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All in the Family focuses on creating dynamic ministries

All in the Family teaches churches how to partner with their families to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Ten additional churches across the southern region of the West Ohio Conference have completed All in the Family and continue to propel forward in substantial numerical growth and spiritual depth. New unpaid servants are emerging as family ministry leaders. Pastors and their paid and unpaid staff are rethinking church and intentionally changing their approach to ministry to embrace a Family Driven Church Empowering Ministry. Learn more

Five ministries approved as West Ohio Advance Specials
West Ohio Conference Advance Specials open opportunities 

for financial sustainability to those ministries that effectively serve the marginalized in our region, yet do not qualify as General Board of Global Ministries Advance Specials and are not directly supported financially by the conference or denomination. Five ministries have been approved as West Ohio Conference Advance Specials. Learn more about West Ohio Advance Specials and these five ministries

Breakthrough Story: Small decisions: big impact

 WOC Breakthrough Story: Small Decisions with Big Missional Impact, Church of St Andrew

Laura Bensman, the pastor of United Methodist Church of St. Andrew in Toledo, tells how West Ohio's Missional Church Consultation Initiative and All in the Family worked hand-in-hand to help the congregation impact family-driven ministries. For more West Ohio Breakthrough Videos, visit the West Ohio YouTube Channel, or the video gallery on our West Ohio website. (select Breakthrough topic)
West Ohio featured in Interpreter Magazine

The just released October-November issue of United Methodist Interpreter Magazine is filled with stories about ministries and people from West Ohio! In the print version, North Broadway United Methodist Church is highlighted as a culture of call congregation (pgs 20-21), Candidacy Summit Group Mentoring is on pgs 23-24, young clergy Meshach Kanyion (pgs 28-29), Soraya Montano on calling to mission (pgs 43-44), United Methodist related Ohio Northern University and Methodist Theological School in Ohio (pg 54) and United Theological School's Wendy Deichmann is in the article on pgs 56-57. If your church (or you) are not subscribing to Interpreter, this might be a good month to do so. You might just read about someone you know from West Ohio doing great ministry!  (Click here to find out how to get it free.)

Churches trained on Safe Sanctuaries®
Last week leaders from 25 churches from several districts attended the West Ohio Conference Safe Sanctuaries® training hosted at First United Methodist Church in Hillsboro. Led by RaNae Street, West Ohio's Director of Discipleship, the day was a hands-on learning experience for church members on creating programs that are welcoming and safe for children, youth and vulnerable adults. Learn more
Interfaith Conference on Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence

On October 29 in Dayton, an interfaith team is sponsoring a conference to equip people of faith with information about domestic violence & human trafficking and how they can faithfully respond, creating communities of peace and non-violence. The keynote speaker will be Ohio Representative Teresa Fedor, primary sponsor of human trafficking legislation in the State of Ohio, pictured at left. The conference features a panel of faith leaders, the latest information on domestic violence & human trafficking, dynamic workshops and action plan design. More information

West Ohio Conference Virgin Pulse HealthMiles Challenge

The West Ohio Conference is having its first Virgin Pulse HealthMiles District Challenge. The district that takes the most steps from October 13-November 30 will win bragging rights and be champions of the 1st West Ohio Virgin Pulse Challenge!  To be a part of this challenge you need to be eligible to enroll in Virgin Pulse. Virgin Pulse is open to all clergy and spouses, whether enrolled in the West Ohio insurance plan or not. (All lay employees  and spouses that are enrolled in the West Ohio health insurance plan are eligible as well!) If you have not signed up for the Virgin Pulse Health program it's not too late to sign up and get in on the challenge.  Click here for more information on Virgin Pulse. Deadline to sign up for the HealthMiles Challenge is October 12. 

Embracing Disabilities in Bolivia

Bolivia is the second poorest country in the Western hemisphere and a place were disabled children are often neglected, abused, cast aside and not provided with decent education, medical attention or job possibilities. Their families and school teachers are often at a loss on how to care for, love and teach children with special needs. To address these issues, an ongoing mission called Embracing Disabilities in Bolivia was formed to help Methodist schools improve the lives of disabled children in Bolivia.  Read more

