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SoulCollage® Community Update
May 2014

Healing the Motherline Using SoulCollage®
Kylea Taylor

Picnic with The Great Mother
by Sharry Teague

A woman where I worked said she was starting a women's group. "Do you want to join us?" she asked me.


"What was a women's group?" I wondered. I answered quickly, "No thank you." Then, because she looked at me quizzically, without saying anything, I felt I had to explain. "I don't like women much," was what I said. 


It was 1972, and I was working in a small community counseling center in New Jersey. My answer kept replaying. It didn't sound right for some reason. Well, duh, I finally realized, if I don't like women, I don't like myself! I changed my mind. I would join the group to find out what that was about.

That women's group lasted about 15 years. The one I organized when I moved to California has lasted more than 20 years. I hate to think who I would have been without the mirrors, the honesty, the creativity, and the support and kindness of these women.


Our culture has changed a lot in the last 42 years, but women's relationships with women, especially those in their families, are still often complicated and challenging. Events and cultural conditions from a long time ago are often still part of present day relationships. When we become more aware, we can suddenly make different, more satisfying, perhaps even more intimate choices.


I wish we had had SoulCollage® then. SoulCollage® is such a fun, creative way to do self-discovery. And it is often done in groups, now even in online groups! All the parts of our "motherline" can be collaged and embodied. When each part is given her own images and energy on a mat board card, each can speak her own wisdom to our questions about relationship, or our history, or our future. SoulCollage® is simple and fun, yet quite potent.
We can collage a card for others -- our mother, grandmother, ancestral motherline, sister, or daughter. These cards live in what SoulCollage® calls our Community Suit.


In this card my great-grandmother, my grandmother and her sister depict the story of my motherline in the context of great-grandfather/husband/father, and brother.



We can collage our personalities, past and present: our child selves, our mother self, our daughter self, our sister self, and all the parts of ourselves as women, parts that don't want to be seen, or have no voice, and parts that excel and want to contribute - all of those live in our Committee Suit. 


We can find images that depict our feelings about the archetypes that work with us, even if we don't know them yet (in our Council Suit). Making cards for The Great Mother or the Wild Woman, or the Wise Woman, or the Crone creates opportunity for the subtle, but powerful, energies of those archetypes to tell us what they know. We can discover how archetypes are working with our personality parts. We can also become more conscious of the relationships between all these parts of ourselves in our lives.



SoulCollager Linda Hopkins wrote (with Katherine Ziegler):


Throughout my life, I did not trust women, and found little interest in spending time with other women.  Now I have the sense of connecting with ancient wisdom and love from my maternal line. It has carried into my friendships with women, including other mothers, and I treasure my monthly women's SoulCollage® group.

Loving Ancestor by Linda Hopkins

I have made SoulCollage® cards with both my mother and my daughter. My daughter's first card was made at a birthday party celebrating my healing. She wrote on the back of the card,  "I Am One Who was born with Love and Beauty." 


The elephant energy at my first chakra has supported my physical healing. On my Elephant Stork card, a baby in a white sling is held on the tusk of an elephant in the caring herd. I've been integrating this energy; my self-care is now excellent!


Unfolding Feminine is a beautiful, light card for me.  It represents feminine flow and my having found a new path to follow. "I Am One Who is learning to dance, who is graceful, whose life is unfolding like a beautiful flower." 

Unfolding Feminine
Unfolding Feminine


In my own family and relationships I can observe the "Feminine unfolding " as well. Many of my family and friends make SoulCollage® cards. They feel doing so has added a dimension to their already ongoing self-discovery and joy. My own motherline's youngest right now is my granddaughter, who, when she was 10, made a card showing a peaceful young monk staring upward. Using the SoulCollage® "I Am One Who..." process, she spoke the following words of optimism and courage:


I Am One Who pushes myself to work harder, who is afraid of heights but climbs higher, who needs support to reach the top, who sees the glass half full, who wants to know, who says the sky is the limit.


Motherline healing and renewal is afoot.

Relationships rejoice! Glass ceilings beware!


If you are feeling called to investigate your motherline in this Mother's Day month, there are many ways to get involved. There may be workshops near you. If not, there is a live Introduction to SoulCollage® course online. You can buy SoulCollage® founder, Seena Frost's book and a pack of matboard cards and get started on your own, too. There is a pretty vast worldwide community at this point of people who have gathered because they are interested in self-discovery, creativity, and community through SoulCollage®. Join the mailing list and find out more.





Kylea Taylor, MFT, is a CA Marriage & Family Therapist, is the author of several books, and is President of SoulCollage, Inc. She writes fiction in her spare time. 




Linda Hopkins is a stay-at-home mom.  She has a loving husband and two wonderful children. She was introduced to SoulCollage at a Breitenbush Workshop in December 2009.  She SoulCollages with a group in Portland monthly, and reads her cards often.  


Katherine L. Ziegler, PhD, a psychologist, certified coach, and SoulCollage® Facilitator, practices psychotherapy in Oakland, CA and offers SoulCollage® workshops to individuals, groups, and organizations. She is a long-time student of the Diamond Approach® ( Visit her website at 

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