Are your small groups
looking for a soft landing?

Special Agent Incentives and Streamlined Underwriting
for Small Groups Electing SafeGuard Self-Funding Coverage

Are your small employer groups looking for a health benefits solution that avoids PPACA rate hikes? SafeGuard Self-Funding offers the ideal solution.


USHL is offering increased agent compensation and a faster, simplified underwriting process for groups currently with another carrier that elect to transition into SafeGuard Self-Funding coverage. These groups will enjoy very competitive SafeGuard Self-Funding rates, and a simplified underwriting process involving only the completion of a two-medical question application.



Special Agent Incentive Program for New Groups

Electing SafeGuard Self-Funding Coverage:


Standard commission* on new business, plus the following additional compensation on total lives in all groups coming from another carrier which are sold  into SafeGuard Self-Funding plans with effective dates

07/01/2015 through 10/01/2015:


$15 / EE

5 - 25 lives sold


$25 / EE

26 - 99+ lives sold



Bonus Details:

  • Licensed and appointed USHL agents and agencies are eligible.
  • Total bonus earned will be delivered in a one-time payment prior to the end of January 2016.
  • In order to qualify for the agent bonus, new SafeGuard Self-Funding cases must be sold, issued by USHL and enrolled for effective dates 07/01/2015 through 10/01/2015.
  • No bonus will be paid unless employer's billed amount has been paid.
  • Bonus checks will be issued payable to the same party as per the selling agent's commission payment arrangement.


* For a copy of the 2015 USHL Agent Compensation Schedule, click here.



To learn more about SafeGuard Self-Funding, visit the SafeGuard Self-Funding website or explore the SafeGuard Self-Funding training modules.



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