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November 2015

5 Things to NOT Do after a Short Term Mission Experience

Cross-cultural mission trips can be, and usually are, experiences that change us in deep ways. We come back from a short term trip somewhere and, in the heat of the excitement about what we saw and did, want to make significant changes in our lives...

Reaching out to Chinese Immigrants in Africa

Today, the world seems to grow smaller by the minute. With more access to travel and job opportunity overseas, immigrants can be found everywhere. Relocating to the region of Southern Africa are more than 700,000 Chinese people. OC workers Karl and Jenny...

THANKS ... from OC Workers Around the World

One Challenge asked workers around the world take time in the month of November to thank the Lord for things in their lives, whether it was work, family, partners, new opportunities, or reconnections. OC workers expressed...

My day as a citizenship examiner (sort of)

After a breakfast of eggs and toast, I asked my friend Wilson if I could tag along and observe his morning class for the Indians who had been coming to his friendship center. All of them first generation immigrants...

Asia Member Care Conference: Serving Member Care Workers in Asia

Online Learning  
and Collaboration

Did you know that 21,147,055 students enrolled in distance education courses in the fall 2012? ... 18,236,340 undergraduate students and 2,910,715 at the graduate level.
Europe's "Tsunami" of Asylum Seekers?

Surging numbers of asylum seekers are arriving at European Union borders daily. (According to an estimate from the International Organization for Migration...
OC Ministries
in Africa

Our November prayer focus is on our One Challenge ministries in Africa - stories of ministry in action... church planting to leadership training and holistic ministries in Africa...

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