The Ebola crisis is demonstrating that in this new age of pervasive technology, no one on the planet is so isolated that she or he can exist outside the global web of connectivity that delivers life-enhancing and lifesaving, information. The ability to communicate and the quality of the information delivered are matters of life and death. Pure and simple, communication is aidAnd humanitarian aid, like so many other necessary daily functions, is becoming digitized. This means that globally, communication infrastructure, messaging and personal communication devices will become essential for daily affairs, much as they already are in the global North.The Rev. Larry Hollon, United Methodist Communication's top executive, writes that those concerned with humanitarian assistance in crisis situations must be at the forefront of this new era of technology. Read more

What would happen if 600 Methodist college students gathered together to listen to God's call on their lives and to discern the futures where God beckons them? What if the doors of 'vocation' were thrown wide-open to include creative arts, mission and service, theological education, and radical hospitality? Imagine What's NEXT is designed to facilitate this fertile ground for imaginative work, focused specifically on the spaces where church/world and present/future meet. The event is organized by a launch team of college students, campus ministers, and other creative disciples from across the United Methodist connection. Check out Next details

Otterbein Portage Valley Senior Lifestyle Community is sponsoring a seminar this October, lead by Dr. William Randolph, Director of the Center for Aging and Older Adult Ministry for The United Methodist Church. The daylong exploration of the dynamics of ministering to seniors includes Dr. Randolph's presentations, breakout sessions and lunch and is designed for pastors and lay leaders in the church. Dr. Randolph will be works with annual conference leaders and leaders in congregations to identify the needs of older adults, advocate for older adults and identify ways older adults come to faith and deepen their faith throughout their days. Brochure

Rural, urban, along with town & country landscapes are changing socially, with neighborhoods and communities shifting and diversifying. As we continue to receive an influx of poor and disenfranchised from other states, middle-class Americans do not understand those who hide among the back roads or temporarily live-in with others. These are God's children. Jesus calls us to go forth in his name. At this November workshop at Methodist Theological School in Ohio, hear how to reach out from Jeff Stewart, Program Coordinator of Starting Point Outreach Center, Karen Brantley (photo at left), Director of Hispanic Ministries at the West Ohio Conference and Kelly Brown, Director of Congregational Vitality for the East Ohio Conference. Brochure

As a leader in the church influencing worship and music within the United Methodist Church, we need your input on a joint project of the General Board of Discipleship and the United Methodist Publishing House that will help us look ahead to the needs of the church in the areas of music and worship. As a part of the project, we are conducting a survey regarding current and future worship and music resource use within churches, including the types of media used. Your response to this survey will help us gain a better understanding of the resource needs related to music and the practice of worship of United Methodist Churches in your area and enable us to provide resources relevant to the current and future needs of the church. We estimate the survey to take approximately 10 minutes to complete. To complete the survey online, please click on the following link: http://www.surveymk.com/s/NDJQCLR

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Let us remember in prayer those grieving the loss of their loved one, and remember in thanksgiving the life of:


Rev. Walter Eugene Dawson, who died on October 2. Rev. Dawson is survived by his wife, Aniebell (Campbell) Dawson, and children, Twila Riley, Joyce (Dan) Cogley, Terry (Mary) Dawson, Faith (Charlie) Willis, Timothy (Julie) Dawson; five grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; a niece and two nephews. Rev. Dawson served at Omega, Alma and Massieville United Methodist Churches (Omega Parish, 1998) and Calvary United Methodist Church (Waverly) and the Omega Parish (2002) in the West Ohio Conference. Obituary. Arrangements by the Boyer Funeral HomeExpressions of condolence may be sent to Mrs. Aniebell Dawson, 621 Seventh Street, Waverly, Ohio 45690.

Rev. Dr. Noel D. Osborn, who died on October 2. Rev. Osborn was preceded in death by his wife, Emma Ruth, and is survived by his son, Philip D. (Dawn) Osborn; daughter, Cynthia Osborn (Richard Mitchell); granddaughter, Savanna Osborn; three sisters and two brothers. Along with his wife, Rev. Osborn served the United Methodist Mission Board in the Philippines for 37 years and both taught in a college of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines for 10 years. Obituary. A service celebrating his life will be held at Otterbein Lebanon United Methodist Church, 585 N. State Route 741, Lebanon, Ohio on Saturday, October 18, 2014 at 2:00 PM. Expressions of condolence may be sent to daughter, Dr. Cynthia Osborn, 1046 Roy Marsh Drive, Kent, Ohio 44240 and son, Philip Osborn, 1431 Thurell Road, Columbus, Ohio 43229.



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