Jaivik update
Further to the newsletter (Jaivik awarded place at Repton), Jaivik has now had a full term at Foremarke Hall (Repton preparatory school) and has settled in well.  He has worked hard and achieved results that are beyond our expectations.

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Report 1

What is most pleasing is the praise he has received for his eagerness to learn.  Jaivik is a determined young man and a good example of this is that he took his last geography test whilst confined to the medical centre suffering from chickenpox.
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Jaivik is not only academic but he also loves sport and has already made it into Foremarke's third team at football, a game he had never played before coming to England.  However, his main passion is cricket and he still harbours an ambition to become a professional cricketer.

Jaivik was brought up in a poor village in rural India and had only studied English at the Mala School.  He has been brought halfway across the world to sit alongside children from privileged backgrounds and study in a top English public school.  Anne & Karen, our teaching advisors, were confident he would be able to cope.  However, they could not have known that he would perform so well.  Karen has been like a mother to Jaivik and, being close to the school, she monitors most of his activities.

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