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Eliott Miller
Elliott Miller, Navy SEAL, Elk Hunting with Camp Patriot 

Patriot Profile: Elliott Miller, Navy SEAL 

Duty, Honor, Sacrifice  
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Elliott Miller, Navy SEAL 
San Diego native Elliott Miller enlisted in the Navy a few days after the
Eliott Miller 1
Elliott Miller, Navy SEAL
9/11 attacks. He had already served four years in the Marine Corps, was Honorably Discharged and was enrolled in Southern Illinois University when he felt called to duty again. He entered BUD/S class 241 and completed SEAL training in May of 2003. He joined SEAL Team 5 as a combat medic and sniper. In November 2006, Miller was in the Al Anbar province of Iraq with his team. He was serving as a sniper over watch for a Marine patrol when he was fragged by a grenade. As if being hit by a grenade was not bad enough, when his teammates evacuated him to a nearby vehicle an improvised explosive device detonated and severely wounded Elliott again. His left leg had two massive fractures, his arm was broken, and he lost most of his blood. He suffered traumatic brain injury and was burned over 60 percent of his body from the white phosphorus in the bomb. He would remain in a coma for four weeks. He had no recollection of being taken to the local combat hospital. No memory of being airlifted to Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio. He woke up in Texas. What he woke up to was a reality filled with pain, healing, surgeries, more pain, and more healing. 
Never Quit
elliott fishing
Elliott Miller fishing with Camp Patriot
Over the next two years, Elliott would undergo nearly 60 surgeries. Skin grafts to his legs and hands. Reconstruction and repairs to his left leg and right arm. More surgeries, and a leg amputation above the knee. All along Elliott was planning his come back. He would become a full-time resident at a traumatic brain injury center where he learned how to talk and walk again. He would become an expert at using his wheelchair and prosthetic leg. More surgery, more therapy and rehab. Multiple hospitals in multiple cities. Elliott would not quit, his goal was to overcome his wounds and regain a normal life, marry, have a family and inspire other wounded service members.
Wounded Not Broken
Since being wounded Elliott has married and he and his wife have started a family. 
Elliott Miller, Navy SEAL with his Camp Patriot Elk
In November of 2009, three years after being wounded, Elliott joined up with Camp Patriot to fulfill a life long dream of hunting Elk. The group traveled to Idaho's prime Elk country to give Elliott an outdoor adventure of a lifetime. The team put Elliott in perfect position to melt a 750 pound 6x7 bull Elk with one shot. The adventure became even more interesting and exciting when the team came upon a 900 pound grizzly bear feeding nearby. 
Elliott continues to inspire everyone he meets with his "never quit" attitude. Camp Patriot and all who support us represent "A Grateful Nation", it is our honor to join with Elliott and wounded veterans of all generations to say thank you. We are grateful for Elliott's service to our nation, and honored to call him our friend. 
"Elliot is great Patriot and a true inspiration. We are proud to have him as part of the Camp Patriot family."
 -Micah Clark, Executive Director, Camp Patriot
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