A Mala child awarded place at Repton   
Imagine if you were a twelve year old child from a village in a
Jaivik in 2012
remote part of India and were suddenly moved and placed in a top UK public school. This is the daunting challenge that faces Jaivik, a boy from our Guria School.

Arriving in England
Following a visit to our schools in India by James Archer, a Trustee of Foremarke's charitable arm, Jaivik was selected and offered an all-expenses paid opportunity to come to England to study for a year at Foremarke Hall, the preparatory school for Repton. http://www.foremarke.org.uk/
From the time Jaivik boards the BA flight to England he will speak only English and will study alongside children from privileged backgrounds.  Jaivik is one of our brightest students and quite mature for his age, so if anyone can cope with this, he can.

Fortunately for Jaivik, he has a refuge, as Karen, one of the
In his new uniform
teaching advisors who he knows well, lives in Repton village and will be watching over him like a mother hen.

It is a great opportunity for Jaivik and us, not only to see how he is able to keep up with his contemporaries in class, but also how he copes with the vastly different environment.  One aspect of the new school life he will enjoy is cricket.  I took this film of him some years ago as he clearly shows great technique as a batsman. Video of Jaivik playing cricket at 8 years old

We are now turning our thoughts to where Jaivik will go to complete his education after his year at Foremarke.

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Project Mala 
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