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December 2012
Face Off: tungsten and LEDs
Face Off: Tungsten  v.  LEDs; Image Credit: iStockphoto

At the start of this year, we declared 2012 the year of the LED. As we near the end of this year, we reflect on the advances made in LED technologies, their potential impact on the lighting and lamp market and where the industry is headed in 2013. In this edition of ALG Online News we summarize how LEDs have more than raised the bar for the solid state lighting, energy efficiency, and retrofit markets in Industry Trends. In Chapter Spotlight we bring you a daylighting case study that demonstrates how to integrate daylighting and retrofits for optimal lighting performance. As always, check out What's New for relevant lighting news and events. 

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A game-changing year for LEDs 

2012 has unquestionably been a high profile year for LEDs. They featured prominently in this year's Olympic games in London, were represented in all four key categories of Lightfair 2012's Innovation Awards and have made dramatic inroads in a variety of applications and projects -exterior, streetlighting etc.-nationwide. While the fate of legislation supporting tax deductions and other incentives (namely the Interim Lighting Rule tax deduction) for commercial building upgrades is unclear, advancements in LED efficiency and quality haven't held back.


LED capabilities and applications continue to improve and expand (thus allowing LEDs to penetrate an array of lighting markets), and prices are coming down. The lower prices, in conjunction with the gradual phase-out of standard incandescent lamps (beginning this year with 100w bulbs), stands to drive accelerated growth in certain areas of the market.  According to the global lighting report, "The World Market for Lamps & Luminaires in General Lighting" from IMS Research, the quick adoption of LEDs for certain applications combined with longer SSL lifespans will lead to rapid growth through 2014 with a leveling off and decrease by 2016 (when more and more sockets host the replacements). The report forecasts that by 2020, LEDs will make up 66 percent of the market. Read more about the report. A question for 2013: does the LED have a new competitor?   


ALG Online's Sources & Auxiliaries chapter describes electric light sources from the technical and design standpoints to guide you toward the proper light source for a given luminaire and application.

The LED section of this chapter covers the fundamental technical aspects of LED source technology. 


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Chapter Spotlight
Case Study: Sidelighting Retrofit       
As retrofitting with LEDs becomes an increasingly viable and affordable option for improved energy efficiency and lighting control integration, it's important not to forget the integral role that daylighting should play in advanced lighting designs. Read this Case Study, which features an tenant improvement and glazing retrofit designed by Perkins + Will for their Seattle office. Here, new high performance glazing, optimized interior space planning, light reflective surface finishes, and zoned perimeter electric lighting with photo sensor control combine to create an extremely energy efficient and high quality lighting system.

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CLASP and CLTC are partnering to test LED replacement lamps currently available in the U.S. for characteristics like color and dimmability. Research findings will help inform California utility incentive programs for LEDs to be launched next year. 

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