


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USHL Redskins:
Michigan Youth Flag Football and Henry Ford Health System
"Game On Cancer" Tournament

USHL Redskins team members Jay and Cole
Newcomb pose with their mother, USHL Sales
Support Coordinator Valerie Newcomb.

USHL sponsored a team of ten aspiring young football players on June 13 in this year's second annual "Game On Cancer" event, a partnership between the Detroit Lions and Henry Ford Health System to benefit the Josephine Ford Cancer Institute (JFCI).


Forty eight Michigan Youth Flag Football teams competed in the one-day tournament in which boys and girls had the unique opportunity to compete on Ford Field, tour the locker rooms, and meet former Detroit Lions wide receiver Herman Moore.


USHL Sales Support Coordinator Valerie Newcomb attended the event with two of her sons, Jay and Cole, who were part of the fourth and fifth grade USHL Redskins division.  The Redskins won two of three games and advanced to the tournament playoffs, where they were defeated-- but not deflated.

USHL Redskins teammates posing with former Detroit Lions wide receiver Herman Moore. 

"This was such an amazing day for my boys and all of the players, coaches and parents," Newcomb said.  "I am so grateful for the USHL sponsorship which made this event a reality for our team, delivering an unforgettable day along with a positive outcome for a great cause."


The tournament raised $45,000 for JFCI, which will use the funds for patient services, as well as cancer research and awareness.


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